Discover the notable alumni of Marshall University. The list includes people like Randy Moss, Robert Byrd, Carwood Lipton, Harley Morenstein & Michael W. Smith. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as film & theater personalities, musicians, sportspersons, singers and leaders etc.
Randy MossRandy Moss
13 February 1977, American
Robert ByrdRobert Byrd
20 November 1917, American

Carwood LiptonCarwood Lipton
30 January 1920, American
United States Army Officer

Byron LeftwichByron Leftwich
14 January 1980, American
Football Player

Harley MorensteinHarley Morenstein
20 July 1985, Canadian
Internet Personality & Vvlogger

Brad DourifBrad Dourif
18 March 1950, American
Jason WilliamsJason Williams
18 November 1975, American
Basketball player, screenwriter

Homer HickamHomer Hickam
19 February 1943, American
Aerospace Engineer

Mike D'AntoniMike D'Antoni
08 May 1951, Italian, American
Basketball player
John FiedlerJohn Fiedler
03 February 1925, American
Actor, Dub actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Hassan WhitesideHassan Whiteside
13 June 1989, American
Basketball player
Michael W. SmithMichael W. Smith
07 October 1957, American
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Actor,

Chad PenningtonChad Pennington
26 June 1976, American
American Football Player

Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson
01 February 1961, American

Kaare VedvikKaare Vedvik
16 March 1994, Norwegian
Football player

William FerrelWilliam Ferrel
29 January 1817, American
Frank GatskiFrank Gatski
18 March 1921, American
Football Player

Ajdin PenavaAjdin Penava
11 March 1997, Bosnian
Basketball player

Lea Ann ParsleyLea Ann Parsley
12 June 1968, American
Skeleton racer

Alex BazzieAlex Bazzie
05 August 1990, American
Football player
Marshall University is one of the most talked about coeducational public research university Huntington, West Virginia. It got its name in 1837 after the fourth chief justice of Supreme Court, John Marshall. It also runs its own cancer research institution, in an attempt to do their bit for the society. It is basically an institution that was intended in giving out graduation education. It also runs three other institutions for undergraduate programs namely, the Southern Mountain Center, the Southern West Virginia Community College and the YMCA in Gilbert. The basic goal of the institution is to, transfer of technical information from the academic divisions to private sectors in order to support job development. Most people of the current generation dream to graduate from this institution to carve a niche for themselves. Most of alumni of this institution have made it big in the field of sports, entertainment, politics and arts. With every new batch that graduates, the bar of excellence goes a notch higher only to becoming idols in the eyes of others. Some of the famous alumni of this institution are, the famous footballer, Randy Moss or the Chad Pennington, the footballer, Troy Brown. They have shown the world that with hard work and dedication, impossible is just a word.