George DiCaprio Biography

(American Writer, Editor, Publisher and Father of Actor Leonardo DiCaprio)

Birthday: October 2, 1943 (Libra)

Born In: United States

George DiCaprio is the father of the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. In the 1970s, he was a writer, editor, publisher and distributor of underground comix and was recognised for his work like Greaser Comics, Forbidden Knowledge and Cocaine Comix. For his work, he collaborated with various other artists like Laurie Anderson, Richard Jaccoma, Jim Janes, Justin Green, Rich Chidlaw, Pete von Sholly and Timothy Leary. George has been a huge influence in his son’s life and has also played a major role in shaping his early career. He read the scripts and encouraged his son to pick up those that were compelling and worth doing. He has also been involved – as one of the producers/executive producers – in the making of various documentaries, television series and video documentary shorts. Some of these include Ice on Fire, Digital Wampum, Green World Rising and Pollinators Under Pressure.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: George Paul DiCaprio

Age: 80 Years, 80 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Peggy Ann Farrar (m. 1995), Irmelin Indenbirken (m. 1964 -1975)

father: George Leon DiCaprio

mother: Olga Anne Jacobs

children: Leonardo DiCaprio

Born Country: United States

Editors Writers

Ancestry: German American


In the 1970s, George DiCaprio was a writer, editor, publisher and distributor of the underground comix. His most recognised work include two issues of Greaser comics (1971, 1972), Forbidden Knowledge #1–2 (1975, 1978) and Cocaine Comix #1-4 (1976 - 1982). Apart from these, his other work include Baloney Moccasins (1970), Anthony and the Temptations (in Arcade: The Comics Revue, 1976), Neurocomics (1979) and Hoo-Bee-Boo (1982). He also self-published the flip book Yama Yama/The Ugly Head (1981).

Apart from being involved in underground comix, he was also a performance artist.

George DiCaprio had a significant role in shaping his son’s career when the latter started out. He frequently read the scripts and offered his advice as to the one in which Leonardo should work. It was because of him that Leonardo agreed to star in Agnieszka Holland’s erotic historic drama Total Eclipse (1995). During this time, both he and Irmelin, worked for their son’s production company.

Over the year, George DiCaprio has also worked as a producer and executive producer (along with others) of documentaries, television series and video documentary shorts. In 2008, he served as the co-executive producer of ten episodes of television series Greensburg. In the same year he also became the executive producer of a short comedy Driver's Ed.

He went on to become executive producer for shorts like A Man of the World (2010) and Fashion Forward: An Eco Journey (2014) as well as video documentary shorts like Last Hours (2013), Carbon (2014), Green World Rising (2014), Restoration (2015), Biomimicry (2015) and Pollinators Under Pressure (2018).

He also turned executive producer for documentaries like Father Joseph (2015) and Ice on Fire (2019) as well as for eight episode TV mini-series documentary Digital Wampum (2015). In 2018, he became the producer of the documentary Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski and also appeared as himself in it.

He has also appeared, as himself, in documentaries Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin' (2010) and Before the Flood (2016) as well as a documentary short Los Feliz Library (Los Angeles).

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Family & Personal Life

George DiCaprio was born in the United States on 2nd October 1943, to George Leon DiCaprio and Olga Anne Jacobs. He has a mixed lineage as his father’s parents – Salvatore Di Caprio and Rosina Cassella – came from Italy while his mother’s family belonged to Germany.

George DiCaprio met actress and producer Irmelin Indenbirken, another German immigrant, while they were still in college. After they got married in 1964, they shifted to Los Angeles where their son, Leonardo DiCaprio – who went on to become a huge Hollywood star – was born. The couple separated in 1975 when their son was just a year old; however, to ensure that the child receives the love and support of both his parents, they agreed to live close by.

George DiCaprio played a very significant role in shaping his son’s life. He took him to counterculture concerts, introduced him to a different type of people and lifestyle and gave him crucial career advice when he began acting. He also introduced him to the work of award-winning actor, Robert De Niro.

In 1995, he married Peggy Ann Farrar who had spilt from her husband Michael Anthony Farrar and had a son Adam Star Farrar.

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