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Eduardo Saccone–Joly is the son of Jonathan and Anna Saccone–Joly. His parents run a popular family YouTube channel, ‘LeFloofTV’. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, and fun facts related to his life.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 9, 2014

Nationality: Irish

Age: 6 Years

Sun Sign: Aries

Born in: Cork, Ireland

Famous as: Member of Saccone Family


father: Jonathan Saccone-Joly

mother: Anna Saccone-Joly

siblings: EmiliaSaccone-Joly

City: Cork, Ireland

Popularity Index
Vloggers #806 Instagram Stars #93
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Eduardo Saccone–Joly is the son of Jonathan and Anna Saccone–Joly. He is quite popular because of his parents, who run a very popular family YouTube channel, ‘LeFloofTV’. His elder sister, Emilia Saccone –Joly, dotes him and is a very caring sibling. Eduardo popped up into the limelight when his parents decided to capture his birth moments and share it in the social networking site.

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Personal life
  • Eduardo Saccone –Joly was born on April 9, 2014, in Cork, Ireland. Eduardo’s parents, Jonathan and Anna, are YouTube sensations. They are regular vloggers and their channel ‘SACCONEJOLY’s’ is immensely popular. Primarily they used to post comedy videos but later they started posting family events which included their wedding, childbirth and training their Maltese puppies. Jonathan had also collaborated with Zoe Sugg and posted a number of videos on LeFloofTv and his personal channel. Eduardo’s mother, Anna, is an avid blogger. Apart from the channel that they run as a family Anna has a channel of her own which is called the “Style Diet”. She meticulously blogs all her life events and also shares family pictures which makes the blog even more interesting. She also blogs about parenting, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
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  • The Saccon’s have also done a calendar shoot for Christmas in the year 2014.Their lifestyle is pretty extra-ordinary but they claim it as an ordinary one because they strongly believe that simple things and moments bring immense joy in one’s life. One of the prime reasons of the Saccone’s relocation to England from Ireland, was to have a moment of obscurity as too much of public glare can be claustrophobic.
  • Jonathan and Anna have gone way beyond what reality shows portray as they have shared intimate details of the lives, such as sharing the video of birth of their child on their YouTube channel. But they make sure that they don’t overshare, e.g. they didn't share the tantrums or the toilet trainings of their daughter. The filming of different events is mostly done by Jonathan and he is also in charge of editing these videos. Eduardo lives in Surrey, UK with his parents, elder sister and six Maltese dogs. He has a long path to traverse and it’s pretty indicative that he will do it in style.
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