Famous People From England
Have you heard of the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’? If yes, then you surely know the importance of a photographer. For rest, this piece of information may be eye-opening. Most of you have appreciated photographs for their subject, background, essence, light effect and even story but how many of you have taken effort to know the person behind the lens? Yes, it is he who deserves the most applause for photographers are responsible for infusing life into that 4X6 frame turning it into a masterpiece. It is not just about holding the camera steadily and clicking a button. A photographer needs to have a sense of aesthetics. Perfect location, just-right lighting, an engaging subject and bang-on moment leads to a good photograph. Photography is a science – photographers not just need to have an in-depth knowledge about the technical equipments’ they are carrying, but about the nature of the place, and the preference of the subject as well. It is a constantly evolving field and thus these creative artisans need to be on their toes always. Photographers may work in various fields’ right from wedding to war, covering corporate events to fashion shows, doing fashion photography or food photography and even wildlife photography. Explore this section and discover some interesting facts about famous British fashion designers, their life and their outstanding achievements behind the lens.
Lewis CarrollLewis Carroll
27 January 1832
Author, Mathematician and Photographer

David HockneyDavid Hockney
09 July 1937

Eadweard MuybridgeEadweard Muybridge
09 April 1830

Andy GoldsworthyAndy Goldsworthy
26 July 1956
Sculptor & Photographer

Cecil BeatonCecil Beaton
14 January 1904
Henry Fox TalbotHenry Fox Talbot
11 February 1800

Mario TestinoMario Testino
30 October 1954
Fashion Photographer

Count Nikolai von BismarckCount Nikolai von Bismarck
29 December 1986

Penny LancasterPenny Lancaster
15 March 1971
Model, Photographer
Mary McCartneyMary McCartney
28 August 1969

Mike McGearMike McGear
07 January 1944
Minnie WeiszMinnie Weisz

David BaileyDavid Bailey
02 January 1938

Mark FiennesMark Fiennes
11 November 1933
Photographer, Illustrator
Chris JaggerChris Jagger
19 December 1947
Musician, Photographer, Music journalist

William Cavendish, Earl of BurlingtonWilliam Cavendish, Earl of Burlington
06 June 1969
Scarlet PageScarlet Page
24 March 1971

Martin ParrMartin Parr
23 May 1952
Photographer, Journalist

Dave Lee TravisDave Lee Travis
25 May 1945
Photographer, Television presenter, Radio
Amanda de CadenetAmanda de Cadenet
19 May 1972

Julia Margaret CameronJulia Margaret Cameron
11 June 1815
Don McCullinDon McCullin
09 October 1935
Autobiographer, War photographer, Journalist

John HerschelJohn Herschel
07 March 1792
Polymath, Mathematician, Astronomer, Chemist,

Suze RandallSuze Randall
18 May 1946
Nurse, Photographer, Model, Director, Glamour

Alison LapperAlison Lapper
07 April 1965
Painter, Photographer
Pamella BordesPamella Bordes
1961 AD
photographer, beauty pageant contestant
Tim HetheringtonTim Hetherington
05 December 1970
War correspondent, Photographer, Film director,

Nick BrandtNick Brandt
1966 AD

John WillieJohn Willie
09 December 1902
Photographer, Illustrator, Screenwriter

Felice BeatoFelice Beato
1832 AD
photographer, journalist, war photographer,
George RodgerGeorge Rodger
19 March 1908
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist, War

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Richard BillinghamRichard Billingham
25 September 1970

John TamsJohn Tams
16 February 1949
Actor, Songwriter, Singer, Record producer,

Roger FentonRoger Fenton
28 March 1819

Bob KloseBob Klose
1945 AD
photographer, guitarist
Bill BrandtBill Brandt
02 May 1904
Photographer, war photographer, photojournalist,

Roland PenroseRoland Penrose
14 October 1900
Paramedic, Art historian, Engineer, Photographer,
William Friese-GreeneWilliam Friese-Greene
07 September 1855
Photographer, Inventor

William Kennedy DicksonWilliam Kennedy Dickson
03 August 1860
Inventor, Film director, Film producer,

Robin DerrickRobin Derrick
1960 AD
Deborah AndersonDeborah Anderson
16 December 1970
Photographer, Singer

Oscar Gustave RejlanderOscar Gustave Rejlander
1813 AD
photographer, painter
Tim WalkerTim Walker
1970 AD

Michael KennaMichael Kenna
1953 AD

Alvin Langdon CoburnAlvin Langdon Coburn
11 June 1882

Janet ParkerJanet Parker
1938 AD

Fay GodwinFay Godwin
17 February 1931
Wolfgang SuschitzkyWolfgang Suschitzky
29 August 1912
Cinematographer, Photographer

1966 AD

Elsbeth JudaElsbeth Juda
02 May 1911
Photographer, Art collector, Opinion journalist

Nigel BarkerNigel Barker
27 April 1972
Television personality
Nick KnightNick Knight
1958 AD

Terence DonovanTerence Donovan
14 September 1936
photographer, photographer