The eighth largest country in the world, Argentina has the largest Spanish speaking populace of the world. Furthermore, it has the second largest economy of South America. A potboiler of classic food, dance and wine, this mountainous country has been the address of world famous names like Che Guevara, Pope Francis, Carlos Gardel, Lionel Messi and so on. While its nationals have done the country proud with their wealth of talent, it is the leaders who have made much of a difference taking the country forward in terms of economy, administration, politics and transportation. Argentina follows a presidential standard according to which the President of Argentina is the head of the state. He is also the chief executive of the federal government and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Ever since the inception of the position, the office of the President has undergone various changes, both in its titles and features. Bernardino Rivadavia was the inaugural President of the country. Bartolome Mitre took up the presidential seat of the unified country. Isabel Peron was the first female to take up Presidential seat not just in Argentina but in the world at large. The current day office is held by incumbent President Mauricio Macri. Check out this section to know in details about famous Argentine leaders, their life and their works.
Pope FrancisPope Francis
17 December 1936
Che GuevaraChe Guevara
14 June 1928

Juan PerónJuan Perón
08 October 1895
President of Argentina

Cristina Fernández de KirchnerCristina Fernández de Kirchner
19 February 1953
Former President of Argentina

Mauricio MacriMauricio Macri
08 February 1959
Current President of Argentina

Isabel Martínez de PerónIsabel Martínez de Perón
04 February 1931
Former President of Argentina
José de San MartínJosé de San Martín
25 February 1778
Military Leader, Politician

Carlos Saúl MenemCarlos Menem
02 July 1930
Former President of Argentina

Fernando de la RúaFernando de la Rúa
15 September 1937
Former President of Argentina
Juan Manuel de RosasJuan Manuel de Rosas
30 March 1793
Dictator of Argentina

Eduardo DuhaldeEduardo Duhalde
05 October 1941
Former President of Argentina
Adolfo Rodríguez SaáAdolfo Rodríguez Saá
25 July 1947
49th President of Argentina

Bernardino RivadaviaBernardino Rivadavia
20 May 1780
First President of Argentina

Carlos Saavedra LamasCarlos Saavedra Lamas
01 November 1878
First Latin American Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Eva PerónEva Perón
07 May 1919
Actor, Politician

Jorge Rafael VidelaJorge Rafael Videla
02 August 1925
Néstor KirchnerNéstor Kirchner
25 February 1950
Lawyer, Politician

Leopoldo GaltieriLeopoldo Galtieri
15 July 1926
Military personnel, Politician

Raúl AlfonsínRaúl Alfonsín
12 March 1927

Domingo Faustino SarmientoDomingo Faustino Sarmiento
15 February 1811
Politician, Writer, Journalist, Soldier, Diplomat,
Roberto Eduardo ViolaRoberto Eduardo Viola
13 October 1924
Soldier, Politician

Reynaldo BignoneReynaldo Bignone
21 January 1928
Politician, Military personnel
Manuel BelgranoManuel Belgrano
03 June 1770
Lawyer, Journalist, Economist, Politician,

Axel KicillofAxel Kicillof
25 September 1971
Economist, Politician

Gabriela MichettiGabriela Michetti
28 May 1965
Hipólito YrigoyenHipólito Yrigoyen
12 July 1852
Lawyer, Politician, Author

Fernando LugoFernando Lugo
30 June 1951
politician, sociologist, cleric, Catholic priest
Luis Moreno OcampoLuis Moreno Ocampo
04 June 1952
Lawyer, University teacher

Jorge AnayaJorge Anaya
27 September 1926

Arturo FrondiziArturo Frondizi
28 October 1908
Lawyer, Politician, Journalist
Daniel ScioliDaniel Scioli
13 January 1957
Politician, Businessperson, Sportsperson

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Juan Carlos OnganíaJuan Carlos Onganía
17 March 1914
Former President of Argentina
Bartolomé MitreBartolomé Mitre
26 June 1821
Soldier, Linguist, Journalist, Historian,

José López RegaJosé López Rega
17 September 1916

Sergio MassaSergio Massa
28 April 1972
Politician, Lawyer

José Félix UriburuJosé Félix Uriburu
20 July 1868
Leopoldo LugonesLeopoldo Lugones
13 June 1874
Justo José de UrquizaJusto José de Urquiza
18 October 1801

María Eugenia VidalMaría Eugenia Vidal
08 September 1973

Domingo CavalloDomingo Cavallo
21 July 1946

Agustín Pedro JustoAgustín Pedro Justo
26 February 1876
Amado BoudouAmado Boudou
19 November 1962
Economist, Politician

Mariano MorenoMariano Moreno
23 September 1778

Margarita StolbizerMargarita Stolbizer
17 March 1955
Politician, Lawyer

Hipólito IrigoyenHipólito Irigoyen
12 July 1852

Edelmiro J. FarrellEdelmiro J. Farrell
12 February 1887