People under the ENTP- Extroversion, intuition, thinking, perception are called ‘the debaters’ and are known to be motivated and inspired innovators who can effortlessly find new solutions to intellectually challenging questions. The clever and curious kind, ENTPs always seek to perceive the people and principles around them, always up for analysing and influencing people with their open-mindedness and unconventional personality. They are usually the kind that enjoys random banter with others and who loves to keep the upper hand with people because of their quick wit and command of the language. A person under the ENTP personality is typically known to be friendly and charming and ironically also love to break rules to find loopholes and figure how they can work to their advantage. Their confidence and creativity and enthusiasm toward a new business idea are infectious, which makes them popular among the circle. But since they are the type who loves to envision the ‘big picture’ in life, they reach a point of cluelessness and may even be at a loss when it comes to details. Making up 3% of the entire population in the world, ENTPs are headstrong and self-centered and fall under the Type A category. A number of ENTPs have been taking over the world with their quick-wit and intellect- Barack Obama, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Downey Jr, and Salma Hayek are just a few of the many. ENTPs have always been the interesting one in a crowd- keep reading and you will be amazed at the famous people who fall under ENTP personality trait.
Catherine the GreatCatherine the Great
02 May 1729, Russian
Empress of Russia
Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
17 January 1706, British, American
Founding Father of the United States

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen
13 October 1971, British

Matthew PerryMatthew Perry
19 August 1969, American

Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth Olsen
16 February 1989, American

Claire DanesClaire Danes
12 April 1979, American
Hugh GrantHugh Grant
09 September 1960, British

Henry KissingerHenry Kissinger
27 May 1923, American
Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America)

Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak
11 August 1950, American
Co-founder of Apple Computer (Apple Inc.)
John CleeseJohn Cleese
27 October 1939, British
Actor & Comedian

Stephen FryStephen Fry
24 August 1957, British
Frank Sinatra Jr.Frank Sinatra Jr.
10 January 1944, American

Niccolò MachiavelliNiccolò Machiavelli
03 May 1469, Italian
Political Philosopher

21 November 1694, French

Bertrand RussellBertrand Russell
18 May 1872, British, Welsh

Jon StewartJon Stewart
28 November 1962, American
American comedian
Bill MaherBill Maher
20 January 1956, American
Talk Show Host

Adam SavageAdam Savage
15 July 1967, American
Industrial designer

Bill HicksBill Hicks
16 December 1961, American

Werner HeisenbergWerner Heisenberg
05 December 1901, German
David HumeDavid Hume
26 April 1711, Scottish
Philosopher & Historian

Karl LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld
10 September 1933, German
Fashion Designer
John Stuart MillJohn Stuart Mill
20 May 1806, British
British Philosopher and Civil Servant.

Edmund BurkeEdmund Burke
12 January 1729, Irish, British

Federico FelliniFederico Fellini
20 January 1920, Italian
Film Director and Scriptwriter
Karl PopperKarl Popper
28 July 1902, British

Murray RothbardMurray Rothbard
02 March 1926, American
Gillian Leigh AndersonGillian Anderson
09 August 1968, American

Terry GilliamTerry Gilliam
22 November 1940, British, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Animator, Film

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich
17 June 1943, American
Siouxsie SiouxSiouxsie Sioux
27 May 1957, British
Singer, Musician, Exotica, Songwriter

Diablo CodyDiablo Cody
14 June 1978, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director,