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Birthday: July 24, 1994 (Leo)

Born In: Australia

Gillian Bower is an Australian YouTuber famous for her DIY crafts and lifestyle-related videos. Although starting off on YouTube more as a hobby, the young star catapulted to fame because of her many slime related crafts videos. ‘DIY Fluffy Slime! How To Make The Best Slime!’, ‘DIY Bubblegum Slime! How To Make Slime! 4 DIY Despicable Me Ideas You Need To Try!’, and ‘Room Makeover 2018! Redecorating My Bedroom Total Room Transformation!’ are some of the most popular videos on her channel, garnering millions of views. The kid-friendly nature of the videos void of any controversy is equally popular with adults who enjoy arts and crafts. This meant that she was one of the few YouTuber’s to not get affected too much by the ‘YouTube Adpocalypse’. Her increasing popularity has prompted Gillian to create two more channels to establish a more personal connection with her subscribers through vlogs. She maintains two equally popular accounts on Instagram and Twitter and uses them to update her fans or as she likes to call them her ‘friends’ and answer their questions.
Quick Facts

Australian Celebrities Born In July

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Females


father: Jonathan Bower

mother: Carrie Bower

siblings: Duncan Bower (Brother), Lachlan Bower (Brother)

Rise to Fame
While Gillian Bower was still studying in school, she started making videos as a hobby on her first YouTube channel. After publishing her first video, she was surprised to see that she actually had views and a few subscribers. Embarrassed by this because of her shy nature, she deleted the channel. She then started working in a supermarket. However, in January 2014 she rejoined YouTube and started her channel ‘Think Beauty’. Subsequently, as she grew in popularity she changed the name of her channel to ‘Gillian Bower’. ‘Back To School Supplies Haul!’ published on July 29, 2014, was her very first video and immediately gained viewers who were in school themselves. The video went on to gain over 1.7 million views.
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Videos like ‘DIY Edible Science Experiments!’ and funny challenge videos like ‘Australian Tries American Candy! Australian Girl Tries American Food!’ only added to her channel's popularity. Consequently, the direct result of this was that on March 25, 2017, she reached her 1 million subscriber mark with ease.
Perhaps one of her greatest achievements is her video ‘DIY Fluffy Slime! How To Make The Best Slime!’ which is one of the most viewed DIY videos of all time with over 37 million views. Similarly, ‘4 Easy DIY Slimes Without Glue! How To Make The Best Slime With No Glue!’ has received over 23 million views to date. The friendly nature of her presentation coupled with creative original content has since resulted in making her channel one of the largest DIY channels with over 2.5 million subscribers.
As Gillian Bower’s popularity kept growing, her fans wanted to know more about her and have a more personal connection with her. Naturally, the YouTube star acknowledged the wishes of her fans by creating a second channel ‘More Gillian Bower’ on March 1, 2017. The channel was received extremely well by her subscribers for the more personal vlogs, ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, and makeup tutorials. Following that, in February 2018, she started another YouTube channel ‘Gillian Bower Slime’ focusing solely on Slime related DIY content like ‘How To Make Slime, For Beginners! No Fail Easy DIY Slime Recipe!’
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Personal Life
Gillian Bower was born in Australia on July 24, 1994, to Jonathan and Carrie Bower. She is the youngest of three siblings and has two brothers Lachlan and Duncan. When she was only six months old, her father left the house. Her mother moved in with her grandparents to bring the three children up. Being a single mother, Carrie made a lot of sacrifices and Gillian acknowledges that she owes more than she can express to her mother. Gillian started to go to school, but quit in her eleventh year due to personal reasons. She has said that the decision was a relief for her and supported by her family. Following that, she went to study makeup and beauty services at ‘TAFE NSW Meadowbank’. However, she soon found that she had no passion to do that as a career and left to take up making videos more seriously. The decision turned out to be the best she could have taken. She currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.

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