Hazel Busby Biography

Hazel Busby is one of the quintuplets featured on ‘TLC’s American family reality show ‘OutDaughtered.’ Check out this biography to know about her childhood, family, personal life, career, and achievements.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 8, 2015

Nationality: American

Famous: Reality TV Personalities American Female

Age: 5 Years

Sun Sign: Aries

Born Country: United States

Born in: Houston, TX, United States

Famous as: Reality Star


father: Danielle

mother: Adam Busby

siblings: Ava Lane, Blayke, Olivia Marie, Parker Kate, Riley Paige

U.S. State: Texas

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Hazel Busby is one of the quintuplets featured on ‘TLC’s American family reality show ‘OutDaughtered.’ The series showcases the Busby couple; their elder daughter, Blayke Louise; and the only all-girl quintuplets to have survived in the US. The third-born of the five girls, Hazel became particularly famous for her lively nature, her distinct way of smiling, and her uniqueness. Lovingly known as “Hazel Basil,” she was the smallest at birth and the only one to be born with red hair. Unfortunately, she was born with nystagmus, a condition that causes a constant fluttering movement in the eye. This made it difficult for her to focus. Hazel initially had to look through the corner of her eyes to keep them steady and have a clear image. That look of her head tilted toward the left, with a smile on her face, was adored by her father and her fans. She went through a tough surgery when she was a year old, putting her eye-sight at risk. Fortunately, she came out safe, and against all odds, a huge improvement was seen in her eye condition. The “quints” have grown up to form their own distinct personalities on the show. The one thing the audiences and Hazel’s parents unanimously agree on is that Hazel is definitely the sweetest of the lot.

Rise to Fame
  • Hazel Grace Busby was born on April 8, 2015, along with her four sisters, to Danielle and Adam Busby, in Houston, Texas. She is the third of the quintuplets of her parents. The news of their birth spread like wild fire in the US. Among the five girls, Ava Lane and Olivia Marie are identical twins. However, Hazel, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige are fraternal triplets. They are the only all-girl quintuplets in the US, and it was not a surprise when the Busbys were offered their own reality show, ‘OutDaughtered,’ on ‘TLC.’ It first aired on May 10, 2016. The show is set for its fifth season in 2019. Though the show focuses on all the “quints,” Hazel’s journey so far has attracted some special attention, not only from her parents but also from the production team and the show’s viewers. Born with a congenital eye condition known as nystagmus, Hazel continues to struggle with her vision, despite undergoing a risky surgery when she was just a year old. She has to visit her doctors regularly, and viewers cheer for her when something positive comes out of these sessions. The ‘YouTube’ videos showcasing her surgery and recovery since November 2016 have earned millions of views. When it was time for Hazel to get her eye glasses, her fans participated through various online platforms, such as ‘Twitter,’ ‘YouTube,’ ‘Instagram.’ She has garnered a lot of fan following through her mother’s ‘Instagram’ account, which has more than 940, 000 followers.
  • Hazel might need another surgery in the future.
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