The Germans have always been the great pioneers of technological and scientific advancements. The contribution of their mathematicians in this regard is highly significant. It was a German mathematician who had once laid the foundation for the law of gravitational pull; it was a German mathematician who proved that without proof mathematics remains but an assumption; it was a German mathematician who introduced us to Aerodynamics. The country has been the home to famous mathematicians like Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, Johannes Kepler, or Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who gave the world path-breaking theories of calculus, analysis and differential geometry, among others in an expansive list. The world would have been a different place without these theories which laid the foundation of many scientific developments. These mathematicians have gifted their legacy to mankind and paved the way for a better tomorrow and their biographies provide an insight into their lives which has propelled humanity in the right direction. We house for you a collection of biographies of some of the most famous German mathematicians whose contributions will be remembered by several generations to come. Explore to find out more about their life stories, timelines, along with some interesting trivia and facts related to them.

Johannes KeplerJohannes Kepler
27 December 1571
Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer
David HilbertDavid Hilbert
23 January 1862

Georg CantorGeorg Cantor
03 March 1845

Max BornMax Born
11 December 1882

Emmy NoetherEmmy Noether
23 March 1882

Bernhard RiemannBernhard Riemann
17 September 1826
Georg OhmGeorg Ohm
16 March 1789
Physicist & Mathematician

Hermann MinkowskiHermann Minkowski
22 June 1864

Karl WeierstrassKarl Weierstrass
31 October 1815

Carl Gustav Jacob JacobiCarl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
10 December 1804
Peter Gustav Lejeune DirichletPeter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet
13 February 1805

Richard DedekindRichard Dedekind
06 October 1831
Johann Heinrich LambertJohann Heinrich Lambert
26 August 1728
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer

Carl F. GaussCarl F. Gauss
30 April 1777

Carl Ludwig SiegelCarl Ludwig Siegel
31 December 1896
Gottfried W. LeibnizGottfried W. Leibniz
01 July 1646
Philosopher, Mathematician

Felix Christian KleinFelix Christian Klein
25 April 1849
Hermann Klaus Hugo WeylHermann Klaus Hugo Weyl
09 November 1885
Mathematician and Theoretical Physicist

Carl Friedrich GaussCarl Friedrich Gauss
30 April 1777
Mathematician, Geophysicist, Astronomer, Science

Edmund HusserlEdmund Husserl
08 April 1859
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher
Oswald SpenglerOswald Spengler
29 May 1880
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, Sociologist,

Karl SchwarzschildKarl Schwarzschild
09 October 1873
Physicist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, University
Gottlob FregeGottlob Frege
08 November 1848
Mathematician, Logician, Analytic philosopher,

Charles Proteus SteinmetzCharles Proteus Steinmetz
09 April 1865
Mathematician, Electrical engineer, Engineer,

Emanuel LaskerEmanuel Lasker

Peter ScholzePeter Scholze
11 December 1987
Mathematician, University teacher
Hermann WeylHermann Weyl
09 November 1885
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher, University
Nicholas of CusaNicholas of Cusa
1401 AD
mathematician, astronomer, diplomat, philosopher

Felix KleinFelix Klein
25 April 1849
Mathematician, Historian of mathematics,

Rudolf ClausiusRudolf Clausius
02 January 1822
Physicist, University teacher, Mathematician,

Robert AumannRobert Aumann
08 June 1930
Mathematician, Economist, Educationist, University
August Ferdinand MöbiusAugust Ferdinand Möbius

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Leopold KroneckerLeopold Kronecker
07 December 1823
Mathematician, University teacher

06 June 1436
Astronomer, Mathematician, Historian of

Petrus ApianusPetrus Apianus

Friedrich BesselFriedrich Bessel
22 July 1784
Astronomer, Mathematician, University teacher
Carl Gustav HempelCarl Gustav Hempel
08 January 1905
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Philosopher,

Felix HausdorffFelix Hausdorff
08 November 1868
Mathematician, Writer, Topologist, University
Richard CourantRichard Courant
08 January 1888
Mathematician, University teacher

Pascual JordanPascual Jordan
18 October 1902
Physicist, Politician, Academic, University

Ernst ZermeloErnst Zermelo
27 July 1871
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher
Edmund LandauEdmund Landau
14 February 1877
Mathematician, University teacher

Gerd FaltingsGerd Faltings
28 July 1954
Mathematician, University teacher
Ferdinand Georg FrobeniusFerdinand Georg Frobenius
26 October 1849
Mathematician, University teacher

Julius PlückerJulius Plücker

Ferdinand von LindemannFerdinand von Lindemann

Ernst KummerErnst Kummer

Rudolf LipschitzRudolf Lipschitz
Gotthold EisensteinGotthold Eisenstein

Christopher ClaviusChristopher Clavius

Hermann SchwarzHermann Schwarz

Johann Friedrich PfaffJohann Friedrich Pfaff
Carl NeumannCarl Neumann

Ernst SchröderErnst Schröder
Elwin Bruno ChristoffelElwin Bruno Christoffel

Franz Ernst NeumannFranz Ernst Neumann

Ludolph van CeulenLudolph van Ceulen
David GansDavid Gans

Michael MaestlinMichael Maestlin
Max DehnMax Dehn

Kurt HeegnerKurt Heegner
16 December 1893

Carl Gustav Jakob JacobiCarl Gustav Jakob Jacobi
10 December 1804
Gottfried Wilhelm von LeibnizGottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
01 July 1646

Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune DirichletJohann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet
13 February 1805
Martin Wilhelm KuttaMartin Wilhelm Kutta

Ferdinand EisensteinFerdinand Eisenstein
16 April 1823

Carl G. J. JacobiCarl G. J. Jacobi
10 December 1804

Peter G. L. DirichletPeter G. L. Dirichlet
13 February 1805