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Alyssa (FamilyFunPack) is a famous American social media personality. Let’s have a look at her family & personal life including age, net worth, and fun facts.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Alyssa

Birthday: August 22, 2006

Nationality: American

Age: 13 Years, 13 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Leo

Also Known As: Alyssa FamilyFunPack

Born in: California, USA

Famous as: YouTuber

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father: Matt

mother: Kristine

siblings: and Michael (Younger Brother), Chris (Younger Brother), David (Younger Brother), Zac (Younger Brother)

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Vloggers #471 Social Media Stars #193 YouTubers #459 Instagram Stars #100
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The rapid spread of Internet in general and social media channels like YouTube have made it possible for people to showcase their talents without the need to approach leading media outlets. Many leading stars like Justin Bieber have their own YouTube channels where their works are posted regularly. One such YouTube channel that has become vastly popular among its target audience is FamilyFunPack. The incredibly popular YouTube channel has grown in popularity mainly due to the performance of one of its performers, Alyssa FamilyFunPack. Alyssa is a gifted child who showed interest in music at a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents gave her all the required encouragement to pursue a career in music. She started learning music with her favorite musical instrument, piano. She later started learning other musical instruments as well as singing. With the training she got, she could sing comfortably even before she reached the age of five. Alyssa also started performing at some of the local musical events. After her family started the YouTube channel targeted at children, she started performing in it. The YouTube channel is very unique and different from other YouTube channels targeted at children which host video games based music videos. FamilyFunPack differentiates itself with its reality-style content. It chronicles the daily antics of the five siblings wearing attractive costumes and interacting with the family. The parents of the siblings too are shown in the videos sometimes. Alyssa’s fame has shot up quickly after her online debut.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Alyssa FamilyFunPack made her debut on the YouTube channel started by her family targeted at young children in the year 2011 when she was aged just five years old. Her first video was ‘Alyssa Plays the Piano and Sings.’ The first video became highly popular and helped in further increasing the popularity of the channel. She has started to give more performances on the channel after her initial hit. The popularity of Alyssa has really shot up when one of her videos ‘Kids 72 Costume Runaway Show’ got a total of 180 million views soon after it was posted in October 2014. Since then, she has become a darling of American kids and teenagers, mesmerizing them with her talents. Due to her growing popularity, she recently expressed interest in exploring options in mainstream media like movies and television.
  • In November 2015, Alyssa and the YouTube channel in which she is regularly showcased has further increased their reach by becoming a part of the Collective Digital Studio’s multichannel network. Becoming part of the multichannel network increased the number of unique views the channel attracts per day to 300 million per day. Overall, the channel is said to have attracted a total of 2 billion views till date.
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What Makes Alyssa So Special
  • One of the main reasons that make Alyssa special is that she is a multi-faceted personality. While appearing in the videos that are telecast in the YouTube channel run by her family members, she also sings and dances along with acting with her brothers. Needless to say, the talents she has acquired at a young age in singing come handy while acting for the videos. Another reason that makes Alyssa special is that she is the eldest of the siblings and she has to coordinate the performance of the brothers in the videos. She does an excellent job of coordinating the performances despite being so young herself.
Beyond Fame
  • Since she is associated with the single YouTube channel run by her family, she is directly impacted by the reputation of the channel and her parents who run it. As of date, there are no major controversies reported regarding the way the content of the channel is managed. Since Alyssa is still too young, she does not have any affairs with anybody!
Behind The Curtains
  • Nothing much is known about Alylssa’s family other than that they encourage their kids to pursue the areas in which they are interested in.
  • Her growing popularity is making it possible for Alyssa and her other family members to rub their shoulders with top class mainstream stars. Alyssa and the rest of the members of the FamilyFunPack met star Mario Lopez who agreed to work together in the future videos of FamilyFunPack.

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Last Updated : September 28, 2018
Alyssa FamilyFunPack

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