Anthony of PaduaAnthony of Padua
15 August 1195, Portuguese
António GuterresAntónio Guterres
30 April 1949, Portuguese
9th Secretary-General of the United Nations

Luis FigoLuís Figo
04 November 1972, Portuguese
Former Portuguese Footballer

Pedro I of BrazilPedro I of Brazil
12 October 1798, Portuguese
First Emperor of Brazil

Fernando PessoaFernando Pessoa
13 June 1888, Portuguese

Isabella of PortugalIsabella of Portugal
24 October 1503, Spanish
Queen of Spain
Romell HenryRomell Henry
08 February 1995, British
YouTube Personality

06 June 1987, Portuguese

Ricardo QuaresmaRicardo Quaresma
26 September 1983, Portuguese
Association football player
Joaquim de AlmeidaJoaquim de Almeida
15 March 1957, Portuguese, American

Carlos I of PortugalCarlos I of Portugal
28 September 1863, Portuguese
King of Portugal
Rui CostaRui Costa
29 March 1972, Portuguese
Association football player

António CostaAntónio Costa
17 July 1961, Portuguese
Politician, Lawyer

Manuel II of PortugalManuel II of Portugal
15 November 1889, Portuguese

Marcelo Rebelo de SousaMarcelo Rebelo de Sousa
12 December 1948, Portuguese
Politician, University teacher, Journalist

José Manuel BarrosoJosé Manuel Barroso
23 March 1956, Portuguese
Politician, President
01 September 1976, Portuguese
association football player

Luís Boa MorteLuís Boa Morte
04 August 1977, Portuguese
Association football player

Antonio DamasioAntonio Damasio
25 February 1944, Portuguese, American

John VI of PortugalJohn VI of Portugal
13 May 1767, Portuguese
John I of PortugalJohn I of Portugal
11 April 1357, Portuguese

11 November 1977, Portuguese
Association football player
Sebastian of PortugalSebastian of Portugal
20 January 1554, Portuguese

Ricardo Vaz TêRicardo Vaz Tê
01 October 1986, Portuguese
Association football player

Paulo BentoPaulo Bento
20 June 1969, Portuguese
Association football player, Association football
Amália RodriguesAmália Rodrigues
23 July 1920, Portuguese
Singer, actress

Francisco de AlmeidaFrancisco de Almeida
1450 AD, Portuguese
Afonso VI of PortugalAfonso VI of Portugal
21 August 1643, Portuguese

Luís I of PortugalLuís I of Portugal
31 October 1838, Portuguese

Marcelo CaetanoMarcelo Caetano
17 August 1906, Portuguese
Politician, University teacher, Lawyer, Historian
Pope John XXIPope John XXI
1215 AD, Portuguese
Pope, writer, university teacher

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Afonso IV of PortugalAfonso IV of Portugal
08 February 1291, Portuguese
Mário SoaresMário Soares
07 December 1924, Portuguese
Politician, Lawyer

Denis of PortugalDenis of Portugal
09 October 1261, Portuguese

George GreyGeorge Grey
14 April 1812, New Zealander, British

António Félix da CostaAntónio Félix da Costa
31 August 1991, Portuguese
Racecar driver
Ferdinand I of PortugalFerdinand I of Portugal
31 October 1345, Portuguese
01 December 1974, Portuguese
Association football player, Association football

André AlmeidaAndré Almeida
10 September 1990, Portuguese
Association football player

Nuno ValenteNuno Valente
12 September 1974, Portuguese
Association football player

Jorge SampaioJorge Sampaio
18 September 1939, Portuguese
Politician, Lawyer
António VieiraAntónio Vieira
06 February 1608, Portuguese

Peter III of PortugalPeter III of Portugal
05 July 1717, Portuguese

Jorge AndradeJorge Andrade
09 April 1978, Portuguese
Association football player, Association football

Óscar CarmonaÓscar Carmona
24 November 1869, Portuguese
Politician, Military personnel

Maria RamosMaria Ramos
22 February 1959, Portuguese
Miguel MonteiroMiguel Monteiro
04 January 1980, Portuguese

Camilo Castelo BrancoCamilo Castelo Branco
16 March 1825, Portuguese
Alexandre HerculanoAlexandre Herculano
28 March 1810, Portuguese

António Lobo AntunesAntónio Lobo Antunes
01 September 1942, Portuguese
Writer, Psychiatrist

Maria Helena Vieira da SilvaMaria Helena Vieira da Silva
13 June 1908, Portuguese
Miguel of PortugalMiguel of Portugal
26 October 1802, Portuguese

Paulo PortasPaulo Portas
12 September 1962, Portuguese
Television presenter, Politician, Journalist
Marquis of PombalMarquis of Pombal
13 May 1699, Portuguese
Secretary of State

Mary I of PortugalMary I of Portugal
17 December 1734, Brazilian, Portuguese

Ricardo Domingos Barbosa PereiraRicardo Domingos Barbosa Pereira
06 October 1993, Portuguese
Association football player

Manuel FernandesManuel Fernandes
05 February 1986, Portuguese

João SilvaJoão Silva
09 August 1966, Portuguese
photographer, war photographer, photojournalist,
Henry of PortugalHenry of Portugal
31 January 1512, Portuguese

09 October 1261, Portuguese
King of Portugal

João PereiraJoão Pereira
25 February 1984, Portuguese
association football player