Lavender May Avery Biography

Lavender May Avery is the first-born child of American pop singer and instrumentalist Jack Avery and his girlfriend Gabriela Gonzalez. Check out this biography to know more about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 22, 2019

Nationality: American

Famous: Family Members American Female

Age: 1 Years

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: Los Angeles, California

Famous as: Jack Avery's Daughter


father: Jack Avery

mother: Gabriela Gonzalez

U.S. State: California

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Lavender May Avery is the first-born child of American pop singer and instrumentalist Jack Avery, who is the lead vocalist of the boy-band 'Why Don't We', and his girlfriend Gabriela Gonzalez, who is a social media star known for her Instagram and TikTok following. Lavender May Avery was born on April 22, Earth Day 2019. Following her birth, her parents and Godfather Zach Caspary shared pictures of her on social media, and 'Why Don't We' band members Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, and Jonah Marais congratulated their fellow band-mate Jack. According to the post her mother Gabriela made to announce her arrival, the "Little Earth Day baby" is supposed to be raised in a way that she values the day she was born and takes initiatives to save the earth. It is also very probable that the girl will have an early social media presence, considering the fact that many in the family are Instagram stars. She has already appeared in another snap posted by her mother recently from their beach vacation.

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Rise to Stardom
  • Lavender May Avery became an internet sensation just 20 days after her birth as her parents shared pictures of her on social media on Mother’s Day 2019. Her parents, Jack Avery and Gabriela Gonzalez, both teenagers, began dating about a year ago in 2018. Despite rumors of them dating, they tried their best to keep the relationship under the radar, and also kept the pregnancy a secret. However, both of them revealed the news of the arrival of baby Lavender May to their fans within three weeks of her birth.
  • Her father, Jack, posted a lengthy message on his Instagram on Mother's Day with a family picture in which the couple sat in the middle holding their daughter in their arms. In the post, he described how this "most humbling experience of my entire life" changed him for the better. He also thanked the mother of his child, Gabriela, as well as his own mother, Kristin, and Gabriela's mother, Lisa, for their selfless support, and wished them a Happy Mother's Day. He concluded the post stating, "I’m gonna show you the whole world and protect you forever." The next day, her mother also posted another picture of her taken in the hospital bed just after her birth. In the post, she wrote, "The gift of Life. What a beautiful gift God so graciously has given us." She also added that their "Little Earth Day baby" was "ready to save the earth". Also that day, Zach Caspary, Lavender May's Godfather and the photographer who took the pictures, shared another picture from the hospital and wrote, "I am beyond honored to be chosen as The Godfather to this beautiful baby girl!" and added that they were "going to be best friends". The images were circulated numerous times by various news outlets and tabloids in the next few days and made the infant girl a social media star even before she became one month old.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Lavender May Avery was born on April 22, 2019, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her father 'Why Don't We' lead singer Jack Avery and her mother is social media influencer Gabriela Gonzalez, who is also a talented surfer. Her mother is from Florida, while her father was born in Burbank, California and was raised in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. Her pictures were shared with the public for the first time on Mother’s Day, May 12th. She comes from a family of social media personalities which include her grandmother Kristin Stanford, an Instagram star; as well as aunts Sydnie Avery, a blogger; Ava Stanford and Isla Stanford, both Instagram stars. She also has two uncles, Sam and Alex Gonzalez, and an aunt, Rachel Gonzalez, from her mother's side. Photographer Zach Caspary, who took her pictures, is also her Godfather.

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