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Grace Mulgrew is an Australian YouTuber, best known for her Barbie doll related videos. Let’s have a look at her family, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 16, 2006

Nationality: Australian

Age: 14 Years, 14 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Melbourne

Famous as: YouTuber


father: Greg

siblings: James

City: Melbourne, Australia

Popularity Index
Vloggers #221 YouTubers #126
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Grace Mulgrew is an Australian YouTuber, best known for her Barbie doll related videos. Grace owns two YouTube channels namely ‘Grace’s World’ and ‘Grace’s Room.’ While she exclusively posts videos related to Barbie dolls and reviews on newly launched products on ‘Grace’s World, she posts vlogs on her second channel. Grace is one of the topmost social media celebrities in Australia. She stepped into the world of internet at a young age, and now her channels have millions of subscribers. Grace has made use of her passion for Barbie dolls to make videos, tutorials and even miniseries. Her vlog channel, ‘Grace’s Room,’ provides an insight into Grace’s life as she posts a variety of videos related to her daily life. In addition to that, Grace also posts DIY videos, travel vlogs, challenges and tour videos on the channel.

The YouTube Story
  • Grace has always had a huge collection of Barbie dolls and Barbie related accessories. She used to spend most of her time playing with Barbie and her dollhouse. When she turned six, Grace asked her father to film her while she was playing with her favorite Barbie doll. After filming it, her father thought of editing the video. He was very happy with the final product and he instantly thought of posting it on social media. He then created a YouTube channel on Grace’s behalf and posted the video on the channel.
  • The video showcased Grace playing with her favorite doll. The video gathered a large number of views in a short period of time. This encouraged Grace’s father to post more such videos. That was how Grace’s YouTube channel came into existence. Today, her channel ‘Grace’s World’ has become extremely popular among kids. Initially, the channel was named ‘gjmulgrew,’ but it was later changed to ‘Grace’s World’ to sound more interesting.
  • Grace then started posting short films, featuring Barbie dolls. In each of her videos, she comes up with a new story which revolves around different Barbie characters. She also uses various Barbie related accessories in her videos. Grace often joins her father in editing and posting all her videos. She has also posted a few video series. Some of the notable ones are titled as ‘Barbie - Chelsea’s Slumber Party,’ ‘Barbie - Movie Misbehavior,’ ‘Barbie - American Girl Christmas’ and many more.
  • Some of her videos have amassed more than 10 million views! Grace’s popularity was at its peak when she created her second channel, ‘Grace’s Room,’ which is primarily a vlogging channel. On ‘Grace’s Room,’ she posts question and answer videos, room tours, travel vlogs, unboxing videos, Barbie shopping hauls, meet and greet videos, etc. The idea behind creating this channel was to let her fans know more about her.
  • Grace has stated on many occasions that the stories created by her are basically her thoughts and imagination which she expresses through Barbie. Grace also displays some of her creative skills through various DIY videos which she regularly posts on her second channel.
  • Grace won the 2015 Online Video Award under the ‘Best Kids Content’ category. When she was asked to say a few words on how she felt while receiving the award, she had to stand on top of a crate in order to reach the microphone. According to a website, Grace is among the top 20 YouTubers in the country. She was made the ambassador of Shopkins, a toy line run by the famous toy company ‘Moose Toys.’
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Personal Life
  • Grace Mulgrew was born on February 16, 2006, in Melbourne, Australia. Her father, Greg, had previously worked in a software company, but now he is in charge of the technical department of Grace’s channels. He left his job just to support his daughter so that her channels perform well. Grace has a younger brother named James, who has appeared in a couple of her videos.
  • Grace is a trained swimmer and is currently learning gymnastics and dancing. She wants to study fine arts as part of her higher education. She wants to use the knowledge gained through her education to make more number of interesting and innovative videos.

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