Famous People From Alaska
Situated in the northern most tip of North America, Alaska is one of the coldest regions in the whole continent. This state shares its border with the British Columbia region of Canada. Many sources on the internet state that the population of Alaska is scarce, perhaps the least when compared to the other 49 states. It is believed that in 1867, the United States acquired this state from Russia, which governed Alaska back then. Not many know that this American state is also a place where several celebrities were born and raised. Singer/Songwriter Jewel, model Holly Madison, writer Margaret Elizabeth Bell, Basketball star Carlos Boozer, painter Sydney Lawrence and Baseball star Curt Schilling are a few famous people from Alaska. Carlos Boozer is one of the contemporary icons of Basketball who has represented several renowned teams like ‘Chicago Bulls’, ‘Cleveland Cavaliers’ as well as ‘Los Angeles Lakers’. Jewel has created several chartbuster singles and has also been nominated for the Grammy Awards four times. Here are the names of several other famous people from Alaska whom you probably didn’t know.
Annie ParisseAnnie Parisse
31 July 1975, American
Todd PalinTodd Palin
06 September 1964, American
First Gentleman of Alaska

Nathan WestNathan West
29 September 1978, American

Irene BedardIrene Bedard
22 July 1967, American

Heidi SomersHeidi Somers
14 March 1989, American
Youtuber, Fitness Expert

Charles MeltonCharles Melton
04 January 1991, American
Bill WalkerBill Walker
16 April 1951, American
11th Governor of Alaska

Jessica JaymesJessica Jaymes
08 March 1981, American

Bristol PalinBristol Palin
18 October 1990, American
Reality Star

Curt SchillingCurt Schilling
14 November 1966, American
Baseball pitcher
Khleo ThomasKhleo Thomas
30 January 1989, American

Jason EvermanJason Everman
16 August 1967, American
Levi JohnstonLevi Johnston
03 May 1990, American
Electrician, Model

Darby StanchfieldDarby Stanchfield
29 April 1971, American

Lincoln BrewsterLincoln Brewster
30 July 1971, American
Guitarist, Songwriter