Most of those under the Aries sign tend to be independent and at times even restless. Those born on April 17th are extremely confident and require loving relationships. A great strength of these individuals is that they do not dwell on negative issues and they are exceedingly responsible in all areas of life. An unfortunate weakness, however, is that these people tend to be a bit too critical towards others. Those born on April 17th are able to set reasonable goals and work hard to reach them. They are always ready to seize any opportunity that comes their way.

Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner
47, American
Rooney MaraRooney Mara
34, American

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham
45, British
Singer, Businesswoman, Model, Fashion Designer

Sean BeanSean Bean
60, British

William HoldenWilliam Holden
63, American

J. P. MorganJ. P. Morgan
75, American
Financier and Banker
Roddy PiperRoddy Piper
61, Canadian, American

Lindsay HartleyLindsay Hartley
41, French, Italian, American

Avi KaplanAvi Kaplan
30, American

William MapotherWilliam Mapother
54, American
Lela RochonLela Rochon
55, American

Tami RomanTami Roman
49, American
Television Personality
Lee Si-youngLee Si-young
37, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Nick HornbyNick Hornby
62, British
Author & Editor

Sirimavo BandaranaikeSirimavo Bandaranaike
84, Sri Lankan
Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
Simon KoneckiSimon Konecki
45, American
Husband of Adele

21, British
Samuel ChaseSamuel Chase
70, British, American
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of

Julien SolomitaJulien Solomita
27, American
YouTube Star

De'arra TaylorDe'arra Taylor
23, American
George Seaton George Seaton
68, American
Screenwriter, Film Director

Archibald AlexanderArchibald Alexander
79, American
American theologian
Kyla Drew SimmonsKyla Drew Simmons
15, American

Ryland LynchRyland Lynch
22, American
Member of Lynch Family

Georges J. F. KohlerGeorges J. F. Kohler
48, German
Immunologist, Biologist

Ty EllisTy Ellis
24, American
Carissa AdeeCarissa Adee
16, American
YouTube Star
Cassie DiamondCassie Diamond
21, American

17, American
Instagram Star

Tiana Gia JohnsonTiana Gia Johnson
1, American
Dwayne Johnson's Daughter

Zlatina JekovaZlatina Jekova
27, Bulgarian
Maynard James KeenanMaynard James Keenan
55, American
Singer, Musician, Record producer, Composer

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Olivia HusseyOlivia Hussey
68, British

Tyron WoodleyTyron Woodley
37, American
Mixed martial artist

Adam McKayAdam McKay
51, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor,

Muttiah MuralitharanMuttiah Muralitharan
47, Sri Lankan
Shkodran MustafiShkodran Mustafi
27, German
Association football player

Henry Ian CusickHenry Ian Cusick
52, Peruvian, British
Stage actor, Film actor
Chandra ShekharChandra Shekhar
80, Indian

Karen BlixenKaren Blixen
77, Danish
Writer, Autobiographer

Luke MitchellLuke Mitchell
34, Australian
Actor, Film actor, Model
Romain GrosjeanRomain Grosjean
33, Swiss, French
Racecar driver

Kimberly EliseKimberly Elise
52, American
Jo-Wilfried TsongaJo-Wilfried Tsonga
34, French
Tennis player

Liz PhairLiz Phair
52, American

Medhi BenatiaMedhi Benatia
32, French, Moroccan

Boomer EsiasonBoomer Esiason
58, American
Football Player

Billy FuryBilly Fury
42, British
Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Barnaby JoyceBarnaby Joyce
52, Australian

James LastJames Last
86, German
Composer, Conductor, Jazz musician, Pianist,

Jan HammerJan Hammer
71, Czech
Pianist, Composer, Musician, Songwriter, Record

Dinesh MongiaDinesh Mongia
42, Indian
Chavela VargasChavela Vargas
93, Mexican

Gabriel SotoGabriel Soto
44, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Model, Beauty pageant
Joachim KrollJoachim Kroll
58, German
Criminal, Serial killer

George de MohrenschildtGeorge de Mohrenschildt
65, American

Santhi SoundarajanSanthi Soundarajan
38, Indian
middle-distance runner
43, Jamaican

Riccardo PatreseRiccardo Patrese
65, Italian
Racecar driver
Majid MajidiMajid Majidi
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

Giuseppe ZanottiGiuseppe Zanotti
62, Italian

Claire SweeneyClaire Sweeney
48, British
Actress, Television presenter, Singer
Chris BarberChris Barber
89, British
Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz musician

Don KirshnerDon Kirshner
76, American
Record producer, Songwriter, Composer
William John McGeeWilliam John McGee
59, American
Explorer, Anthropologist, University teacher

Lindsay AndersonLindsay Anderson
71, Indian, British
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer,

Börje SalmingBörje Salming
68, Swedish
Ice hockey player

Geet SethiGeet Sethi
58, Indian
Snooker player
Pope EvaristusPope Evaristus
62, Palestinian
Bishop of Rome
Benjamin TuckerBenjamin Tucker
85, American
Journalist, Philosopher, Economist, Translator,

Sandra FlukeSandra Fluke
38, American

Pedro de ValdiviaPedro de Valdivia
56, Spanish
Explorer, Military personnel

Margot HoneckerMargot Honecker
89, German
Bella FreudBella Freud
58, British
Fashion designer

Ken DukenKen Duken
40, German
Television actor, Actor

Peter DoigPeter Doig
60, British

Siyar BahadurzadaSiyar Bahadurzada
35, Afghan
Afghan mixed martial artist

Jo Ann RobinsonJo Ann Robinson
80, American
Civil Rights Activist
Emperor JomeiEmperor Jomei
48, Japanese

Maximilian I, Elector of BavariaMaximilian I, Elector of Bavaria
78, German
Henry VaughanHenry Vaughan
74, Welsh
Physician, Economist, Poet, Writer

Horst HrubeschHorst Hrubesch
68, German
Association football player, Association football

Artur SchnabelArtur Schnabel
69, Austrian
Composer, Pianist, Music educator
Isak DinesenIsak Dinesen
77, Danish

49, American
Ananta JalilAnanta Jalil
41, Bangladeshi
film director, film producer, businessperson,

Gwynne DyerGwynne Dyer
76, Canadian

Robin LodRobin Lod
26, Finnish
Association football player

Jan Davidsz. de HeemJan Davidsz. de Heem
78, Dutch
painter, botanical illustrator
Bobby CurtolaBobby Curtola
73, Canadian

53, Indian
actor, film actor
Michael IX PalaiologosMichael IX Palaiologos
43, Turkish

David GraysonRay Stannard Baker
76, American
Georgy ShpaginGeorgy Shpagin
54, Russian, Russian
Russian weapons designe

Marta EggerthMarta Eggerth
54, American
Actor, Singer
Carol RamaCarol Rama
97, Italian

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 17th   

Those born on the 17th of April are extremely hard-working and are very self-disciplined. These people are able to focus on goals but occasionally tend to be a bit too serious. They require companionship because they are excellent care takers and enjoy showing others their ability to nurture. People born on April 17th are mature and balanced individuals with a lot to offer, in personal relationships as well as professional feats.

Those born on April 17 often take their health for granted and tend to get sick on a fairly regular basis. This is because they often miss routine health checkups. However, when they are in a relationship, they tend to take better care of themselves. Health is not a top priority for those born on this date, so, it is important that they take an extra step to exercise and respect their bodies. These individuals have a large appetite, so additional exercise is vital.

Financial security is something that is important to those born on April 17th. Managing money tends to come easily to these individuals, because they understand the importance of being secure and comfortable in terms of their finances.

These individuals strive to find a career that pays well in terms of their capabilities and rarely try to stretch themselves beyond their skills as far as career is concerned. While, they often rise to the top of their profession, they rarely go outside of what they know. This makes those born on April 17 great at their specific field. Business, medicine and finance are some of the best career options for these individuals.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Those who are born on April 17th tend to have very serious at relationships. They are cautious when it comes to love and especially marriage and will only marry someone they truly trust. It is important for these people to learn to laugh and have fun with their romantic partners, children and friends. Parenting is enjoyable for these individuals because they are easily able to put their wants and needs on the back burner for their children and loved ones.

Lucky Colors: Red & Scarlet
Lucky Numbers: 3, 8
Lucky Days (of the Week): Tuesday & Saturday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 3rd & 8th