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(Known for His 'YouTube' show, 'Louder with Crowder')

Birthday: July 7, 1987 (Cancer)

Born In: Grosse Pointe, Michigan, United States

Steven Crowder is an American–Canadian “YouTuber,” actor, comedian, and right leaning political commentator, best known for his ‘YouTube’ show, ‘Louder with Crowder.’ Born in Detroit, Michigan, Steven spent his early years in Quebec, Canada, where he attended the ‘Centennial Regional High School.’ At the age of 13, he began his career with the voice role of ‘Alan Powers’ in the children’s animated series ‘Arthur.’ He eventually made his full-fledged acting debut in 2001, with the film titled ‘Two Summers.’ He also appeared in films such as ‘3 Needles’ and ‘The Secret.’ He also worked as a stand-up comedian before joining ‘Fox News’ as a political commentator. He was a vocal supporter of right-wing politicians, and in 2015, he turned his right-wing views into video content. His videos featured jokes on ‘Democrats’ and various left-wing politicians. He uploaded the videos on his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Louder with Crowder.’ He used humor to share his socio-political views on his channel, as a staunch supporter of the ‘Conservative Party of America.’ In 2019, ‘YouTube’ demonetized his videos over allegations of him racially abusing and bullying a homosexual Hispanic journalist named Carlos Maza.
Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In July

Also Known As: Steven Blake Crowder

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Hilary Crowder

father: Darrin S. Crowder

mother: Francine Crowder

siblings: Jordan Crowder

Born Country: United States

Actors Activists

Height: 6'2" (188 cm), 6'2" Males

Notable Alumni: Champlain College

Ancestry: American Canadian

U.S. State: Michigan

More Facts

education: Champlain College

Childhood & Early Life
Steven Blake Crowder was born on July 7, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., to Francine and Darrin Crowder. The family moved to Quebec, Canada, when Steven was still a toddler. He grew up with his brother, Jordan Crowder. Steven was raised in a conservative Christian family. He stayed in Quebec until his teenage years.
Ever since he was a kid, he wished to work in the entertainment industry. He began his career at 13. However, he also pursued his education and completed his high-school graduation from the ‘Centennial Regional High School.’
Following his high-school graduation, he majored in creative arts from the ‘Champlain College,’ Vermont, U.S.A.
Steven once mentioned that he had grown up as a reserved person and was bullied often. He claimed that his best friends in school dumped him just because he believed deeply in his Christian faith and refused to smoke and drink.
By the time he was in college, he knew that he wanted to be a stand-up comedian. He tried comedy in college, but one of his college professors laughed it off and told him that he would never become a true comedian.
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Steven began his career at the age of 13, when he was hired as a voice actor to portray ‘Alan Powers’ in the children’s educational animated series ‘Arthur’. He appeared in 13 episodes of the show, in 2000 and 2001. He revived his voice role in the film ‘Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.’
He made a small appearance in an episode of the live-action TV series ‘Yo Awesome Awesome!,’ titled ‘Birthday,’ which featured him as a kid. It aired in 2001.
In 2002, he made his film debut with a small role in ‘Two Summers.’ In the next few years, he appeared playing small and supporting roles in several films, such as ‘The Covenant’ and ‘The Secret.’
His acting career was not going well for a number of reasons, one of them being his political leanings. He was a hardcore conservative and a right-leaning young actor. His agent once told him that he would never find success in Hollywood if he stuck hard to his political ideology.
He fulfilled his dream of being a comedian while working for the ‘Just for Laughs’ comedy festival. During the event, he came in touch with several stand-up comedians and was thus inspired to begin his comedy career. However, the show’s organizers did not like this, and he was fired from the event.
Steven began attending local events and soon began his stand-up comedy career. However, it did not go well in the beginning. He was mostly jeered by the crowd, though some of his shows did show promise. Nevertheless, he was determined to make a career as a comedian. He returned to the ‘Just for Laughs’ festival in 2005, to perform as a comedian this time. By then, he had turned 18. He received a great response. He was also the youngest stand-up comedian in the history of the event back then.
The event organizers were thrilled with Steven’s success and his subsequent popularity. They featured him on ‘XM Radio.’ The success of the event led the organizers to arrange a nationwide comedy tour with Steven. He also appeared in films such as ‘To Save a Life.’
Around the late 2000s, he stopped focusing on his acting career. Around the same time, he began uploading funny videos on the internet, which showed him making fun of leftist politicians and public figures. The videos he produced were published on right-wing media networks such as ‘Pajamas Media.’ He also attended the ‘Conservative Political Action Conference’ in 2011, where he performed as the master of ceremonies.
In 2009, he joined ‘Fox News’ as a contributor. Back then, at 21, he was one of the youngest commentators on ‘Fox News.’ The channel is known as the only authentic right-wing news network. Steven worked there until 2012.
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In December 2012, ‘Fox News’ posted a video during the “Right to Work Rally” in Michigan, where Steven was shown getting punched by a left-leaning union member. Many right-wing pundits bashed the incident as an example of leftist intolerance. However, the full video was later uploaded. It showed that Steven had attacked the other person first.
Steven was angry about the entire incident and made several inflammatory statements against Sean Hannity, a popular ‘Fox News’ host. Sometime after this, in October 2013, ‘Fox News’ parted ways with Steven.
He had uploaded the edited video on his ‘YouTube’ channel and soon demanded a trial against the person who had punched him several times. However, after the complete video resurfaced, it became clear that it was purely an act of self-defense and that no charges could be pushed against the perpetrator.
He has also regularly contributed articles exhibiting his political and social beliefs on ‘’ He has published articles about his pre-marital virginity and about practicing abstinence.
He began his own ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Louder with Crowder,’ after leaving ‘Fox News.’ He continued to promote his political ideology and uploaded satirical videos on his ‘YouTube’ channel. In October 2012, his parody video of a Barack Obama promotion advertisement went viral after it was featured in the magazine ‘The American Spectator.’
In 2017, as his ‘YouTube’ channel became more popular, Steven began uploading videos regularly. The ‘Blaze Media’ website ‘Conservative Review’ picked up ‘Louder with Crowder,’ and it thus became a daily program. It is currently aired on ‘Conservative Review’s ‘CRTV.’
In June 2019, he came under scrutiny when he made a derogatory, racist, and homophobic remark against video producer and TV host Carlos Maza. Carlos later claimed that Steven’s fans had started harassing him after that. Steven defended himself, saying that it was just “playful ribbing.” The ‘YouTube’ standards did not find the video offensive. ‘YouTube’ attracted a lot of criticism for this, which made them demonetize his videos later, saying that he first needed to address all the concerns people had about his channel.
In February 2018, he sat outside the ‘Texas Christian University’ campus with a signboard that said “Male Privilege is a Myth, Change my Mind.” This became a popular meme later.
Family & Personal Life
Steven Crowder claims that although he had a few girlfriends before he tied the knot, he was a virgin until his marriage.
In August 2012, he married Hilary Crowder. They do not have any children yet.
Steven is a practicing Christian.

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