An economist is a person who studies and develops the theories and concepts of economics. A branch of social science, economics is a wide-ranging field and includes many sub-fields on which an economist studies and makes his references. Economists create, propose and implement policies by understanding the intricacies of the subject. Though this a separate branch of social science, the world has been witness to numerous instances wherein people from various backgrounds such as mathematics, business, political science, law, sociology and even history turn into being prominent economists. Just like every other country in the world, Britain too has a long list of economists who have served for the welfare of the country. The list include names like William Beveridge most famous for his 1942 report Social Insurance and Allied Services, Sir Anthony Tony Atkinson noted for establishing the British field of inequality and poverty, John Hicks well-known for his pioneering on general economic equilibrium theory, James Meade famed for his path breaking contribution to the theory of international trade and capital movements, and the recent Nobel laureate Angus Deaton. Check this segment to find out more about noted and famous British economists, their life, their works, their theories and their analysis.
John Stuart MillJohn Stuart Mill

20 May 1806

Thomas Robert MalthusThomas Robert Malthus

13 February 1766

Alfred Marshall Alfred Marshall

26 July 1842

Ronald CoaseRonald Coase

29 December 1910

William BeveridgeWilliam Beveridge

05 March 1879

Sir James A. MirrleesJames Mirrlees

05 July 1936

James MeadeJames Meade

23 June 1907

Roy HarrodRoy Harrod

13 February 1900

John HicksJohn R Hicks

08 April 1904

Sir Richard StoneSir Richard Stone

30 August 1913

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Cecil RhodesCecil Rhodes

05 July 1853

William Rees-MoggWilliam Rees-Mogg

14 July 1928

Niall FergusonNiall Ferguson

18 April 1964

George OsborneGeorge Osborne

23 May 1971

David RicardoDavid Ricardo

18 April 1772

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Alex SalmondAlex Salmond

31 December 1954

Abhisit VejjajivaAbhisit Vejjajiva

03 August 1964

Emma Georgina RothschildEmma Georgina Rothschild

16 May 1948

Harriet MartineauHarriet Martineau

12 June 1802

Walter BagehotWalter Bagehot

03 February 1826

E. F. SchumacherE. F. Schumacher

16 August 1911

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Angus DeatonAngus Deaton

19 October 1945

Frank P. RamseyFrank P. Ramsey

22 February 1903

William WhewellWilliam Whewell

24 May 1794

William Stanley JevonsWilliam Stanley Jevons

Arvind PanagariyaArvind Panagariya

30 September 1952

Arthur Cecil PigouArthur Cecil Pigou

18 November 1877

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Thomas MalthusThomas Malthus

13 February 1766

John A. HobsonJohn A. Hobson

06 July 1858

William PlayfairWilliam Playfair

22 September 1759

Angus MaddisonAngus Maddison

06 December 1926

William PettyWilliam Petty

26 May 1623

Antony C. SuttonAntony C. Sutton

14 February 1925

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Adam FergusonAdam Ferguson

20 June 1723

Martin WolfMartin Wolf

16 March 1946

Tim HarfordTim Harford

27 September 1973

Kenneth E. BouldingKenneth E. Boulding

18 January 1910

Arnold ToynbeeArnold Toynbee

23 August 1852

Thomas ChalmersThomas Chalmers

17 March 1780

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Christopher A. PissaridesChristopher A. Pissarides

20 February 1948

Francis Ysidro EdgeworthFrancis Ysidro Edgeworth

08 February 1845

Margaret HassanMargaret Hassan

18 April 1945

Noreena HertzNoreena Hertz

24 September 1967

Howard DaviesHoward Davies

12 February 1951

Sir John Richard HicksSir John Richard Hicks

08 April 1904