Our existence in this universe is too bizarre for words, too obscure for thoughts. Needless to say, we tend to take our mundane lives and existence for granted. However, so often, we are wheedled out of our complacency and thrown into a profound existential awareness, mulling over matters that extends beyond the parameters of our comprehension. That is where philosophy sets us free. Some wise man has truly stated, “Philosophy goes where hard science can't or won't.” And rightly so! It is in the nature of philosophers to speculate about everything, from metaphysics to morality, and help answer the basic questions of existence, otherwise mysterious to man. Their philosophies are treasure trove of profound wisdom and makes for great food for thought. Let us explore the lives of some such profound thinkers who redefined life in a way you have probably never imagined before. These avant-garde Austrian philosophers like Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sigmund Freud, Ernst March and Martin Buber propounded ideas within the context of their times and intellectual accomplishments, thereby immortalizing themselves and their philosophies in the annals of time. Go through the biographies of famous Austrian philosophers to learn all about the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to their lives.
Ludwig WittgensteinLudwig Wittgenstein
26 April 1889
Ludwig von MisesLudwig von Mises
29 September 1881
Economist, Philosopher, Sociologist

Martin BuberMartin Buber
08 February 1878

Edmund HusserlEdmund Husserl
08 April 1859
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher

Paul FeyerabendPaul Feyerabend
13 January 1924
Philosopher, University teacher

Ivan IllichIvan Illich
04 September 1926
Writer, Historian, Educationist, Philosopher,
Hans KelsenHans Kelsen
11 October 1881
Lawyer, Judge, Philosopher, Educationist,

Otto WeiningerOtto Weininger
03 April 1880
Philosopher, Writer, Psychologist

Paul WatzlawickPaul Watzlawick
25 July 1921
Philosopher, Psychologist, Psychotherapist,

Otto NeurathOtto Neurath
10 December 1882
Economist, Philosopher, Sociologist, Graphic
Ingeborg BachmannIngeborg Bachmann
25 June 1926
Poet, Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter,

Richard von MisesRichard von Mises
19 April 1883
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher, Engineer,
Erik von Kuehnelt-LeddihnErik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
31 July 1909
Philosopher, University teacher, Journalist,

Jean AméryJean Améry
31 October 1912
Writer, Philosopher

Othmar SpannOthmar Spann
01 October 1878
Economist, Philosopher, University teacher,
Alfred SchutzAlfred Schutz
13 April 1899