Whether you love to explore the pristine beaches or hike the adventurous mountains, see the colonial architecture or tour the wildlife, Argentina has everything to offer. The eighth largest country in the world, Argentina has progressed to become the second largest economy in South America and a Latin American country with the highest Human Development Index. Though the political instability and economic crisis post the 1930 pushed the country backwards, it nevertheless bounced back to retain its status as a middle power of the world and regional power in Latin America. Much of that however can be credited to Argentina leaders, who have spearheaded the country towards its current glory. A federal constitutional republic and representative democracy, Argentina’s federal government comprises of three branches – the legislative, executive and judicial. The President of Argentina is the head of the state and serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He is also the chief executive of the federal government. The role of the President and the office of the head of the state in Argentina have undergone various changes, both in terms of its title and features since its establishment. Check this segment to find out more about famous Argentine Presidents.
Juan PerónJuan Perón
08 October 1895
President of Argentina
Cristina Fernández de KirchnerCristina Fernández de Kirchner
19 February 1953
Former President of Argentina

Isabel Martínez de PerónIsabel Martínez de Perón
04 February 1931
Former President of Argentina

Mauricio MacriMauricio Macri
08 February 1959
Current President of Argentina

Fernando de la RúaFernando de la Rúa
15 September 1937
Former President of Argentina

Eduardo DuhaldeEduardo Duhalde
05 October 1941
Former President of Argentina
Adolfo Rodríguez SaáAdolfo Rodríguez Saá
25 July 1947
49th President of Argentina

Bernardino RivadaviaBernardino Rivadavia
20 May 1780
First President of Argentina

Raúl AlfonsínRaúl Alfonsín
12 March 1927
Hipólito IrigoyenHipólito Irigoyen
12 July 1852

Juan Carlos OnganíaJuan Carlos Onganía
17 March 1914
Former President of Argentina
José Félix UriburuJosé Félix Uriburu
20 July 1868

Alejandro Agustín LanusseAlejandro Agustín Lanusse
28 August 1918

Edelmiro J. FarrellEdelmiro J. Farrell
12 February 1887

Justo José de UrquizaJusto José de Urquiza
18 October 1801

Agustín Pedro JustoAgustín Pedro Justo
26 February 1876
Marcelo Torcuato de AlvearMarcelo Torcuato de Alvear
04 October 1868

Roque Sáenz PeñaRoque Sáenz Peña
19 March 1851

José Evaristo UriburuJosé Evaristo Uriburu
19 November 1831