Hard working, determined and adventurous, Paraguayans are well known for their love of sports which are an important part of the country’s national culture. Football is the most popular sport, while basketball is also very famous. The most successful football players in Paraguayan history are Arsenio Erico, Aurelio González, Julio César Romero and José Luis Chilavert while sportsmen like Victor Caballero, Hugo Chapacú, and Ramón Delgado have made the country proud in the world of tennis. The nation has an interesting music history and the famous composer José Asunción Flores is credited to be the creator of the Guarania music genre which is most popular in Paraguay. There is a small but vibrant jazz community in Paraguay, represented by the likes of Palito Miranda and Pereira. The country has also produced several literary geniuses in the form of poets and novelists such as José Ricardo Mazó, Roque Vallejos, and Nobel Prize nominee Augusto Roa Bastos. Paraguayan film industry, a traditionally small one, is now beginning to thrive with the likes of Renate Costa, Manuel Cuenca, Jorge Díaz de Bedoya, and Paz Encina dominating the cinema. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Paraguayans.
Alfredo StroessnerAlfredo Stroessner
03 November 1912
Former President of Paraguay
Francisco Solano LópezFrancisco Solano López
24 July 1827
Former President of Paraguay

José Gaspar Rodríguez de FranciaJosé Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia
06 January 1766

Horacio CartesHoracio Cartes
05 July 1956
President of Paraguay Roa Bastos
13 June 1917

Nicanor DuarteNicanor Duarte
11 October 1956
Paraguayan Politician
Manuel Ortiz GuerreroManuel Ortiz Guerrero
16 July 1897

Roque Santa CruzRoque Santa Cruz
16 August 1981

José Luis ChilavertJosé Luis Chilavert
27 June 1965
Juan IturbeJuan Iturbe
04 June 1993
Association football player

Lucas BarriosLucas Barrios
13 November 1984
Argentine-Paraguayan footballer
Fernando LugoFernando Lugo
30 June 1951
politician, sociologist, cleric, Catholic priest

Carlos GamarraCarlos Gamarra
17 February 1971
Football player

Antolín AlcarazAntolín Alcaraz
30 July 1982
Paraguayan footballer

Federico FrancoFederico Franco
24 July 1962

Justo VillarJusto Villar
30 June 1977
Carlos Antonio LópezCarlos Antonio López
04 November 1792

Juan Carlos WasmosyJuan Carlos Wasmosy
15 December 1938

Cristian RiverosCristian Riveros
16 October 1982

Federico ChávezFederico Chávez
15 February 1882
Nelson Haedo ValdezNelson Haedo Valdez
28 November 1983
Paraguayan footballer

Luis María ArgañaLuis María Argaña
03 October 1932
Hernando Arias de SaavedraHernando Arias de Saavedra
10 September 1564

Oscar CardozoOscar Cardozo
20 May 1983

Andrés RodríguezAndrés Rodríguez
19 June 1923