98 Years Old

The list of famous 98 years old includes Betty White, Jackie Stallone, Prince Philip, Jack Steinberger, Carl Reiner. Famous personalities featured on this list, include soldiers, presidents, actors and comedians and from other domains of life. This list of 98 years old includes people from United States, France, Germany and many more countries.

betty whiteBetty White
17 January 1922, American
Jackie StalloneJackie Stallone
29 November 1921, American

Prince PhilipPrince Philip
10 June 1921, Danish, Greek
Royal Knight of the Garter

Jack SteinbergerJack Steinberger
25 May 1921, American

Carl ReinerCarl Reiner
20 March 1922, American
actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer

Joseph LoweryJoseph Lowery
06 October 1921, American
civil rights activists
Vusamazulu Credo MutwaVusamazulu Credo Mutwa
21 July 1921, South African
Ufologist, Writer

Monty HallMonty Hall
25 August 1921, Canadian
Television presenter, Actor, Journalist

Stanley HoStanley Ho
25 November 1921, Chinese
Politician, Entrepreneur

Françoise GilotFrançoise Gilot
26 November 1921, French, American
Painter, Choreographer, Model
Iris ApfelIris Apfel
29 August 1921, American

Aaron T. BeckAaron T. Beck
18 July 1921, American
Psychiatrist, University teacher, Psychologist
Ernest AngleyErnest Angley
09 August 1921, American

Carlos Andrés PérezCarlos Andrés Pérez
1922 AD, Venezuelan

Gerhard SommerGerhard Sommer
24 June 1921, German
Military personnel
Philippe de GaullePhilippe de Gaulle
28 December 1921, French
Politician, Military personnel

Bud AndersonBud Anderson
13 January 1922, American
Edgar MorinEdgar Morin
08 July 1921, French
Politician, Philosopher, Sociologist, Director of

Arthur JanovArthur Janov
21 August 1921, American
psychologist, psychotherapist

James CrossJames Cross
29 September 1921, British
Diplomat, Engineer
Pancho SeguraPancho Segura
20 June 1921, American
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Luigi Luca Cavalli-SforzaLuigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza
25 January 1922, Italian
Francisco Morales BermúdezFrancisco Morales Bermúdez
04 October 1921, Peruvian

Rudolf von RibbentropRudolf von Ribbentrop
11 May 1921, German

Art ShayArt Shay
31 March 1922, American

Barbro Hjort af OrnäsBarbro Hjort af Ornäs
28 August 1921, Swedish
Phyllis BattellePhyllis Battelle
1922 AD, American