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Birthday: March 27, 2019 (Aries)

Born In: Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Jace Ingham is a young British kid known on the internet for being part of the family vlogging channel The Ingham Family which has 1.34 million subscribers on YouTube. Along with his parents Chris and Sarah Ingham, and his siblings, he has been featuring on the channel, as well as other social media outlets of the family, ever since his birth, which was also documented in one of the videos on the channel. Despite his age, he also has an Instagram profile which has already attracted more than 45K followers, even though it has not been updated in over a year. He has also travelled across the world to places like Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Dubai, and Paris. The family, which offers various kinds of merchandise for their fans to purchase, had gained notoriety after making limited edition lifelike Jace dolls shortly after his birth. Four-month-old baby Jace had also featured on leading newspapers like ‘The Sun’ after his parents were accused of neglect.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In March

Also Known As: Jace River Christopher Ingham

Age: 5 Years, 5 Year Old Males


father: Chris Ingham

mother: Sarah Ingham

siblings: Esmé, Isabelle, Isla, Mila

Born Country: England

Rise to Stardom

As part of the famous YouTube vlogging channel, The Ingham Family, Jace Ingham has been gracing the internet ever since his family announced the pregnancy in July 2018. On March 28, 2019, the family uploaded a video on their YouTube channel titled ‘EMOTIONAL LIVE BIRTH - LABOUR AND DELIVERY!’ which had recorded his birth the previous day. The same month, they uploaded another vlog, ‘A VERY SPECIAL BABY'S NAME REVEAL!’, in which they revealed the baby’s name for the first time. Just days after his birth, the family opened an Instagram account on his name, following his older sisters who were already on the platform. On July 19, 2019, the parents surprised sisters Isabelle and Esmé during a vlog with the “very special secret” that they were making limited edition dolls of their baby brother Jace in collaboration with UK-based toy designer Mary Shortle, which specializes in making life-like “reborn” dolls. Since then, Jace has regularly featured on the family YouTube channel along with his parents and siblings.

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Controversies & Scandals

Jace Ingham’s family, despite their massive popularity, has often courted controversy for various reasons. In fact, the announcement about Sarah’s pregnancy with Jace in July 2018 came at a tumultuous time for the family because Chris had just been accused of sending several inappropriate messages to teenaged female fans as young as 16 years old, which even led to a petition on change.org asking big media companies to terminate the family’s social media access. Some also thought the pregnancy was fabricated to draw attention away from the scandal.

Shortly after his birth, three-month-old Jace became the centre of another controversy after his parents announced that they will be selling 250 limited edition lifelike dolls of the baby for £279. It immediately created outrage even among the family’s staunch supporters as they flocked to Twitter to express their astonishment at the disturbing news. While the family had previously teamed up with Mary Shortle to produce mass-market editions of favorite dolls owned by their daughters, this was the first time they made a doll based on a real baby. Even though the company claimed that the doll was based on Jace at 2 weeks old, Chris Ingham told ‘BuzzFeed News’ that the doll was not "a replica doll of Jace or even one that has been manufactured to look like him”, but rather “a normal baby reborn doll that was called Jace Ingham and meant to represent our baby boy."

The very next month, the family was blasted by netizens after they left Jace alone at the mercy of baby-snatchers on a Spanish beach so that they could swim in the sea during a holiday trip to Europe. In June 2021, the Ingham family again received negative publicity after their fans issued death threats and hurled abuses towards Scottish kayaking expert Paul Richardson after he confronted the family for putting the kids' lives "at risk" in the freezing waters of Loch Lomond by not wearing lifejackets.

Family & Personal Life

Jace River Christopher Ingham was born on March 27, 2019 in Leeds, England, United Kingdom to Sarah and Chris Ingham. He is the fourth of five children of his parents and has three older sisters named Isabelle (born on September 2, 2005), Esmé (born on June 20, 2009) and Isla (born on April 9, 2012), and one younger sister named Mila (born on July 23, 2021). According to online sources, Jace is the third biological child of his parents as Isabelle is from his mother’s previous relationship and was later adopted by Chris. His father worked as an Aircraft Turnaround Manager/Dispatcher for Swissport and British Airways at Leeds Bradford International Airport before social media fame. Jace and his siblings are homeschooled by their parents who love travelling around the world.

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