Just as popular as America is for being a super power and the most advanced nation of the world, it also suffers for being one of the most debauched nations. Believe it or not, America has been the address of some of the world’s most treacherous serial killers. Call them evil, disturbed, or simply mental; serial killers are no figments of imagination. In fact, they are very much a part of our modern society. They inflict individuals or ‘targets’ with pain using torturous devices and have become infamous for their acts. What motivates a person to turn into a serial killer is not definite. While most of them turn to killing after being victims of substance abuse and sexual, others turn after experiencing a major breakdown of civil conduct, and still others have no background for turning into terrorizing individuals. Whatever the case may be, these convicted killers and their murderous exploits have captured the attention of the public for many centuries now. America has had numerous serial killers who killed men, women, children and even infants for various reasons and motives. Though most of them have been put behind the bars, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are still unknown serial killers who may be walking among the general public. Find out in details about America’s most notorious serial killers, their motives behind their actions and their fate.
Ted BundyTed Bundy

24 November 1946

Andrew CunananAndrew Cunanan

31 August 1969

Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer

21 May 1960

John Wayne GacyJohn Wayne Gacy

17 March 1942

Ed GeinEd Gein

27 August 1906

Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos

29 February 1956

Gary Leon Ridgway Gary Ridgway

18 February 1949

Richard RamirezRichard Ramirez

29 February 1960

Edmund KemperEdmund Kemper

18 December 1948

H.H. Holmes H. H. Holmes

16 May 1861

David Berkowitz David Berkowitz

01 June 1953

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Billy the KidBilly the Kid

17 November 1859

Rodney AlcalaRodney Alcala

23 August 1943

Ottis TooleOttis Toole

05 March 1947

Cary StaynerCary Stayner

13 August 1961

Dean CorllDean Corll

24 December 1939

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David Parker RayDavid Parker Ray

06 November 1939

Robert HansenRobert Hansen

15 February 1939

Lee Boyd MalvoLee Boyd Malvo

18 February 1985

Jerry BrudosJerry Brudos

31 January 1939

Carl PanzramCarl Panzram

28 June 1892

Belle GunnessBelle Gunness

11 November 1859

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William HeirensWilliam Heirens

15 November 1928

Michael SwangoMichael Swango

21 October 1954

Robert BerdellaRobert Berdella

31 January 1949

Todd KohlheppTodd Kohlhepp

07 March 1971

Genene JonesGenene Jones

13 July 1950

Nannie DossNannie Doss

04 November 1905

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Paul DurousseauPaul Durousseau

11 August 1970

Harvey GlatmanHarvey Glatman

10 December 1927

Joseph James DeAngeloJoseph James DeAngelo

08 November 1945

H. H. HolmesH. H. Holmes

16 May 1861

Albert FishAlbert Fish

19 May 1870

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Wayne WilliamsWayne Williams

27 May 1958

Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee Lucas

23 August 1936

Israel KeyesIsrael Keyes

07 January 1978

Bobby Joe LongBobby Joe Long

14 October 1953

John Allen MuhammadJohn Allen Muhammad

31 December 1960

Long Island serial killerLong Island serial killer

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Danny RollingDanny Rolling

26 May 1954

Charles NgCharles Ng

24 December 1960

Joel RifkinJoel Rifkin

20 January 1959

Robert Ben RhoadesRobert Ben Rhoades

22 November 1945

Cleveland Torso MurdererCleveland Torso Murderer
Boston StranglerBoston Strangler

03 September 1931

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Axeman of New OrleansAxeman of New Orleans
Anthony SowellAnthony Sowell

19 August 1959

Robert Lee YatesRobert Lee Yates

27 May 1952

Charles CullenCharles Cullen

22 February 1960

Peter ManuelPeter Manuel

13 March 1927

Nathaniel Bar-JonahNathaniel Bar-Jonah

15 February 1957

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Stephen FlemmiStephen Flemmi

09 June 1935

Adolfo ConstanzoAdolfo Constanzo

01 November 1962

Donald HarveyDonald Harvey

15 April 1952

Alferd PackerAlferd Packer

21 January 1842

Original Night StalkerOriginal Night Stalker
Anthony Allen ShoreAnthony Allen Shore

25 June 1962

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John Edward RobinsonJohn Edward Robinson

27 December 1943

Kendall FrancoisKendall Francois

26 July 1971

Randy Steven KraftRandy Steven Kraft

19 March 1945

Tony CostaTony Costa

02 August 1944