Find out more about the greatest Salvadoran, including Claudia Lars, Mauricio Funes, Roque Dalton, Óscar Romero and José Napoleón Duarte.

The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. The country has a diverse culture as it was for centuries inhabited by several Mesoamerican nations, including the Cuzcatlecs, the Lenca and Maya. European influence on the culture is also prominent as the nation was once under Spanish colonial rule. Salvadoran priest and doctor José Matías Delgado y León was a leader in the independence movement of El Salvador from the Spanish Empire as was General Manuel José Arce y Fagoaga. Even after gaining independence in the early 19th century, the country went through several decades of political instability and violence. Farabundo Martí, a Marxist-Leninist activist and a revolutionary leader during the 1932 Salvadoran peasant massacre, is regarded as a martyr in Salvadoran history. Decades later the Salvadoran Civil War happened and Gen. Majano and Gen. Gutierrez emerged as major figures in that period. The recent years have been relatively peaceful in the nation, encouraging Salvadorans to build their legacy in the areas of arts, academics, entertainment and sports. Read on to discover about the life and works of famous Salvadorans.
Claudia LarsClaudia Lars

20 December 1899

1974 AD

El Salvador


José Napoleón DuarteJosé Napoleón Duarte
(Salvadoran Political figure)

23 November 1925

23 February 1990

Santa Ana


Roque DaltonRoque Dalton

14 May 1935

10 May 1975

San Salvador


Mauricio FunesMauricio Funes
(Former President of El Salvador)

18 October 1959

San Salvador


Óscar RomeroÓscar Romero
(Archbishop of San Salvador)

15 August 1917

24 March 1980

Ciudad Barrios


Francisco Flores PérezFrancisco Flores Pérez
(Salvadoran Politician)

17 October 1959

30 January 2016

Santa Ana, El Salvador


Joaquin Eufrasio BuzmanJoaquín Eufrasio Guzmán
(Former President of El Salvador)

1801 AD

1875 AD


Salvador Sánchez CerénSalvador Sánchez Cerén

18 June 1944

Quezaltepeque, La Libertad


Consuelo de Saint ExupéryConsuelo de Saint Exupéry
(Writer, Journalist, Painter, Sculptor)

10 April 1901

28 May 1979

Armenia, Sonsonate


Pete SandovalPete Sandoval

21 May 1963

Santa Ana Municipality


Antonio SacaAntonio Saca

09 March 1965



Maura ClarkeMaura Clarke

13 January 1931

02 December 1980



Émile FriantÉmile Friant
(French artist)

16 April 1863

09 June 1932