Actors Who Are In Their 90s

Discover the famous actors who are in their 90s. The list includes people like Jerry Stiller, Clint Eastwood, Max von Sydow, Dick Van Dyke, Robert Wagner and many more. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes actors from the United States, England, France, Germany and other countries all over the world.

Jerry StillerJerry Stiller
08 June 1927, American
Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood
31 May 1930, American

Dick Van DykeDick Van Dyke
13 December 1925, American

Robert WagnerRobert Wagner
10 February 1930, American

Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer
13 December 1929, Canadian

Mel BrooksMel Brooks
28 June 1926, American
American Film Director, Comedian, Actor & Producer
Dilip KumarDilip Kumar
11 December 1922, Indian

Gene HackmanGene Hackman
30 January 1930, American
Actor and Author

Sidney PoitierSidney Poitier
20 February 1927, Bahamian, American
Bob NewhartBob Newhart
05 September 1929, American
American stand-up comedian

Adam WestAdam West
19 September 1928, American
John AstinJohn Astin
30 March 1930, American

Hal HolbrookHal Holbrook
17 February 1925, American

Richard CrennaRichard Crenna
30 November 1926, American

Clu GulagerClu Gulager
16 November 1928, American

Joss AcklandJoss Ackland
29 February 1928, British
Larry StorchLarry Storch
08 January 1923, American

Dario FoDario Fo
24 March 1926, Italian

Ed AsnerEd Asner
15 November 1929, American
television actor, voice actor, film producer,

Jim NaborsJim Nabors
12 June 1930, American
American actor
Harry BelafonteHarry Belafonte
01 March 1927, American
Singer, Actor, Stage actor

William DanielsWilliam Daniels
31 March 1927, American
Stuart WhitmanStuart Whitman
01 February 1928, American
Actor, Television actor

Leslie PhillipsLeslie Phillips
20 April 1924, British

Alejandro JodorowskyAlejandro Jodorowsky
17 February 1929, Chilean, French
Writer, Film director, Actor, Playwright,
Robert ClaryRobert Clary
01 March 1926, French, American

Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski
18 October 1926, German, American
James HongJames Hong
22 February 1929, American

Bernard CribbinsBernard Cribbins
29 December 1928, British

Earl HollimanEarl Holliman
11 September 1928, American
Monty HallMonty Hall
25 August 1921, Canadian
Television presenter, Actor, Journalist

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Michel PiccoliMichel Piccoli
27 December 1925, French
Film actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage
David HedisonDavid Hedison
20 May 1927, American

Paul DooleyPaul Dooley
22 February 1928, American

Norman JewisonNorman Jewison
21 July 1926, Canadian
Film director, Film producer, Actor, Screenwriter

Michael ConstantineMichael Constantine
22 May 1927, American
Henry SilvaHenry Silva
15 September 1928, American
Lisa LuLisa Lu
19 January 1927
Actor, Musician, Stage actor, Television actor

Nicholas ParsonsNicholas Parsons
10 October 1923, British
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality,

Hardy KrügerHardy Krüger
12 April 1928, German
Actor, Autobiographer, Writer

Kenneth AngerKenneth Anger
03 February 1927, American
Film producer
Ed AmesEd Ames
09 July 1927, American

John CullumJohn Cullum
02 March 1930, American
Film actor

Hugh DownsHugh Downs
14 February 1921, American
Composer, Journalist, Actor

Morton Lyon SahlMort Sahl
11 May 1927, Canadian, American

Terry CarterTerry Carter
16 December 1928, American
Kasinathuni ViswanathKasinathuni Viswanath
19 February 1930, Indian
Film director, Actor

Gastone MoschinGastone Moschin
08 June 1929, Italian
Dick ButtonDick Button
18 July 1929, American
actor, television actor, figure skater, film actor

Gerhard SommerGerhard Sommer
24 June 1921, German
Military personnel

Ned RoremNed Rorem
23 October 1923, American
Composer, Diarist, Writer, University teacher,
Abdalqadir as-SufiAbdalqadir as-Sufi
1930 AD, Scottish
theologian, philosopher, actor

Bruce Jay FriedmanBruce Jay Friedman
26 April 1930, American
Daniel SpoerriDaniel Spoerri
27 March 1930, Swiss, Romanian
Painter, Choreographer, University teacher

Luciano De CrescenzoLuciano De Crescenzo
20 August 1928, Italian
Writer, Film actor, Director,Engineer

Murray SchisgalMurray Schisgal
25 November 1926, American
Playwright, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor,

Roger EtchegarayRoger Etchegaray
25 September 1922, French
Diplomat, Catholic priest

Curt LowensCurt Lowens
17 November 1925, German
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor
Ray LawlerRay Lawler
23 May 1921, Australian

Larry WildeLarry Wilde
06 February 1928, American