When John Logie Baird gave the world the first public demonstration of a working television system, little did he anticipate that the television would become the sensation that it is today! Surpassing radio and cinema, television today have become the prime source of entertainment for people around the globe. Audience cannot help but stay glued to the idiot box for a couple of hours a day, relaxing from their busy schedule and feeding their need for drama, comedy and entertainment. Television has also become a great job provider – from actors to backstage crew members, technicians to script writers, people with different talents can make their way into the world of television. One such group of people are the television presenters. Popularly known as host, television presenters act as the link between the show and the audience. They present shows, live or recorded, to seen and unseen audience. They are truly the face of television, who look bright, seem confident and have a wide knowledge about everything under the sun. Australian television has been blessed with a pool of extremely talented television presenters who have been at the top of their level. Right from Karl Stefanovic’s brilliance on the breakfast show ‘Today’ to Samatha Armytage’s program ‘Sunrise’, Melissa Doyle’s ‘Seven News Sydney’ to David Campbell’s ‘Carols by Candlelight’, there are many Australian television presenters who have earned a worldwide fame.
Steve IrwinSteve Irwin
22 February 1962
Television Personality
Rolf HarrisRolf Harris
30 March 1930

Penelope MitchellPenelope Mitchell
23 July 1991

Julia ZemiroJulia Zemiro
14 April 1967
Television presenter

Eddie McGuireEddie McGuire
29 October 1964
Television presenter

Robert Clarence IrwinRobert Clarence Irwin
01 December 2003
Television Host & Wildlife Enthusiast
Robert HughesRobert Hughes
28 July 1938
Art Critic, Writer

David KochDavid Koch
07 March 1956
television presenter

Magda SzubanskiMagda Szubanski
12 April 1961

Antonia KidmanAntonia Kidman
14 July 1970
Actor, Television presenter, Journalist
Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins
22 December 1983
Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Sonia KrugerSonia Kruger
28 August 1965
Karl StefanovicKarl Stefanovic
12 August 1974
Television presenter

Jamie DurieJamie Durie
03 June 1970
Landscape architect

Daniel MacPhersonDaniel MacPherson
25 April 1980
Television presenter, Actor
Mick MolloyMick Molloy
11 July 1966

Amanda KellerAmanda Keller
25 February 1962
Rove McManusRove McManus
21 January 1974
Television presenter

Samantha ArmytageSamantha Armytage
04 September 1977
Journalist, News presenter

Red SymonsRed Symons
13 June 1949
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Lisa WilkinsonLisa Wilkinson
19 December 1959
Presenter, Journalist

Zoe NaylorZoe Naylor
04 July 1977
Actor, Model
Rob MillsRob Mills
21 June 1982

Georgie GardnerGeorgie Gardner
01 June 1965
Australian journalist

Ernie DingoErnie Dingo
31 July 1956

Tracy GrimshawTracy Grimshaw
03 June 1960
James BrayshawJames Brayshaw
11 May 1967
Cricketer, Television presenter, Radio personality
Erin McNaughtErin McNaught
22 May 1982
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant, Music

Rex HuntRex Hunt
07 March 1949
Australian rules footballer

Iya VillaniaIya Villania
29 June 1986
Actor, Model

Julie GoodwinJulie Goodwin
31 October 1970
Luke JacobzLuke Jacobz
14 February 1981
Racing driver

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Bec HewittBec Hewitt
23 July 1983
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Matt ParkinsonMatt Parkinson

Shaun MicallefShaun Micallef
18 July 1962

Les HiddinsLes Hiddins
13 August 1946
Lee Lin ChinLee Lin Chin

Melissa DoyleMelissa Doyle
10 February 1970
Journalist, Presenter
Erika HeynatzErika Heynatz
25 March 1976

Maude GarrettMaude Garrett
06 March 1986

Dylan LewisDylan Lewis
1973 AD
music critic
Jo Beth TaylorJo Beth Taylor
29 May 1971

Joy SmithersJoy Smithers
15 July 1963
Josh ZeppsJosh Zepps
22 November 1977
television presenter

Jackie OJackie O
31 January 1975

Richard WilkinsRichard Wilkins
19 June 1954
television presenter

Tim CampbellTim Campbell
27 September 1975