The planetary position of Pluto and Venus determine the personality traits of individuals born on November 6. While the former rules the zodiacal group in which these individuals fall, the latter is the governor of the actual date. Together, the two planets influence the individuality of those with this birthdate. Individuals born on November 6 have a shy and artistic demeanor. These people are naturally sensitive and have a pleasing personality. They are fiercely determined and work hard to achieve their goals. The qualities of love, harmony and sympathy are integral to the personality of those born on this date. the only thing that these people need to watch out for is their proneness to tension, anxiety and nervousness. Also, these people have a tendency to display secretive behavior.

Ethan HawkeEthan Hawke
48, American
Actor, Director, Screenwriter
Emma StoneEmma Stone
30, American

Susan DowneySusan Downey
45, American

Maria ShriverMaria Shriver
63, American

Mya-Lecia NaylorMya-Lecia Naylor
16, British

Glenn FreyGlenn Frey
67, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Rebecca SchaefferRebecca Schaeffer
21, American
Actress & Model

Sally FieldSally Field
72, American
American actress

Thandie NewtonThandie Newton
46, British

Rebecca RomijnRebecca Romijn
46, American
Actress, Model
Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez
27, American
American Football Player

Lamar OdomLamar Odom
39, American
Basketball Player
Charles II of SpainCharles II of Spain
38, Spanish

Joanna of CastileJoanna of Castile
75, Spanish

Laurene Powell JobsLaurene Powell Jobs
55, American
Businesswoman, Widow of Steve Jobs
Pat TillmanPat Tillman
27, American
American Football Player

Kris WuKris Wu
28, Canadian, Chinese
Actor, model, singer
Lee Dong-wookLee Dong-wook
37, South Korean

James NaismithJames Naismith
78, Canadian, American
Invented Basketball

David Parker RayDavid Parker Ray
62, American
Serial Rapist, Serial Killer
Demian MaiaDemian Maia
41, Brazilian
Mixed Martial Artist

Mike NicholsMike Nichols
83, American
Film Director, Theater Director, Film Producer
Agrippina the YoungerAgrippina the Younger
43, Ancient Roman
Roman Empress

Cassie BernallCassie Bernall
37, American
Victim of Columbine High School Massacre

Zoe McLellanZoe McLellan
44, American

Edsel FordEdsel Ford
49, American
Henry Ford's Son
Jonathan HarrisJonathan Harris
87, American
John Philip SousaJohn Philip Sousa
77, American
Conductor, Composer

Paul GilbertPaul Gilbert
52, American

Lori SingerLori Singer
61, American

Althea FlyntAlthea Flynt
33, American
Larry Flynt's Wife
Katie LeclercKatie Leclerc
32, American

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Jerry Yang Jerry Yang
50, American
Co-founder of Yahoo! Inc.

Yeon Jung-hoonYeon Jung-hoon
40, South Korean

Adolphe SaxAdolphe Sax
79, Belgian
Inventor of Saxophone

Nadine CaridiNadine Caridi
56, British
Jordan Belfort's Ex-wife
Arne DuncanArne Duncan
54, American

Sal VulcanoSal Vulcano
42, American
Comedian, Producer, Actor
Camari so CoolCamari so Cool
7, American
YouTube Star

Alastair AikenAlastair Aiken
25, British
Gamer, YouTuber

Lauren OrlandoLauren Orlando
14, Canadian
YouTube personality
Derek McAllisterDerek McAllister
19, American

Suleiman the MagnificentSuleiman The Magnificent
71, Turkish
10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Princess Ameerah Al-TaweelPrincess Ameerah Al-Taweel
35, Saudi Arabian
Saudi Arabian Princess

Teddy ZoisTeddy Zois
15, American
TikTok ( Star

Bailey BallingerBailey Ballinger
11, American
YouTube Star & Music Artist

Taylor BraungardtTaylor Braungardt
16, American
Instagram Star, YouTuber

Hero Fiennes-TiffinHero Fiennes-Tiffin
21, British
Sierra SkyeSierra Skye
23, American
Instagram Model

Talia MarTalia Mar
22, British

Jozy AltidoreJozy Altidore
29, American
American soccer player

Kelly RutherfordKelly Rutherford
50, American
Marc DutrouxMarc Dutroux
62, Belgian
Criminal, Electrician, Serial killer

William H. McRavenWilliam H. McRaven
63, American
Peter DeLuisePeter DeLuise
52, Canadian, American

Conchita WurstConchita Wurst
30, Austrian
Singer, Model

Bobby BeausoleilBobby Beausoleil
71, American
Annette ZilinskasAnnette Zilinskas
56, American

June SquibbJune Squibb
89, American
American actress
Nigel HaversNigel Havers
67, British

Greg GraffinGreg Graffin
54, American
American singer-songwriter

Cam ClarkeCam Clarke
61, American
Voice actor
Nell McAndrewNell McAndrew
45, British

Cesare LombrosoCesare Lombroso
73, Italian
Physician, Writer, Criminologist, Psychiatrist,
Joseph C. WilsonJoseph C. Wilson
69, American
Diplomat, Writer, Whistleblower, Businessperson

Ben RectorBen Rector
32, American

Paul RomerPaul Romer
63, American

Cory BernardiCory Bernardi
49, Australian
Politician, Rower
Michael SchwernerMichael Schwerner
24, American
Social Reformer
Ignacy Jan PaderewskiIgnacy Jan Paderewski
80, Ukrainian, American
Former Prime Minister of Poland

Sidney BlumenthalSidney Blumenthal
70, American

Arturo SandovalArturo Sandoval
69, Cuban
Trumpeter, Pianist, Composer, Jazz musician,

Myolie WuMyolie Wu
Actor, Film actor
Dieter F. UchtdorfDieter F. Uchtdorf
78, German

Frederick I of WürttembergFrederick I of Württemberg
61, German

Daniella CicarelliDaniella Cicarelli
40, Brazilian
Model, Actor

Edward YangEdward Yang
59, Taiwanese
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor

Florent PagnyFlorent Pagny
57, French
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Robert MusilRobert Musil
61, Austrian
Writer, Librarian, Novelist, Playwright,

Donald HoustonDonald Houston
67, British
Thomas KydThomas Kyd
35, British
playwright, writer

Craig GoldyCraig Goldy
57, American
Musician, Guitarist

Colley CibberColley Cibber
Actor, Playwright, Poet, Writer
François EnglertFrançois Englert
86, Belgian
Physicist, University teacher, Theoretical

Gus KahnGus Kahn
54, American
Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Film score
William Wells BrownWilliam Wells Brown
70, American
Writer, Historian, Novelist

Priscelia ChanPriscelia Chan
40, Singaporean

Alois SenefelderAlois Senefelder
62, German

Karin FossumKarin Fossum
64, Norwegian
Writer, Poet, Taxi driver, Nurse
Catherine ClarkCatherine Clark
42, Canadian

Amir AczelAmir Aczel
65, Israeli, American
Brad DavisBrad Davis
41, American

Nadine MoranoNadine Morano
55, French
George YoungGeorge Young
72, Scottish
bassist, guitarist, songwriter, record producer

Andre SchurrleAndre Schurrle
28, German
German footballer
Shaikh Rasheed AhmadShaikh Rasheed Ahmad
68, Pakistani

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 6

Individuals born on November 6 are blessed with an affable personality. They are people’s people and love to hold on to their friendship and family ties at all cost. Excellent at communication, these people believe in the fact that talking out of any situation is the best way for dealing with the same. Although on the face of it, individuals with a November 6 birthday may seem to be serious and somber, they very well are aware of how to have a good time. These people are lovers of luxury and comfort and have a tendency to pamper themselves. What makes these individuals different from other Scorpions is that they have an inclination towards aesthetic and artistic beauty in the form of art and poetry.

Healthy living for those born on November 6 is a topmost priority. As such, they are rarely seen dealing with major issues of any kind. These individuals are aware of all the latest fitness facts and theories and update their lifestyle according to it. Not only do November 6 individuals include exercise and workout in their daily routine, they are extremely diet conscious to the point of being fanatical about it. Also, since these individuals love an active lifestyle, they chose to do all the work on their own, right from household chores to gardening and so on. Thus, they rarely face any health problems.  

Financial security is a matter of concern for individuals born on November 6. However, for the same, these people are not fanatical about it. They do aim to provide their family and loved ones with a secured lifestyle but do not get tensed or anxious about making a lot of money. Since these people spend wisely and are not interested in gambling and sorts, they do succeed in saving a lot of money.

Endowed with a creative mind and a compassionate heart, individuals born on November 6 do well in various career options. Though they are less determined than their Scorpion counterparts, they definitely have the urge to reach the topmost position in whichever field they chose to be. While their creativity and determination makes them apt for professions like advertising and public relations or self-employment, their compassionate heart makes them ideal for a career in education, counselling or public service. These people also tend to do well in the field of art and entertainment.

Relationship, Marriage & Children
Family, friends and love interest hold a special place in the life of individuals born on November 6. These people do not have a large social circle. Instead, they believe in having a small but selective group of friends on whom they can trust and rely on completely. In matters of love, these people have the tendency to fall in and out of love extremely early. As such, they are accustomed to a broken heart. However, despite the same, November 6 individuals only rest when they have found their true soul mate. Towards their partner, they are completely honest, loving and caring and expect the same in return. As far as parenthood is concerned, only when it comes do these people actually feel grown up. They learn more about themselves when they enter this phase of life.

Lucky Color: Cream, White, Rose, Pink
Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 15, 24