Chloe Conder Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: January 13, 2018 (Capricorn)

Born In: England, United Kingdom

Chloe Conder is the fourth daughter of the well-known You Tubers, Sarah-Jane and Joel Conder. She is part of their family You Tube channel, Dad V Girls. The channel, since its launch, has amassed more than a million subscribers and has millions of views on its videos. The family’s Instagram account too has a large number of followers.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In January

Nick Name: Coco Bear

Age: 5 Years


father: Joel Conder

mother: Sarah Conder

siblings: Grace Conder, Kaci, Kaci Conder, Sophie, Sophie Conder

Born Country: England

Presence On Social Media

Chloe Conder is part of the extremely popular family You Tube channel Dad V Girls which was launched by her parents in November 2017. The oldest video of the channel Dad V Girls Jibber Jabber Challenge was uploaded in March 2018. Since then, the channel has primarily featured vlogs, family challenges and vlogs. Additionally, it also has video series like Will They Cheat?! - Hidden Camera Games and Trying Snacks from around the World!.

The most popular videos of the channel are Will They Cheat?! - Hidden Camera Games - Part 1, We Surprised Her With A Puppy! (Emotional!) and Will They Cheat? - Hidden Camera Games - Part 3 Overall, the channel has received over 480 million views on all the videos together. The number of subscribers on the channel has exceeded 1.23 million.

On Instagram, the @dadvgirls account has over 470K followers. Through the account, Chloe and the family have endorsed numerous brands and products including Claires Europe, Lego Duplo, (Philips Air Purifier), Paypal Uk, Now Tv, Brita United Kingdom and Spotify. She also has a separate Instagram account @chloeconder which is managed by her older sister and has over 103k followers. It was started in April 2020.

The Conder family has created its own clothing line as well.

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Chloe Conder was born on 13th January 2018 in England to Sarah-Jane and Joel Conder. She is the fourth born child of her parents and has three older sisters named Kaci Conder, Sophie Conder and Grace Conder. Her nick name is Coco Bear. They own a pet poodle who is named Buddy.

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