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All about British YouTube star & gamer, Craig Thompson; his age, birthday, girlfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Mini Ladd

Birthday: January 7, 1995

Nationality: British

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Born in: Dubai, UAE

Famous as: YouTube Star, Gamer

Height: 6'0" (183 cm), 6'0" Males


siblings: James Thompson

Popularity Index
Gamers #56 Social Media Stars #42 YouTubers #83
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Craig Thompson, more popularly known as Mini Ladd owns one of YouTube’s greatest gaming channels. With over 3.6 million subscribers, he has a magnificent 565 million views for around 800 videos on his channel. He skilfully weaves humor into his game play and has attracted plenty of youngsters to follow him on other social accounts as well. On Instagram he has 1 million followers and 888K followers on Twitter. He frequently ‘tweets’ and keeps his fans updated with his latest game plays and videos. He also does ‘Q&A’ videos on his channel. He plays with his friends who go by the usernames ‘VanossGaming’, ‘H2O Delirious’, ‘BasicallyIDoWrk’ and others, and uploads these videos to his page which has turned gaming into a mania. He has a good players’ rating in several of the games that he uploads. His usual gaming videos are from the games COD, GMod, Dead Realm, and Gta5.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • During a summer in secondary high school, he first came across YouTube and took a liking to posting games. He started taking it seriously and during university he decided to take a break year and focus on it. Soon he became a successful YouTuber and didn’t continue with university studies. He began his channel by mainly posting ‘Call of Duty’ commentaries. He didn’t earn enough and didn’t have as many subscribers initially, but in 2013 his subscriber count shot up after he posted ‘3V3 Riot Shield Battle’ video. His gaming videos are so designed to give a dramatic overview to his content, to make it seem like a short movie. He also keeps his fans in tune with his life and travel by regularly posting vlogs. According to him, as long as he stays relevant to current games and continues to stay in touch with his funny side, his videos will definitely draw viewers and get the attention it already does, even for years to come.
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What Makes Craig Thompson So Special
  • Craig is down to earth and fun loving. One can instantly deduce from his multiplayer videos that he shares a great rapport with his friends. He is also extremely grateful to his supporters, in an interview he stated that it is with the support of his subscribers and fans that he has been able to build his channel and make it his career. He is also a family person and travels back and forth between LA and Britain to meet family and spend quality time. His content is original and he tries to keep it simple yet humorous. He is tall and very handsome. He has a beautiful soul, and extends his support to charity. He recently raised a sum of 55K dollars for an organization at a charity stream and went on to color his hair pink as he had promised his supporters that if the amount would cross 35K he would dye his hair pink.
Beyond Fame
  • Craig has been a wonderful person all through his life, from a child to an adult, he has been warm hearted and approachable. He loves holidaying with his family and spending heaps of time with them, though his busy schedule hardly permits him to do this often. He is an animal lover, and misses his dog, Sparky, who lives with his parents. He is very close to his friends and has always been caring in his previous relationships as well. He has transformed his hobby into his career, as he loves playing video games. He likes going on tours, to thank his fans and interact with them more.
Behind The Curtains
  • He was born in Dubai, before his parents moved to the UK, where he grew up. His father is British and mother North Irish, which makes him a perfect blend of both. Craig has a brother named James, and the two share a strong bond. They pass off more as friends than siblings. All through Craig’s schooling years he was a very bright student; even after he discovered YouTube in secondary high school, he didn’t give up his education and studied while he developed his channel. It was only in university that he realized that he wanted to focus more on his YouTube career. He has moved from Britain to Los Angeles for work, and has currently settled in LA. Regarding romance, he has been in relationships that haven’t gone off well for him in the past. His recent ex-girlfriend was Dawn; though the two of them made a great pair, they couldn’t really connect. However, Craig had always given his best in the relationship. He is currently single and concentrating on his career along with expanding his merchandise.
  • He set a record at the age of eight, when he was claimed to be the youngest boy ever who went skydiving in New Zealand.

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