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Birthday: July 10, 2018 (Cancer)

Born In: England

Karma Fizz is a British YouTube star, most well known for being the third child of the YouTube sensation family ‘Family Fizz’. She is regularly featured on the family’s vlogs that they post to their wildly popular ‘FamilyFizz’ channel. Even though she is less than a year old, she is already a YouTube star. She also has her very own Instagram account, which is handled by her parents and they regularly post cute pictures of her in various outfits, positions and with witty captions that directly address the viewers. The family started their YouTube channel as a means of promoting veganism but later moved on to posting videos about their travels, daily family life, silly challenges, cooking posts, etc. Her family’s YouTube channel is popular for their clean, family friendly content and has a fan following of more than 1.7 million subscribers. The family became famous much before her birth, but she is well on her way to becoming famous too, on account of her regular appearances on the family’s vlogs. Her Instagram account has already amassed thousands of followers.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In July

Age: 5 Years


father: Georgie

mother: Darren

siblings: Mia, Sienna Fizz

Karma Fizz’s parents, Georgie and Darren, started their YouTube channel in June 2014 where they would initially post videos about following a vegan life, including vegan foods, vegan diet, vegan fitness, and more. In December 2016, they decided to travel the world and vacated their flat in London, UK to go on an epic journey to various destinations around the globe. Their first destination was Gran Canaria. The family’s YouTube channel features the adventures, daily life, silly pranks and challenges, and all the other ups and downs of their life as a family.
The family is very passionate about vlogging and sharing their experiences as a family so that others can benefit from them too. They post good, clean and family-friendly videos that are most often funny, crazy and full of their life experiences. They love to travel and are seen in various countries across the world like Italy, USA, Gran Canaria, the UK, UAE, etc., trying new adventures and sharing their experiences on social media. The over one million subscribers and fans of this family are lovingly nicknamed ‘FizzFam’. The family is dedicated to providing entertainment, education and inspiration to people around the world.
Karma Fizz is the third child of this popular YouTube family, after her elder sisters, Mia and Sienna. She is not even a year old yet, but she is quite famous for just being part of the family. Her family was already very famous before she was born. She is often seen on the YouTube videos of her family’s channel. As part of her family’s online presence, her childhood is being captured very well on social media. Once she starts walking and talking, she might start playing a bigger role on the family’s YouTube channel, just like her sisters Mia and Sienna. She is affectionately called ‘Karmie’ by her parents, sisters and followers.
She was born at her home in England with the aid of a midwife and in the presence of her entire family, which included her father and sisters. Her birth video was posted on the family’s YouTube channel, which was viewed about 725,000 times in just one day. She has over 222,000 followers on her Instagram account. Her parents created her Instagram account just 13 days after her birth. Her first few posts contained adorable pictures from her first ever photo shoot. Her parents continue to post pictures of her daily life and growth on her Instagram channel. She is also regularly featured on her family’s YouTube channel videos.
Her sisters started their own YouTube channel ‘Fizz Sisters’ that has over 288,000 subscribers. She has joined her sisters on this channel and is often seen in their video posts. Her sisters have their own individual channels as well. Someday, she might get her own channel too!
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Family & Personal Life
Karma Oak Fizz was born on July 10, 2018 in England to Darren Fizz and Georgie Fizz. She has two elder siblings, Mia and Sienna. Mia, who is 14 years old, is her half-sister from her mother’s previous relationship. Sienna is 7 years old. Her father proposed to her mother atop a volcano and they got married in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, on March 16, 2018 and all the daughters were in attendance at the wedding. Karma was one of the bridesmaids at her parents’ wedding. The whole family then went on a three-country honeymoon to the USA, UK and UAE.
She actually became unconscious for about ten seconds in April 2019 after suffering from a combination of jetlag, vagus nerve and an interruption of respiratory function.
Her parents have also published a cookbook ‘Vegan Fitness & Day Meal Plan’. The whole family has been vegan for almost seven years now. She currently lives with her family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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