Gary Plauche Biography


Birthday: November 10, 1945 (Scorpio)

Born In: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Gary Plauche was an American man, who became known in 1984, after he killed Jeff Doucet, a man who had kidnapped and also sexually assaulted his son Jody. The killing was captured by a news TV crew. Doucet was on his way to California to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, for his trial. He was being led by police officers in handcuffs at the airport, where Plauche was waiting for him with a gun. After Plauche killed Doucet, he received a suspended sentence of seven years with five-year probation, as well as 300 hours of community service. The case earned a lot of publicity as well as controversy, and many people stated that he should have been charged with murder, while others opined that he should be left off, as they found his action justified.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Leon Gary Plauché

Died At Age: 68


Spouse/Ex-: June

father: Charles Boyce Plauche

children: Jeffrey Michael, Joseph Boyce, Leon Gary Jr., Sissy Jennifer Laureé

Born Country: United States

American Men Scorpio Men

Died on: October 20, 2014

place of death: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Cause of Death: Stroke

U.S. State: Louisiana

At the time of the crime, Gary Plauche was living in Baton Rouge, in Louisiana, US. He was separated from June, his wife during this time. His eleven-year-old son, Jody, was taking lessons in karate from an instructor named Jeffrey Doucet, a 25-year-old man. Doucet had abused the boy sexually for around a year. In February 1984, Jody was eventually kidnapped by Doucet, who took him to a motel in California, where he again molested him as well as sexually assaulted him. When Doucet allowed the boy to make a collect call to his mother, California police was able to trace him. They raided the motel and were able to arrest Doucet.
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The Shooting
After his arrest on 16 March 1984, Jeff Doucet was being flown back from California to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, in order to face trial. While he was being led by handcuffs by the policemen, Plauche was waiting for him with a gun. It was also believed that as Plauche was close friends with some high-ranking officers, one of them gave him the information about Doucet’s arrival. Later it was found that the information was actually given by an employee of the TV station WBRZ-TV. When the news crew was waiting for Doucet’s arrival, Plauche was talking to his friend on a pay telephone nearby. He also wore a cap and sunglasses, to avoid recognition.
While Jeff Doucet was being escorted by the police through the airport, he passed the news crew. When he walked past Plauche, Plauche took out his pistol and fired one single shot at the right side of Doucet`s head. It was fired at point-blank range. Police officers restrained him immediately, and kept him pinned against the telephones. The whole incident was covered by the TV crew and it became national news within a short time. Doucet passed away the next day.
Initially, Gary Plauche was charged with second-degree murder, and though he didn’t receive any jail time, he was given a seven year suspended sentence with five year probation, along with 300 hours of community service, which he was able to complete in 1989. The case gained a lot of controversy, as many felt that Plauche should have been charged with murder. The video of the incident has also been featured on several TV programs and documentaries. Later, Jody revealed that he never wanted Doucet killed, but was satisfied as he was being taken to jail.
Personal Life
Leon Gary Plauche was born on 10th November 1945, in Baton Rougue (Rouge)1, Louisiana, US. He was married to a woman named June. They had four children.
In 2011, Plauche suffered a stroke. In 2014, he suffered a second stroke which resulted in his death on 20 October 2014.

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