Mathematicians, from around the globe, have played a significant role in the world development as we see it today. And French mathematicians form the nucleus of the group, for it is to them that we have the foundation of algebra, probability, statistics and calculus theory laid. Rene Descartes gave the world algebraic notations of x, y, z and a, b, c to unknown and known quantities and a theory in analytical geometry. Pierre de Fermat played an influential role in infinitesimal calculus, probability, optics and analytic geometry. It was Laplace’s work on probability and statistics theories that ignited further research. Had it not been for Blaise Pascal, we would not have the mechanical calculator that we use today in our day-to-day life! It was French mathematician, Joseph Fourier who gave the world the ‘Fourier Series’. Andre Weil was responsible for discovering the connection between number theory and algebraic geometry. Who can forget Adrien-Marie Legendre who not just invented the Legendre polynomials and Legendre transformation but worked on many important concepts in mathematics? And did you know that French mathematician Agustin Louis Cauchy first developed the rules and definition for mathematics? With this section, explore in details the life and works of French mathematicians.
Blaise PascalBlaise Pascal
19 June 1623
French Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer
Pierre-Simon LaplacePierre-Simon Laplace
23 March 1749

Évariste GaloisÉvariste Galois
25 October 1811

Joseph FourierJoseph Fourier
21 March 1768
Mathematician & Physicist

Alexander GrothendieckAlexander Grothendieck
28 March 1928

Pierre de FermatPierre de Fermat
17 August 1601
Augustin-Louis CauchyAugustin-Louis Cauchy
21 August 1789

Sophie GermainSophie Germain
01 April 1776

Marquis de CondorcetMarquis de Condorcet
17 September 1743
Mathematician, Philosopher
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonGeorges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
07 September 1707

Adrien-Marie LegendreAdrien-Marie Legendre
18 September 1752
Giovanni Domenico CassiniGiovanni Domenico Cassini
08 June 1625
Astronomer and Mathematician

Johann Heinrich LambertJohann Heinrich Lambert
26 August 1728
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer

Joseph Louis LagrangeJoseph Louis Lagrange
25 January 1736
Mathematician and Astronomer

Charles HermiteCharles Hermite
24 December 1822

Henri PoincareHenri Poincare
29 April 1854
Mathematician and Philosopher
Andre Marie AmpereAndre Marie Ampere
20 January 1775
Physicist and Mathematician

René DéscartesRené Déscartes
31 March 1596
Mathematician, Philosopher and Writer

Jean Le Rond d’AlembertJean Le Rond d’Alembert
16 November 1717
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher And Musical

Andre WeilAndre Weil
06 May 1906
Benoit MandelbrotBenoit Mandelbrot
20 November 1924
Mathematician, Economist, Professor, Scientist,

Émilie du ChâteletÉmilie du Châtelet
Cédric VillaniCédric Villani
05 October 1973
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher

Jacques HadamardJacques Hadamard
08 December 1865

Maurice René FréchetMaurice René Fréchet
02 September 1878
Siméon Denis PoissonSiméon Denis Poisson
21 June 1781

Léon WalrasLéon Walras
16 December 1834
Economist, University teacher, Mathematician
François AragoFrançois Arago
26 February 1786
Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, Politician,

Abraham de MoivreAbraham de Moivre
26 May 1667
Mathematician, Statistician

Jean-Pierre SerreJean-Pierre Serre
15 September 1926
Mathematician, Topologist, Professor
Jacques CharlesJacques Charles
12 November 1746
Physicist, Chemist, Inventor, Balloonist,

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Lazare CarnotLazare Carnot
13 May 1753
Mathematician, Politician, Engineer, Officer,
Élie CartanÉlie Cartan

Marin MersenneMarin Mersenne
08 September 1588
Philosopher, Theologian, Mathematician,

Pierre GassendiPierre Gassendi
22 January 1592
Philosopher, Mathematician, Astronomer, Professor,

Raymond QueneauRaymond Queneau
21 February 1903
Poet, Playwright, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter,
Louis BachelierLouis Bachelier
11 March 1870
Mathematician, Economist, Non-fiction writer
Henri LebesgueHenri Lebesgue
28 June 1875

Urbain Le VerrierUrbain Le Verrier
11 March 1811

Serge LangSerge Lang
19 May 1927

François VièteFrançois Viète
1540 AD
French mathematician
Gaspard MongeGaspard Monge
09 May 1746
Mathematician, Politician, Physicist, University

Mikhail Leonidovich GromovMikhail Leonidovich Gromov
23 December 1943
Mathematician, University teacher

Camille JordanCamille Jordan
05 January 1838
Mathematician, Engineer, Professor

Émile BorelÉmile Borel
07 January 1871
Mathematician, Politician, University teacher

Jean Sylvain BaillyJean Sylvain Bailly
15 September 1736
Maxim KontsevichMaxim Kontsevich
25 August 1964
Mathematician, Topologist

Jacques TitsJacques Tits
12 August 1930
Mathematician, University teacher, Professor
Laurent SchwartzLaurent Schwartz
05 March 1915
Mathematician, University teacher, Entomologist

Alain ConnesAlain Connes
01 April 1947
Mathematician, Professor

Antoine Augustin CournotAntoine Augustin Cournot
28 August 1801
Alexis ClairautAlexis Clairaut
13 May 1713

Pierre Louis MaupertuisPierre Louis Maupertuis
28 September 1698
René ThomRené Thom
02 September 1923
Mathematician, University teacher

Jean-Baptiste BiotJean-Baptiste Biot
21 April 1774
Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Civil

Bernard Le Bovier de FontenelleBernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle
11 February 1657
Philosopher, Poet, Writer, Playwright, Satirist,

Joseph LiouvilleJoseph Liouville

Antoine ArnauldAntoine Arnauld
06 February 1612
Édouard LucasÉdouard Lucas

Pierre-Louis LionsPierre-Louis Lions
11 August 1956

Henri CartanHenri Cartan
08 July 1904

Paul PainlevéPaul Painlevé
05 December 1863
Pierre BézierPierre Bézier
01 September 1910
Engineer, Mathematician, Computer scientist

Petrus RamusPetrus Ramus
1515 AD
Jean Léonard Marie PoiseuilleJean Léonard Marie Poiseuille
22 April 1797
Physician, Physicist, Mathematician

Charles Marie de La CondamineCharles Marie de La Condamine
28 January 1701

Wendelin WernerWendelin Werner
23 September 1968
Jean DieudonnéJean Dieudonné
01 July 1906

Gaspard-Gustave de CoriolisGaspard-Gustave de Coriolis
Étienne-Louis MalusÉtienne-Louis Malus
23 July 1775

Michel RolleMichel Rolle

Pierre VernierPierre Vernier
19 August 1580
Pierre BouguerPierre Bouguer

Émile PicardÉmile Picard
Laurent LafforgueLaurent Lafforgue
06 November 1966

Michel ChaslesMichel Chasles

Jean-Christophe YoccozJean-Christophe Yoccoz
29 May 1957

Alexandre-Théophile VandermondeAlexandre-Théophile Vandermonde
28 February 1735
Gabriel LaméGabriel Lamé
Jacques Philippe Marie BinetJacques Philippe Marie Binet

Olinde RodriguesOlinde Rodrigues

Jean-Robert ArgandJean-Robert Argand

Jean-Victor PonceletJean-Victor Poncelet
Joseph BertrandJoseph Bertrand
11 March 1822

Girard DesarguesGirard Desargues
21 February 1591

Jean-Charles de BordaJean-Charles de Borda

1601 AD

Jacques Charles François SturmJacques Charles François Sturm
29 September 1803
Jean Baptiste Joseph DelambreJean Baptiste Joseph Delambre

Jacques-Louis LionsJacques-Louis Lions
03 May 1928
Joseph NicolletJoseph Nicollet
24 July 1786

Gilles de RobervalGilles de Roberval
09 August 1602
Abraham bar HiyyaAbraham bar Hiyya
1070 AD
Édouard GoursatÉdouard Goursat
21 May 1858