Physicians or doctors from across the world have garnered much respect and admiration for the hard work that they do. Popularly known as the healers of the world, physicians are human magicians who with their deep understanding and knowledge bereft individual suffering and put an end to malignant diseases and sickness. Every country today has its own list of physicians who have mastered the art of curing. However, in this particular section, we shall be throwing limelight on British physicians. From child prodigy James Parkinson to founder of modern pathology James Paget, preventer of Rh haemolytic disease Sir Cyril Astley Clarke to first female British physician Elizabeth Blackwell, the list goes endless. The turn of 19th century saw the likes of Thomas Addison who discovered Addison’s disease and Addisonian anemia, Cicely Saunders who emphasized the importance of palliative care in modern medicine, and the like. 20th century Britain was no less as significant British physicians such as Oliver Sacks who authored numerous best-selling books recording case histories of people with neurological disorders, Magdi Yacoub who is known for his pioneering work in the field of heart surgery came under prominence. To know more on the life and works of famous British physicians, read on.
John LockeJohn Locke
29 August 1632
Father of Classical Liberalism
Edward JennerEdward Jenner
17 May 1749

Roger BannisterRoger Bannister
23 March 1929
Former British Athlete Who Ran The First

William HarveyWilliam Harvey
01 April 1578

John SnowJohn Snow
15 March 1813

Joseph ListerJoseph Lister
05 April 1827
Surgeon and Scientist
Magdi YacoubMagdi Yacoub
16 November 1935
Heart Surgeon

Ronald RossRonald Ross
13 May 1857
Medical doctor

Robert WinstonRobert Winston
15 July 1940
Surgeon, Scientist, TV Presenter

Havelock EllisHavelock Ellis
02 February 1859
Elizabeth Garrett AndersonElizabeth Garrett Anderson
09 June 1836
Mayor of Aldeburgh

Henry GrayHenry Gray
1827 AD
Anatomist and surgeon
Cicely SaundersCicely Saunders
22 June 1918
English nurse

Henry Hallett DaleHenry Hallett Dale
09 June 1875
Physiologist & Pharmacologist

James ParkinsonJames Parkinson
11 April 1755
Thomas WillisThomas Willis
27 January 1621
English Doctor

Peter Mark RogetPeter Mark Roget
18 January 1779
Henry FauldsHenry Faulds
01 June 1843

James PagetJames Paget
11 January 1814
Founder of scientific medical pathology.

Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron AdrianEdgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian
30 November 1889
Janet Lane-ClayponJanet Lane-Claypon
03 February 1877

Cyril ClarkeCyril Clarke
22 September 1907
Pioneering work on prevention of Rh disease, and
Richard LowerRichard Lower
1631 AD

Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle
22 May 1859
Physician, Writer, Poet, Cricketer, Novelist,

Hasnat KhanHasnat Khan
01 April 1959

Andrew WakefieldAndrew Wakefield
1957 AD
Simon Baron-CohenSimon Baron-Cohen
15 August 1958
Psychologist, University teacher, Psychiatrist,
Harry HillHarry Hill
01 October 1964

Robert ListonRobert Liston
28 October 1794

Liam FoxLiam Fox
22 September 1961

John Bodkin AdamsJohn Bodkin Adams
21 January 1899
Physician, Serial killer
Christian JessenChristian Jessen
04 March 1977

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Hudson TaylorHudson Taylor
21 May 1832
Physician, Translator, Theologian, Non-fiction

Thomas Neill CreamThomas Neill Cream
27 May 1850

Theodore DalrympleTheodore Dalrymple
11 October 1949
Journalist, Psychiatrist, Conspiracy theorist,

Wilfred BionWilfred Bion
08 September 1897
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, Psychologist
Marty MakaryMarty Makary

Michael DillonMichael Dillon
01 May 1915
Jack W. SzostakJack W. Szostak
09 November 1952
Biologist, Molecular biologist, Geneticist,

Tobias SmollettTobias Smollett
19 March 1721

Hans SloaneHans Sloane
16 April 1660
Robert FluddRobert Fludd
17 January 1574

Thomas SydenhamThomas Sydenham
10 September 1624
Philippa PerryPhilippa Perry
01 November 1957
Psychotherapist, Novelist

Sid WatkinsSid Watkins
06 September 1928
Neurologist, Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Physician

Thomas BowdlerThomas Bowdler
11 July 1754
Physician, Chess player

George BassGeorge Bass
30 January 1771
Explorer, Surgeon

William Worrall MayoWilliam Worrall Mayo
31 May 1819
Chemist, Politician, Gynaecologist, Editor
Nicholas BarbonNicholas Barbon
1640 AD

Alex ComfortAlex Comfort
10 February 1920
Physician, Writer, University teacher,

John Langdon DownJohn Langdon Down
18 November 1828
Physician, Psychiatrist, Neurologist

W. H. R. RiversW. H. R. Rivers
12 March 1864
Thomas AddisonThomas Addison
02 April 1793
Physician, scientist

Charles BellCharles Bell
12 November 1774
Anatomist, Neuroscientist, Surgeon, Writer,
Edward Adrian WilsonEdward Adrian Wilson
23 July 1872
Explorer, Ornithologist, Painter, Scientist

Ludwig GuttmannLudwig Guttmann
03 July 1899

Thomas HodgkinThomas Hodgkin
17 August 1798
Physician, Hematologist
Edward BachEdward Bach
24 September 1886
Physician, Writer, Homeopath

William CullenWilliam Cullen
15 April 1710
Physician, Chemist, Farmer, Academic, University
Kevin FongKevin Fong
21 May 1971
Consultant, Television presenter, Lecturer

Fiona WoodFiona Wood
02 February 1958
Plastic surgeon, Physician

John ElliotsonJohn Elliotson
29 October 1791
Physician, University teacher
Sir William Gull, 1st BaronetSir William Gull, 1st Baronet
31 December 1816

Anthony StorrAnthony Storr
18 May 1920
Carol M. BlackCarol M. Black
26 December 1939

Thomas LinacreThomas Linacre
1460 AD

Julian PetoJulian Peto

Howard Walter FloreyHoward Walter Florey
24 September 1898
Australian pharmacologist
Elizabeth GardnerElizabeth Gardner
25 August 1957
Thomas YoungThomas Young
13 June 1773

James BarryJames Barry
09 November 1795
military physician, Surgeon

Robert EdwardsRobert Edwards
27 September 1925

William PalmerWilliam Palmer
06 August 1824
physician, serial killer
Henry MarshHenry Marsh
05 March 1950

Richard MortonRichard Morton
1637 AD

Sir James Whyte BlackSir James Whyte Black
14 June 1924

Penelope J. LeachPenelope J. Leach
19 November 1937