‘That one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ Neil Armstrong’s words created one of the most spectacular moments in US history and that of the world. Astronauts are trained individuals who travel in outer space. Though Neil Armstrong is by far the most famous American astronaut that the world knows about and takes pride in for being the first man to step on the moon, American has had numerous other legendary astronauts who have in their own way created history. Remember Alan B Shephard Jr? He was the first American man to go into space. Other than his Freedom 7 mission, Shephard undertook various other missions including the Apollo 14, the third mission to land on moon. John Glenn Jr. was the first American astronaut to orbit the earth aboard his Friendship 7 mission. Not just men, women too left an indelible mark on the space with their space travels. Dr Sally Ride became the first American female astronaut to go in space in the space shuttle Challenger. Born in the American soil, Ellen Ochoa became the world’s first Hispanic female astronaut in 1991. A mission specialists and flight engineer, she is a veteran, four space flights old and has a record of more than 950 hours in space. Know more about famous American astronauts, their life, their career, their space revolutions and their space travels with this segment.
Neil ArmstrongNeil Armstrong
05 August 1930
Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin
20 January 1930
American engineer

Kalpana ChawlaKalpana Chawla
17 March 1962

Sunita WilliamsSunita Williams
19 September 1965

John GlennJohn Glenn
18 July 1921
Tthe First American to Orbit the Earth

Sally RideSally Ride
26 May 1951
Physicist, Astronaut
Mae JemisonMae Jemison
17 October 1956
First African American Woman To Travel To Space

Jack SwigertJack Swigert
30 August 1931

Alan ShepardAlan Shepard
18 November 1923
Astronaut, Aviator, Entrepreneur

Gus GrissomGus Grissom
03 April 1926
Peggy WhitsonPeggy Whitson
09 February 1960
Astronaut, Biochemist

Franklin DiazFranklin Chang Díaz
05 April 1950
Former NASA Astronaut
Michael CollinsMichael Collins
31 October 1930
NASA Astronaut, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 11

Christa McAuliffeChrista McAuliffe
02 September 1948
Astronaut, Teacher

Jim LovellJim Lovell
25 March 1928
Lisa NowakLisa Nowak
10 May 1963
Naval flight officer, Astronaut, Engineer, Test

Frank BormanFrank Borman
14 March 1928
Air force officer, Test pilot, Astronaut,
Gordon CooperGordon Cooper
06 March 1927
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Aerospace

Mark KellyMark Kelly
21 February 1964
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot

Deke SlaytonDeke Slayton
01 March 1924
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut, Autobiographer
Ronald McNairRonald McNair
21 October 1950
Physicist, Astronaut

Fred HaiseFred Haise
14 November 1933
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator, Fighter pilot
Harrison SchmittHarrison Schmitt
03 July 1935
Geologist, Politician, Astronaut

Charles DukeCharles Duke
03 October 1935
Air force officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Fighter

Pete ConradPete Conrad
02 June 1930
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator, Racecar driver

Ken MattinglyKen Mattingly
17 March 1936
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Guion BlufordGuion Bluford
22 November 1942
Officer, Astronaut, Engineer, Aviator
Alan BeanAlan Bean
15 March 1932
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Painter, Aviator

Ellison OnizukaEllison Onizuka
24 June 1946
Officer, Astronaut, Engineer

Roger B. ChaffeeRoger B. Chaffee
15 February 1935
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut

Wally SchirraWally Schirra
12 March 1923
United States Naval Aviator, Astronaut,
Dick ScobeeDick Scobee
19 May 1939
Officer, Astronaut

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Richard GarriottRichard Garriott
04 July 1961
Astronaut, Engineer, Video game developer,

Edgar MitchellEdgar Mitchell
17 September 1930
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

William AndersWilliam Anders
17 October 1933
Air force officer

Elliot SeeElliot See
23 July 1927
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut
Eugene CernanEugene Cernan
14 March 1934
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut, Fighter pilot,

Anousheh AnsariAnousheh Ansari
12 September 1966
American-Iranian engineer
Charles SimonyiCharles Simonyi
10 September 1948
Astronaut, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Scott CarpenterScott Carpenter
01 May 1925
Test pilot, Aquanaut, Astronaut, Autobiographer,

Rick HusbandRick Husband
12 July 1957
Dennis TitoDennis Tito
08 August 1940
Entrepreneur, Astronaut

Ellen OchoaEllen Ochoa
10 May 1958
Astronaut, Engineer
Leland D. MelvinLeland D. Melvin
15 February 1964

James IrwinJames Irwin
17 March 1930
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Bruce McCandless IIBruce McCandless II
08 June 1937
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Story MusgraveStory Musgrave
19 August 1935
Astronaut, Statistician, Aviator, Officer

Barbara MorganBarbara Morgan
28 November 1951
Astronaut, Teacher
Laurel ClarkLaurel Clark
10 March 1961
Officer, Astronaut, Physician, Submariner

Charles BoldenCharles Bolden
19 August 1946

Gregory JarvisGregory Jarvis
24 August 1944
Engineer, Astronaut, Officer

Michael P. AndersonMichael P. Anderson
25 December 1959
Officer, Astronaut, Physicist
Eileen CollinsEileen Collins
19 November 1956
Officer, Astronaut

William C. McCoolWilliam C. McCool
23 September 1961
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Kathryn D. SullivanKathryn D. Sullivan
03 October 1951

Anna Lee FisherAnna Lee Fisher
24 August 1949

Walter CunninghamWalter Cunningham
16 March 1932
Astronaut, Officer, Aviator, Fighter pilot
James McDivittJames McDivitt
10 June 1929
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

David M. BrownDavid M. Brown
16 April 1956
Officer, Astronaut
Stuart RoosaStuart Roosa
16 August 1933
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Rusty SchweickartRusty Schweickart
25 October 1935
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

Alfred WordenAlfred Worden
07 February 1932
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Joe EngleJoe Engle
26 August 1932
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Aerospace

Tracy Caldwell DysonTracy Caldwell Dyson
14 August 1969
Robert CrippenRobert Crippen
11 September 1937
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Karl Gordon HenizeKarl Gordon Henize
17 October 1926
Astronomer, Astronaut, Scientist

Donn F. EiseleDonn F. Eisele
23 June 1930
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

John HerringtonJohn Herrington
14 September 1958
Astronaut, United States Naval Aviator, Aquanaut
Joseph A. WalkerJoseph A. Walker
20 February 1921
Astronaut, Physicist, Test pilot
Robert L. GibsonRobert L. Gibson
30 October 1946
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Michael FoaleMichael Foale
06 January 1957
Astronaut, Astrophysicist, Physicist

Vance D. BrandVance D. Brand
09 May 1931

Catherine ColemanCatherine Coleman
14 December 1960
Chemist, Air force officer, Astronaut, Engineer
Shannon LucidShannon Lucid
14 January 1943
Astronaut, Chemist

Peter SieboldPeter Siebold

William J. KnightWilliam J. Knight
18 November 1929
Officer, Astronaut, Politician

Piers SellersPiers Sellers
11 April 1955
Astronaut, Scientist, Meteorologist

Susan HelmsSusan Helms
26 February 1958
Air force officer, Astronaut, Engineer
Christopher CassidyChristopher Cassidy
04 January 1970

Clayton AndersonClayton Anderson
23 February 1959
Aerospace engineer, Astronaut, Engineer
Edward GibsonEdward Gibson
08 November 1936

Marsha IvinsMarsha Ivins
15 April 1951
Astronaut, Engineer

Kathleen RubinsKathleen Rubins
14 October 1978
Astronaut, Biologist
Robert Michael WhiteRobert Michael White
06 July 1924
Electrical Engineer

Michael J. MassiminoMichael J. Massimino
19 August 1962
Engineer, Astronaut
Timothy KopraTimothy Kopra
09 April 1963

Kjell N. LindgrenKjell N. Lindgren
23 January 1973
Officer, Astronaut

Richard F. Gordon, Jr.Richard F. Gordon, Jr.
05 October 1929

Joseph P. KerwinJoseph P. Kerwin
19 February 1932
Astronaut and physician
Edward Higgins WhiteEdward Higgins White
14 November 1930
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut

Nicholas PatrickNicholas Patrick
19 November 1964
John YoungJohn Young
24 September 1930

Karen L. NybergKaren L. Nyberg
07 October 1969
Astronaut, Engineer
Scott KellyScott Kelly
21 February 1964
astronaut, officer

Ronald EvansRonald Evans
10 November 1933
William PogueWilliam Pogue
23 January 1930