Ashley Mariee Surcombe Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: March 6, 1996 (Pisces)

Born In: Cyprus

Ashley Mariee Surcombe is a British YouTuber known for her gaming content she posts on her channel. Ashley publishes live video games, including Mod Showcases, Let's Plays, Mini Games, Hunger Games, and all major games from the Minecraft server. Her YouTube channel has accumulated thousands of subscribers. In addition to gaming videos, Ashley Mariee Surcombe posts daily vlogs, question-answer, and story time videos too. She has attended many video conventions. She is also popular on the photo sharing site Instagram where she has thousands of followers as well.

YouTube Career

Ashley Mariee Surcombe took to YouTube during her mid-teenage. Around that time, she was working as a waitress at a local food joint. Her fascination towards video games encouraged her to upload her gaming videos on YouTube. In 2016, she created her YouTube channel, AshleyMarieeGaming. Many of her early videos were video games, especially on the Minecraft server. With experience and exposure, she moved to other games like Overwatch, a multiplayer shooting video game.

Ashley has also posted vlogs on every video convention she has attended. She is now looking forward to pushing her channel a bit more by adding more vlogs. The year 2017 was an average one for Ashley as she could not manage to add great quality content. She now aims to add variety to her channel and improve the quality of her vides. She is also considering making travel vlogs.

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Personal Life

Ashley Mariee Surcombe was born on March 6, 1996, in Cyprus. She along with her family later moved to England. Ashley has a twin sister and an older sister. She also has two half-brothers with whom she is not in touch with. During primary school, she was bullied by her schoolmates.

Ashley Mariee Surcombe was rumored to be dating fellow YouTuber Simon Edward Minter, also known as Minimeter.

Ashley loves getting inked; she has several tattoos on different parts of her body. She also loves to dye her hair.

Ashley Mariee Surcombe is a travel enthusiast and has traveled to many countries. She wants to travel around the globe. Her favorite place in the USA is Florida. Ashley is a voracious reader too. When not filming videos, she likes to dig into fantasy story books. Her favorite book from the Harry Potter series is Deathly Hallows. Her all-time favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which she can watch over and over again.

Her first pet was a black and white kitty that ran away. She is allergic to dust so she decided to not have cats anymore. At present, she owns a dog, Kensie. She loves unicorns.

Ashley Mariee Surcombe’s all-time favorite game is Pokémon Sapphire. She also loves to watch anime and her favorite anime is Lucy from the Fairy Tale manga series.

Ashley is a claustrophobic and also has a habit of biting nails. She hates buzzy insects.

Her favorite Korean food is spicy rice cake. Her favorite cake flavor is vanilla and she absolutely hates the taste of chocolate and red velvet cake. Her favorite color is red.

Ashley Mariee Surcombe is a huge fan of famous actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ashley considers the actress as her idol and if she gets a chance, she would love to make a video with Sarah.

She has admitted in one of her videos that she is bisexual, but she is looking forward to getting into a relationship with a guy.

Ashley can speak a little of French, Cyprian, Spanish, and Korean.

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