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Jerome Jarre
Quick Facts

Birthday: June 12, 1990

Nationality: French

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Gemini

Born in: Albertville, France

Famous as: Entrepreneur, Viner

Height: 6'3" (190 cm), 6'3" Males


father: Agnès Jarre

mother: Albertville, France

Popularity Index
Viners #83 Social Media Stars #48 YouTubers #105
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Jerome Jarre is an internet personality who shot to fame due to his videos posted on the popular website ‘Vine’. At the age of 19, he decided to opt out of studies and focus on making vines and getting the attention of internet users. Luckily for him, his plans succeeded and his ‘Vine’ posts catapulted him to immense fame. His popularity on the internet landed him on the couch of the famous American talk show ‘Ellen De Generes Show’ and soon a lot of opportunities came knocking at his door. Jerome Jarre was asked to cover several world famous events such as the ‘86th Academy Awards’ and ‘Cannes Film Festival’. He even made vines with several renowned celebrities, including actors like Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller and others.

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Jerome Jarre
The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • For Jerome Jarre, life took a different route ever since he dropped out of business school at the age of 19. Thereafter, he then moved to China and began his entrepreneurial journey by starting a number of businesses. After reaping success, he used the income to later move to Toronto, where he co-founded a software company, Atendy. During his stay at Toronto, Jerome had heard of the video hosting platform ‘Vine’ and became one of the first few people to post a video when the site was just launched. Soon he quit his business and decided to dedicate his time wholly and completely toward his ‘Vine’ gigs. Jerome Jarre gained a lot of popularity after his video ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Love’, posted on ‘Vine’, went viral. In a matter of six months, he managed to earn approximately 20,000 followers on the video sharing website. Very soon, he was invited as a guest for one of the episodes of the talk show ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’. His appearance on the show increased Jarre’s popularity by leaps and bounds and soon, approximately 1 million people started following him on ‘Vine’.
  • Impressed by Jerome’s persona, Ellen DeGeneres even asked him to be present at the 2014 ‘86th Academy Awards’ ceremony. He was also spotted at the world famous ‘Cannes Film Festival’ in 2014. It was in the same year that Jarre co-founded a talent scouting firm along with American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, calling it ‘GrapeStory’. After his overtly-incredible fame on ‘Vine’, Jarre went on to create an account on ‘Snapchat’, where his stories reached an insanely-huge number of people, again making him a much-talked-about celeb among the crowd! He then became a trending topic on the micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’ in 2014, thanks to a tweet ‘Hey Snapchat, I am outside your office. Let me in if you see this.’ This paved way for a famous hashtag ‘#JeromeInsideSnapchat’ which took ‘Twitter’ by storm. Jarre’s fame also got him an opportunity to work with the CEO of ‘Snapchat’, Evan Spiegel, on a video, which grabbed a lot of attention online.
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What Makes Jerome Jarre So Special
  • In 2013, Jerome Jarre started a one-of-its-kind video project on ‘Vine’ called ‘Humans’ where he asked several people - ‘What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?’ Their responses made these videos quite engaging to watch that even the entertainment giant ‘Buzzfeed’ mentioned Jarre in a post and hailed his attempt as ‘restoration of humanity’.
Beyond Fame
  • According to various sources, Jerome Jarre was in a relationship with an Irish woman named Jordan who indirectly hinted at their relationship on ‘Instagram’. This paved the way for many speculations about Jerome Jarre’s love life but so far it’s on the low-key. Another case that put Jerome Jarre controversy was when he posted a ‘Vine’ video of him kissing American actor John Stamos, which triggered controversies. Jerome Jarre was slammed for being gay, but he clarified that he’s not homosexual and actually wanted to show his support for the ‘LGBT’ community. Similarly in another case, Jerome Jarre and another internet sensation Nash Grier landed up at a mall in Iceland where they informed their fans about their visit. A huge number of fans showed up and the fan frenzy led to the damage of public property for which Jerome Jarre later apologized on ‘Twitter’.
Behind The Curtains
  • Jerome Jarre was born on 12 June 1990 at Albertville, Savoie, France and was raised by his mother, along with his younger brother. It was during his stay in China that Jarre learned to speak English, by listening to the audio self-help book written by Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • He became the 4th most followed individual on ‘Vine’.

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Last Updated : February 14, 2017

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