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Isla Ingham is a British ‘YouTube’ personality. Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 9, 2012

Nationality: British

Age: 8 Years

Sun Sign: Aries

Born in: England

Famous as: YouTube Star


father: Chris

mother: Sarah

siblings: Esme, Isabelle

City: Leeds, England

Popularity Index
Vloggers #527 YouTubers #685
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Isla Ingham is a British ‘YouTube’ personality. She is the youngest member of the Ingham family, who have their own ‘YouTube’ channel. Isla stepped into the ‘YouTube’ scene when she was a toddler. Isla now regularly appears on the channel’s vlogs and captivates her fans with her adorable laughter. She has two elder sisters who, too, appear with her in the vlogs. The family now has a second channel to give their fans an extra dose of entertainment. ‘The Ingham Family’ is available on ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter,’ too.

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  • The Ingham couple was fond of watching ‘YouTube’ videos. Inspired by other family vloggers on ‘YouTube,’ they, too, decided to create a channel for their family. In October 2011, they created a vlogging channel, ‘The Ingham Family.’ However, they were not sure about the content they should post. It took them around four years to post the first video on their channel. It was a vlog on Isla’s mother’s thirtieth birthday celebration. Isla’s solo vlog was posted during the Christmas season in the year 2015. The video showed Isla reviewing her ‘Doc Mcstuffins’ trolley toy. Viewers loved watching little Isla and requested for more such videos. Isla’s mother reverted to those requests by posting more toy reviews by little Isla. Isla has reviewed many toys such as ‘Baby Born Interactive Bath Tub,’ ‘My Little Pony Core Pack,’ high dolls, and playsets. The following year, Isla continued reviewing toys and became quite a known face on the internet. With Isla’s increasing fame, ‘The Ingham Family,’ too, caught the attention of the viewers. Mrs. Ingham has vlogged on every special moment from Isla’s life. From Isla’s first day in school to her little achievements and mischiefs, one can find everything about Isla on this family vlog channel.
  • Since the whole Ingham family loves adventure and travel, their channel is full of travel vlogs. A segment of the videos contains vlogs about their trip to one of Isla’s favorite places, ‘Disneyland.’ On Isla’s fourth birthday, her mother posted a picture-compilation video that covered every special moment of her life, starting from her birth. The channel has now earned more than 950 thousand subscribers. The family has a second ‘YouTube’ channel, on which they post the vlogs that are not posted on their main channel.
  • One can find more of Isla’s cute and adorable photographs on the family’s ‘Instagram’ account. The account has accumulated over 176 thousand followers to date. Isla and her sisters have appeared on their TikTok account, too. The Ingham family also owns a signature merchandise website.
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Personal Life
  • Isla was born Isla Savannah Ingham, on April 9, 2012, in England. She is the youngest-born of her parents, the “YouTuber” couple Chris and Sarah. Isla has two elder sisters, Isabelle and Esmé. Usually, Sarah shoots all the vlogs, while her husband edits them.
  • Isla got her ears pierced at the age of 5. She loves dressing up and experimenting with makeup, as her mother is a makeup and beauty enthusiast. Isla has already started taking ballet and swimming lessons. She wants to become a doctor when she grows up. Isla owns a huge collection of play figures. She even collects the figures that are distributed as complimentary gifts with combo meals. Isla loves floral and fruit-scented bath bombs and can spend hours bathing in her bathtub. She loves fruits, even with smoothies, ice-cream, or pizza.
  • If given a chance, Isla can spend her whole life in ‘Disneyland.’ Her favorite ‘Disney’ character is ‘Cinderella.’ A ‘Star Wars’ fan, her favorite character from the series is ‘Chewbacca.’
  • Isla enjoys devoting time to art-and-craft activities. She loves drawing and coloring, too. She loves reading story books and playing with her white, fluffy Poodle, Prinny.

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