Those born on 2nd of January, fall under the influence of Capricorn, the 10th sign in the zodiac. True to their sun sign, individuals born on this particular day are approachable and tend to be quite adaptable. Known for their generous characteristics, these individuals are very ambitious and don’t shy away from asking for help. They are also very co-operative and competitive by nature and tend to enjoy group activities. They are also blessed with strong will power and are hard workers, with strong sense of justice and fairness towards others. However, owing to their sensitive nature, at times they can be a tad unpredictable and are also susceptible to mood swings.

Cuba Gooding Jr.Cuba Gooding Jr.
52, American
Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
72, American
Writer, Professor

Jim BakkerJim Bakker
80, American

Tia CarrereTia Carrere
53, American

Taye DiggsTaye Diggs
49, American

Kate BosworthKate Bosworth
37, American
Actress, Model
Paz VegaPaz Vega
44, Spanish
Actress, Model

Christy TurlingtonChristy Turlington
51, American

Bryson TillerBryson Tiller
27, American

Jagmeet SinghJagmeet Singh
41, Canadian
Political Leader
Shelley HennigShelley Hennig
33, American

Robert John BardoRobert John Bardo
50, American

Jack HannaJack Hanna
73, American
Zookeeper, T.V. Presenter

Peter GadiotPeter Gadiot
34, British

Kirk HinrichKirk Hinrich
39, American
Basketball Player
Lolo SoetoroLolo Soetoro
52, Indonesian
Stepfather of Barack Obama

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska Oleg Deripaska
52, Russian
Entrepreneur, Investor, Businessperson

Anna LeeAnna Lee
91, American

Mishovy SilenostiMishovy Silenosti
13, Czech
YouTube Star
Alden RichardsAlden Richards
28, Filipino

Kristen HagerKristen Hager
36, Canadian
Colby BrockColby Brock
23, American
YouTuber, Viner

Oscar MicheauxOscar Micheaux
67, American

Brianna Paige ArsementBrianna Paige Arsement
26, American
Michael TippettMichael Tippett
93, British

Norodom RanariddhNorodom Ranariddh
76, Cambodian
Turner TenneyTurner Tenney
23, American
YouTuber, Twitch Streamer

Renee Elise GoldsberryRenee Elise Goldsberry
49, American

Ben HardyBen Hardy
29, British
Jilly AnaisJilly Anais
24, American
Pop Singer, Actress, Model

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Alex RamosAlex Ramos
25, American
Viner, YouTuber, Instagram Star
Pauline ChalametPauline Chalamet
28, American

Jennifer TranJennifer Tran
17, Canadian
Instagram Star, TikTok ( Star

Slava RaskajSlava Raškaj
29, Croatian

River BleuRiver Bleu
18, American
Web video star/ Vine star
Dan CadanDan Cadan
45, British
Isabel PakzadIsabel Pakzad
27, American
James Franco’s Girlfriend

Dana VaughnsDana Vaughns
22, American

Barry Morris GoldwaterBarry Morris Goldwater
89, American
Former United States Senator

Nicolette WaltzerNicolette Waltzer
24, American
Instagram Star
Dax ShepardDax Shepard
45, American

Cuba Gooding Jr.Cuba Gooding Jr.
52, American

Tommy MorrisonTommy Morrison
44, American
Boxer, Actor

Dennis HastertDennis Hastert
78, American

Roger MillerRoger Miller
56, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Musician,
Pernell WhitakerPernell Whitaker
56, American

Gippy GrewalGippy Grewal
37, Indian
Actor, Singer, Film producer
Todd HaynesTodd Haynes
59, American
Film director

Paulo GazzanigaPaulo Gazzaniga
28, Argentinian
Association football player

Gabrielle CarterisGabrielle Carteris
59, American
Abbie EatonAbbie Eaton
28, British
Racing driver

Karina SmirnoffKarina Smirnoff
42, Ukrainian
David GyasiDavid Gyasi
40, British

Slobodan PraljakSlobodan Praljak
72, Bosnian

David BaileyDavid Bailey
82, British

Mehmed IVMehmed IV
51, Turkish

Dustin ClareDustin Clare
38, Australian
Judith MillerJudith Miller
72, American

Goichi SudaGoichi Suda
52, Japanese
Video game producer

Carla JuriCarla Juri
35, Swiss, Ghanaian

James WolfeJames Wolfe
32, British
Matt ToomuaMatt Toomua
30, Australian
Rugby union player

Maxi RodríguezMaxi Rodríguez
39, Argentinian
Association football player
Raman LambaRaman Lamba
38, Indian

Ned LamontNed Lamont
66, French, American
Political Leader

Kirti AzadKirti Azad
61, Indian
Politician, Cricketer
Folke BernadotteFolke Bernadotte
53, Swedish
Politician, Diplomat, Military personnel

Eric WhitacreEric Whitacre
50, American
Conductor, Composer, Musicologist, Choir director
Davide SantonDavide Santon
29, Italian
Association football player

Chandrashekhara KambaraChandrashekhara Kambara
83, Indian
Film director, Poet, Writer

Francois PienaarFrancois Pienaar
53, South African
Rugby union player
Daisaku IkedaDaisaku Ikeda
92, Japanese
Poet, Writer

Trombone ShortyTrombone Shorty
34, American
David ConeDavid Cone
57, American
Baseball player

Robby GordonRobby Gordon
51, American
Racecar driver, Rally driver, NASCAR team owner

Jules BrunetJules Brunet
73, French
Officer, Military personnel

Lynda BarryLynda Barry
64, American
John Hope FranklinJohn Hope Franklin
94, American
Historian, University teacher, Author, Professor,
Tony JudtTony Judt
62, British
Historian, Professor, Non-fiction writer

Raymond EbanksRaymond Ebanks
51, Finnish
rapper, singer

Robert SmithsonRobert Smithson
Sculptor, Artist

Dziga VertovDziga Vertov
58, Russian
Film director
Rudolf ClausiusRudolf Clausius
66, German
Physicist, University teacher, Mathematician,

Iris Marion YoungIris Marion Young
57, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, University

Danny CareDanny Care
33, British
Rugby union player

S. R. Srinivasa VaradhanS. R. Srinivasa Varadhan
80, Indian
Mathematician, University teacher

Sister NancySister Nancy
58, Jamaican
Osman IIIOsman III
58, Turkish

Keith ForseyKeith Forsey
72, British
Composer, Drummer, Musician, Songwriter, Record
William WarfieldWilliam Warfield
82, American
Bass-baritone singer

Albert C. BarnesAlbert C. Barnes
79, American
Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al SaudSaud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
75, Saudi Arabian
Politician, Diplomat
Antonie PannekoekAntonie Pannekoek
Astronomer, Historian of science, Philosopher,

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 2nd

Individuals born on the 2nd of January are very responsible and dedicated in whatever they pursue. They detest favoritism and possess great team spirit, which makes them excellent co-worker and friend. At times, they can be extremely demanding and don’t hold others responsible for their successes and failures. They fear being judged by others, owing to which they prefer not to reveal their inner insecurities. Though often reserved by nature, these people are sociable and make a lot of friends.

These individuals may often suffer from stress related disorders, which may be due a high-paced lifestyle, with little time for relaxation. They are also susceptible to teeth, gums and skin related problems and thus need to take care of their diet. It is also advisable for them to take part in outdoor activities such as skating and rock climbing, which can be extremely beneficial for their health.

Though they can manage their finances well, however at time they may lose money-making opportunities and tend to overspend at times. However, with time and maturity they learn how to handle their finances to meet their responsibilities.
As these people are blessed with intuitive nature, they often make good teachers and social workers. They also make good managers and achieve success in the field of public relations. They also possess creative skills which makes them successful writers, journalists, photographers as well as musicians.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Even though they don’t get themselves romantically attached very easily, when they fall in love, they are very loyal and dedicated. They tend to look for partners who share their interest and goals. They are very devoted to their family members and enjoy a healthy family life. As parents, they are very loving and caring towards their children and also cultivate some degree of independence in their kids from a very young age.

Lucky Colors:  Blue, Brown & Silver
Lucky Numbers: 2 & 3
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 3rd
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Monday