Canadian media would not have been what it is today had it not been for its media personalities who have constantly struggled to keep the infotainment quotient of their viewers high. Their passion for work and strong work ethics, have made them a popular name in Canadian media. Be it Mandy Ross the host of Fashion TV who is living her dream of hosting, filming and travelling with her shows and projects or Kevin O’Leary, the co-founder and chairman of O’Leary Funds who is popular for his financial shows, Canadian media has seen a plethora of men and women who have been exemplary in their work. And then there is children’s entertainer Suzanne Pinel who is popular as Marie Soleil, Trish Stratus WWE Wrestler and star of TV show Armed and Famous, Patrick Watson journalist and documentarian, Mark McKinney comedian, Rita MacNeil variety show host, Rod Black sportscaster and others. These are some of the biggest media personalities who command the most respect, evoke the most trust or provide the highest level of entertainment for Canadian viewers. Check out this segment to find out in details about the life and works of famous Canadian media personalities.
John RobertsJohn Roberts
15 November 1956
Alex TrebekAlex Trebek
22 July 1940
American-Canadian Television personality

Chrystia FreelandChrystia Freeland
02 August 1968
Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Steven CrowderSteven Crowder
07 July 1987
Actor, Political Commentator

Robert HerjavecRobert Herjavec
14 September 1962
Business People

Ali VelshiAli Velshi
29 October 1969
Television host
Peter JenningsPeter Jennings
29 July 1938

Emily MaitlisEmily Maitlis
06 September 1970

Joe ClarkJoe Clark
05 June 1939
Former Prime Minister of Canada
Jennifer FinniganJennifer Finnigan
22 August 1979

Jane JacobsJane Jacobs
04 May 1916
Journalist, Author, Activist
Alexandre TrudeauAlexandre Trudeau
25 December 1973

Dave MaddenDave Madden
17 December 1931

Catherine HerridgeCatherine Herridge
18 May 1964
News Correspondent

Michaelle Jean Michaëlle Jean
06 September 1957
Former Governor General of Canada

Fergie OlverFergie Olver
Game Show Host
Jeanette JenkinsJeanette Jenkins
18 September 1974
Fitness Trainer/TV Personality/Author

Maxine SneedMaxine Sneed

Billie Mae RichardsBillie Mae Richards
21 November 1921
Voice Actress

David BrooksDavid Brooks
11 August 1961
Kevin O’LearyKevin O’Leary
09 July 1954

Matte BabelMatte Babel
13 October 1980
TV Host
Naomi KyleNaomi Kyle
13 January 1986
Gamer, TV Show Host & Actress

Renee PaquetteRenee Paquette
19 September 1985
Sports Broadcaster

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar
09 September 1968
Mary Ann Shadd CaryMary Ann Shadd
09 October 1823

Bret HartBret Hart
02 July 1957
WWE Wrestlers
Bryan BaeumlerBryan Baeumler
18 April 1974
Television host

Lauren SouthernLauren Southern
16 June 1995
Political Activist

Scott McGillivrayScott McGillivray
07 April 1978
16 September 1962

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Aden YoungAden Young
30 November 1971
Suroosh AlviSuroosh Alvi
26 March 1969

Adnan SamiAdnan Sami
15 August 1971

Monty HallMonty Hall
25 August 1921
Television presenter, Actor, Journalist

Samantha BeeSamantha Bee
25 October 1969
Journalist, Actor, Television actor, Screenwriter
Edgar Bronfman Sr.Edgar Bronfman Sr.
20 June 1929
Nate BurlesonNate Burleson
19 August 1981
Football Commentator

David FrumDavid Frum
30 June 1960

Serge MonastSerge Monast
1945 AD

Harland WilliamsHarland Williams
14 November 1962
Donald Stewart CherryDon Cherry
05 February 1934
Sports commentator

Charles CoughlinCharles Coughlin
25 October 1891

Cory DoctorowCory Doctorow
17 July 1971

Rick MartelRick Martel
18 March 1956
Professional wrestler

Charles KrauthammerCharles Krauthammer
13 March 1950
Joe WeiderJoe Weider
29 November 1920
Functionary, Editor

Jian GhomeshiJian Ghomeshi
09 June 1967
31 May 1967
Professional wrestler, Singer, Journalist

Bryan Lee O'MalleyBryan Lee O'Malley
21 February 1979

Ashleigh BanfieldAshleigh Banfield
29 December 1967
Mauro RanalloMauro Ranallo
21 December 1969
Disc jockey, Journalist

Pierre LaportePierre Laporte
25 February 1921
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Max Aitken, 1st Baron BeaverbrookMax Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook
25 May 1879
Newspaper publisher

Lisa LaFlammeLisa LaFlamme
25 July 1964
News presenter, Journalist

Art LinkletterArt Linkletter
17 July 1912
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality

Morley SaferMorley Safer
08 November 1931
War correspondent, Television presenter,

Elizabeth MayElizabeth May
09 June 1954
Writer, Politician, Journalist, Lawyer
Sue JohansonSue Johanson
16 March 1930
Public Speaker

Ezra LevantEzra Levant
19 February 1972

Bill WenningtonBill Wennington
26 April 1963
Basketball player

Ben MulroneyBen Mulroney
09 March 1976
Actor, Television presenter
George StroumboulopoulosGeorge Stroumboulopoulos
16 August 1972
Journalist, Radio personality

Geoff KeighleyGeoff Keighley
Michaela PereiraMichaela Pereira
26 August 1970

Michael IgnatieffMichael Ignatieff
12 May 1947
Journalist, Historian, Politician, Novelist,

Adrienne ClarksonAdrienne Clarkson
10 February 1939
26th Governor General of Canada
Neil MacdonaldNeil Macdonald
1957 AD

Charles TempletonCharles Templeton
07 October 1915
Melyssa FordMelyssa Ford
07 November 1976
Model, Journalist

Robbie RossRobbie Ross
25 May 1869

Simon DeeSimon Dee
28 July 1935
TV Host
Ian HanomansingIan Hanomansing
1961 AD

Dan ShulmanDan Shulman
09 February 1967
Ron MacLeanRon MacLean
12 April 1960

Amanda LindhoutAmanda Lindhout
12 June 1981
Journalist, Autobiographer

Kate BeirnessKate Beirness
08 March 1984

Lyse DoucetLyse Doucet
24 December 1958
Journalist, Television presenter
William Lyon MackenzieWilliam Lyon Mackenzie
12 March 1795
Winsor McCayWinsor McCay
26 September 1869
Cartoonist, Animator, Screenwriter, Science

Rex MurphyRex Murphy
29 February 1947
radio personality

Jeff LemireJeff Lemire
21 March 1976
Writer, Comics artist

Peter MansbridgePeter Mansbridge
06 July 1948
Journalist, News presenter
Natasha FatahNatasha Fatah

Ralph KleinRalph Klein
01 November 1942

Christine SimpsonChristine Simpson
05 October 1964

Darwyn CookeDarwyn Cooke
16 November 1962
comics artist

Adrien ArcandAdrien Arcand
03 October 1899
Journalist, Politician
Adnan VirkAdnan Virk
25 August 1980

Dave SimDave Sim
17 May 1956
Jeanne SauvéJeanne Sauvé
26 April 1922

Kerry ShaleKerry Shale
17 June 1958
Thomas D'Arcy McGeeThomas D'Arcy McGee
13 April 1825
Mackenzie BowellMackenzie Bowell
27 December 1823