Brian Hanby Bio

(Irish YouTube Star)

Birthday: March 23, 1991 (Aries)

Born In: Dublin, Ireland

Brian is a renowned YouTuber who has figured out that his career lies in his great sense of comic timing and his perfect impersonations of villains from Marvel and DC Comics. He owns a gaming channel on YouTube with over 1.8 million subscribers, and was ranked as the 9th most subscribed channel in Ireland in 2015. His gaming commentary has made him an integral part of the crew ‘Vanoss’, who together have a blast at gaming conventions. The most recent one attended by Brian, better known as the Terroriser, was the Insomnia 57 in 2016. He has a spectacular fan following on other sites too. On Instagram, he has 684K followers. Brian also loves ‘tweeting’ and keeping his fans informed about his latest developments on Twitter, where he has 670K supporters. The Terroriser got himself into a little trouble once, when he stated that he stole internet from a nearby McDonald’s branch.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Terroriser

Girlfriend: Lanai Gara

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males

Born Country: Ireland

Height: 1.35 m

City: Dublin, Ireland

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
All through schooling Brian didn’t fare too well. His parents were strict about his education, hence he scraped through to the next grade, but he wanted to take up a unique career rather than live a mundane life. He began watching YouTube videos during high school. But it was not until May 2011 that he joined YouTube. His first video was titled ‘Crazy Black Man.’Initially he didn’t get many subscribers, but as he continued to pay attention and improve his content, he started gaining fans overnight. While he was in college, his account suddenly began receiving large subscriptions, first in hundreds and then in thousands per day. With his gaining popularity, his family began to support him too and he gave up his day job at ‘Subway’ and at the supermarket ‘Super Value’ to focus on his YouTube career. It was astonishing for him to get such great feedback by doing what he loved most, i.e. gaming. He left college in his third year, since his new job demanded more attention. However, he doesn’t recommend dropping out of college unless one has a purpose, as making that decision for himself was tough. Fortunately, because of his success, he doesn’t regret the decision he took. He also joined the Vanoss’ crew and collaborates with MiniLad in many videos.
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What Makes Terroriser So Special
Brian is tall and handsome; he has bluish-grey eyes, and chiseled looks. He loves keeping himself fit and working out at the gym. He has a major female fan following. His suave demeanor and hardworking nature has also helped him get ahead of his contemporaries on the leaderboard. He possesses great fashion sense, and has lately turned an entrepreneur too and launched his own clothing line. He loves his family and his supporters, who have been vital in shaping his career. He says that he will forever be grateful to each one of his subscribers for helping in making his dream come true.
Beyond Fame
Brian is all for adventure; he loves sky diving and has done it once and can do it again. He is also an athlete and plays sports such as soccer, tennis, cricket and rugby. Obvious from his impersonations, he is a huge comic fan. His favorite superhero is Batman, and among the avengers he likes Hulk. He is a foodie too; he loves Pizzas and Tayto Crisps. Of all cuisines, his favorite is Indian food, and loves eating chicken ‘pakoras.’ The Terroriser is also a movie buff, his favorite actor is Tom Hanks, and his favorite character is that of ‘Gollum’ in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
Family & Personal Life
The Terroriser was born as Brian Hanby to Irish folks in Dublin. He was a cute baby, and went to regular school. His grades weren’t terrific in school, but he went on to complete his education and took admission in college, as his family wanted him to graduate. He took up side jobs to help finance his family and education. At around the same time, his YouTube career took off. Initially he was afraid of letting his parents know that he was contemplating dropping out of college. Yet somehow, he managed to break the news. To his surprise his father was extremely supportive, as he found that his son had already achieved considerable recognition. He respects his father, and if he could, he would like to be his father for a day. Brian is great friends with Shaun and MiniLad, and hangs out with them most of the time. In fact, he has been best friends with Shaun for over 12 years. Terroriser is dating a girl named Lanai Gara.

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