Inez Reynolds Biography

(Ryan Reynolds' Daughter)
Inez Reynolds

Birthday: September 30, 2016 (Libra)

Inez Reynolds is the daughter of Hollywood actor couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. She is the second child of her parents. Her sister, James, is 2 years older than her. Inez’s sister has already made her debut in the entertainment world. She has lent her voice to one of Taylor Swift‘s songs. However, Inez’s father has clearly stated that he does not want his daughters to be part of the entertainment industry. Inez has extremely protective parents. Thus, for a long time, her name was not revealed. As a result of this, her name was later misspelled, until her mother revealed the correct spelling.
Quick Facts

Age: 5 Years


father: Ryan Reynolds

mother: Blake Lively

siblings: James

Family Members American Female

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Before Birth
Blake met Ryan for the first time in early 2010, on the sets of their film 'Green Lantern.' Although they did not fall in love with each other instantly, their love story is no less intriguing than a romantic novel. Blake and Ryan initially became friends. After a long time, they finally went on a date. However, they did not go out on a date with each other. They went on a double date. Their relationship began after they danced in an empty restaurant in New York. In an interview, Ryan stated the name of the restaurant was 'Tribeca.' However, in a social-media post uploaded by Blake on her daughter’s birthday, she thanked the Boston branch of a Japanese restaurant named 'O Ya' for making them fall in love.
In October 2011, Blake and Ryan’s relationship was finally confirmed. They got married on September 9, 2012, at the 'Boone Hall Plantation' in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
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Inez was born on September 30, 2016, in New York City. Her elder sister, James, was born in December 2014. Inez made her first public appearance a few months after her birth. Her father took her little daughter to the ‘Walk of Fame' ceremony in Hollywood in December 2016. Her name was not revealed to the media at that time.
Initially, everyone spelled Inez’s name incorrectly. Her name was spelled with an “s” and not with a “z.” When she was a few months old, Blake revealed the actual spelling in an interview. However, neither Blake nor Ryan ever officially confirmed the spelling, which left people guessing whether the name was “Inez” or “Ines.”
Inez does not like her father playing the 'Deadpool' character ‘Wade Wilson’ on screen. It is reported that she would cry for hours after seeing her father in the scary look that he sported to play the role.
In an interview given to 'Good Morning America,' Ryan revealed that he did not want his daughters to be in the entertainment business. Inez’s parents are always watchful of her and her sister's privacy. The media finds it difficult to click pictures of the Reynolds daughters, as their parents always accompany them. Blake and Ryan are so protective about their children’s privacy that for a long time, nobody knew their names. The media was not even aware of Inez’s gender until Ryan accidentally revealed it in an interview before her birth.

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