Jonathan Saccone-Joly Bio

(Irish YouTube Star)

Birthday: February 13, 1980 (Aquarius)

Born In: Ireland

Jonathan Saccone-Joly is an Irish YouTube star, known for his channel, ‘SACCONEJOLYs’, where he posts videos about his family life. Initially, he used to post comedy videos on YouTube. In 2008, Jonathan’s wife Anna Saccone Joly was making an endeavor to post beauty vlogs on You Tube. This was a joint venture and Jonathan assisted her mainly in the post production. Later, Jonathan thought of filming videos which will feature family events. The experiment was a huge success. The duos You Tube channel, ‘SACCONEJOLYs’ is immensely popular and boasts of more than 1.7 million subscribers. The channel name has an interesting tale to tell. After Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone exchanged vows, the couple mutually decided to club each other’s name and that’s how the name SACCONEJOLYs was born. The couple posts videos that feature footages of family events. Jonathan has also done a number of videos with Zoe Sugg (beauty and fashion vlogger) on his personal channel and LeFloof TV.

Quick Facts

Age: 44 Years, 44 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Anna Saccone Joly

siblings: Leah, Ruth, Simon

children: Alessia, Eduardo, Emilia

Born Country: Ireland


Jonathan Joly decided to move out from his family home and stay in a bedsit. It was not difficult task for Joly to get a job. He confesses in one of the videos about his restless nature which was one of the reasons for his dismissals from different jobs. He was also a member of a five- piece harmony vocal group. The group was doing pretty well but Joly was not satisfied in spite of the group’s success.

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When Jonathan Joly was in his mid-20s, he quit his job as a marketing executive, as he wanted to pursue a course in multimedia. He relocated to Cork city and worked approximately 30 hours per week at Tesco to support his education. He started making music videos which was a part of his multimedia course. This was the time when he met Anna and offered her to be a part of the music video.

Jonathan and Anna the phenomenal You Tube stars have taken the reality shows by storm. In their channel the couple post important family events including their wedding, childbirth and training their six Maltese dogs. Their first childbirth video had more than a million views. The sixteen minute video shows the birth of their first born Emilia. The family does everything in style from spending quality time with children to shooting family calendars. Jonathan is in charge of filming and editing the videos. The footages which might embarrass the children like their tantrums, toilet trainings and fights between the couple doesn’t make it to the final cut. Every evening at 6 p.m. they squeeze out some moments from their busy schedules as the comments and likes start pouring in for their latest video. They also have other channels, namely, ‘Friendliest Friends’, ‘Anna Saccone’ and ‘Jonathan Joly’.

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Personal Life

Jonathan Joly was born on February 13, 1980, in Ireland. Jonathan always longed for an emotionally connected family as his growing up days were pretty tough. The reason being the stress between his parents which cropped up due to the recession in Ireland. There were days when his parents were unable to serve a morsel to the children. It was due to the brittle relationship of their parents, the siblings started taking care of themselves at a very tender age. Jonathan recollects the past and promises to be more calm and patient with his children Emilia, Edie, Andrea and Allesia.

Jonathan and Anna met through common friends. Anna was in her teens when she met Jonathan. Her dad was a professor .She has four siblings. Anna did a course in fashion and it was during this time that she started blogging about fashion and beauty in her blog Style Diet. In 2009, Anna started uploading make-up tutorial videos on You Tube.

Jonathan’s thesis at college gave him the idea of opening a family oriented channel in YouTube. The topic for the thesis was to build and create an emotional link through entertainment. That’s exactly what the SACCONEJOLYs channel is doing. They have connected so well with their day to day activities that viewers eagerly wait for their vlogs.

The SacconeJoly’s are a happy family with four children and six Maltese dogs (Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola). They have always tried to keep hardships at bay from their family.

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