Gracie Piscopo Bio

(Australian Instagram Star)

Birthday: June 10, 1996 (Gemini)

Born In: Australia

Gracie Piscopo is a Maltese-Australian social media influencer, model and vlogger who is popular on Instagram profile and on YouTube. She regularly posts pictures and videos related to fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. Her online fame skyrocketed when she began vlogging about her experiences after becoming pregnant with her son Romeo. Both she and her partner, Andre Rebelo, have profiles on NEON Model Management website. She has modeled for Khloe Kardashian's brand 'Good American' like another popular Australian model and social media star Tammy Hembrow, with whom she is often compared because of their similarities in style and wardrobe. While she doesn't have ear piercings, she loves necklaces that can be engraved and has jewelry piece from Ice Jewellery named after her that can be customized. She also sells clothing and accessories on Depop.

Quick Facts

Australian Celebrities Born In June

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Females

Partner: Andre Rebelo

Born Country: Australia

Height: 5'9" (175 cm), 5'9" Females

Rise to Stardom
At the age of 13, Gracie Piscopo took her first job at the cafe of an ice skating rink, but she did not like the job and was fired because she was too young for the job, even though on hindsight, she thinks she was fired because she used to steal and eat snacks from there. She began her Instagram journey in June 2013 because she liked to take pictures of herself and wanted to share them. However, she never consciously tried to become an Instagram star. Nevertheless, her fan base grew steadily and her Instagram profile helped her secure modeling contracts.
Gracie Piscopo already had a YouTube channel since July 2014, and eventually decided to share her travel vlogs, beauty and lifestyle videos with her fans, starting with the 'Bali Vlog' in October 2016. She began chronicling her pregnancy in 2018, which gave a whole new dimension to her as a social media influencer.
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What Makes Gracie Piscopo Special
Gracie Piscopo is loved by her fans for her genuine, down-to-earth and lovable nature which is evident from her videos. She doesn't think too much of herself and keeps her expectations low. She is very spiritual and writes down three things she is grateful for every night. She used to think that she and her two sisters will grow up to be witches like she saw on the television show 'Charmed'. Not only witches, she believes in fairies, mermaids, aliens, and would easily believe any conspiracy theory thrown at her.
Gracie Piscopo is also a hopeless romantic who thinks love is the real magic in the world. She believes in the law of attraction and 'The Secret' is her favorite book. She faced severe bullying in high school and even suffered from depression, but feels that it shaped her to be the person she is now. She still cares too much about what people think about her, which she is trying to improve as being in the public eye attracts negativity.
Family & Personal Life
Gracie Piscopo was born on June 10, 1996 in Perth, Australia. Her mother is Australian while her father is Maltese, but she has never visited Malta. She has two sisters; one elder and one younger. As a child, Gracie Piscopo was involved in a trampoline accident that broke her younger sister's neck. She herself has a dimple-like scar near her left eye which was caused by an accident in her childhood after she fell from her swinging chair and hit her face against a table.
A lesser known fact about Gracie Piscopo is that she is a talented dancer who began dancing when she was about four years old and continued to dance up until she was 18-19. She loves to dance and specializes in hip-hop, ballet, tap-dance and contemporary formats. She had even danced at the Disneyland parade once. She loves to sing as well; she performed in musicals and wanted to be an actress after growing up. She can play the piano too, even though she is self-taught. She dropped out of school after 10th grade, but does not regret it. Her favorite YouTuber is David Dobrik.
Gracie Piscopo is in a relationship with Andre Rebelo, who has done several different jobs and is now into crypto-currency trading, apart from serving as her manager. He takes care of her finances and the behind-the-scene work on her videos. She and her partner grew up in the same neighborhood but went to separate schools. They initially got to know each other through her ex-boyfriend, and later after they both joined Instagram, she sent him direct messages. They first went on a date about six years ago and saw the film 'Lucy' together. About a year later, they moved in together after he proposed to her, and they recently celebrated their 5th anniversary in October 2019. They already have a baby boy together, named Romeo, who was born on February 2019.

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