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(British YouTube Star and Roblox Gamer)

Birthday: August 12, 1995 (Leo)

Born In: England

Alex Orman aka CraftedRL is an English YouTube gamer. He is best recognized as a video game content creator who posts Roblox and other gaming videos on his self-titled channel. With almost 2 million subscribers on his channel, Orman has today emerged as one of the most popular gaming YouTubers in England. He is extremely talented and skilled when it comes to gaming and dreams of touching further heights on the social platform. Orman wants his audience to always enjoy his videos and this is the reason he is always experimenting with his gaming content in order to keep his fans thoroughly engaged. It is no surprise that he is always coming up with unique and innovative content! Besides YouTube, Orman has hundreds of thousands of followers and admirers on Twitter and Instagram too. As for now, he has over 145k followers and over 91.5k followers on these social platforms respectively. On a personal note, the English YouTube gamer is a fun-loving, crazy kind of guy.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In August

Also Known As: Alex Orman

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males

Born Country: England

Rise to Stardom
Alex Orman started out on YouTube on March 10, 2016 when he launched his self-titled channel on the social platform. Since then, he has been posting amusing gaming content on it. From Roblox and The Sims gameplay videos to Fornite and Minecraft gaming, there’s everything available on CraftedRL that is related to video games. Besides gaming, the channel also has other fun-filled content like reactions and challenges that are a treat to the viewers. Some of the videos one shouldn’t miss watching on this gaming channel are 'Granny Horror In SIMS’, 'Bitten By A Vampire - Sims 4 Pals' and ‘8 Rubber Band Life Hacks’. The first video is a gaming one related to the popular game The SIMS. The second video is again a gaming video that is related to the version 4 of the same game, i.e. The Sims 4. The third one is a general life hack video in which YouTuber describes the way of employing rubber bands in various ways. All these videos have earned hundreds of thousands of views (as of August 2018). The channel itself has amassed 1.9 million subscribers and 416 million views. One of the recent videos posted on this channel is ‘Working at Amazon’. Published on August 17, 2018, the video has garnered over 14k views as of now.
Alex Orman is also the owner of the YouTube channel ‘Alex's Mind’. Launched in August 2017, the channel doesn’t have any content at present. Despite this, it has over 3k subscribers on it!
Orman is also a part of the collaborative YouTube gaming channel The Pals alongside DenisDailyYT, SubZeroExtabyte, and Corl. This channel has amassed 2.8 million subscribers.
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Personal Life
Alex Orman was born on August 12, 1995. Although he basically hails from Southern England, he moved to Southern California at a very young age. He has also lived in the Netherlands. The YouTuber grew up alongside a younger brother.

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