13 Year Old Males

The list of famous 13 year old males includes Jacob Tremblay, Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia, Mason Ramsey, Zircon, Mishovy Silenosti. Famous males featured on this list, include Vloggers, actors, family members and TikTok Stars and from other domains of life. This list of 13 Year Old includes people from United States, England and many more countries.

Jacob TremblayJacob Tremblay
05 October 2006, Canadian
Child Actor
Mason RamseyMason Ramsey
16 November 2006, American

06 February 2007, American
Youtube Star

Mishovy SilenostiMishovy Silenosti
02 January 2007, Czech
YouTube Star

Moses MartinMoses Martin
09 April 2006, American
Chris Martin's Son

Shae BennettShae Bennett
09 December 2006, American
YouTube Vlogger
Henry AronofskyHenry Aronofsky
31 May 2006, American
Darren Aronofsky's Son

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo SamuelJohan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel
22 November 2006, American
Heidi Klum’s Son

09 July 2006, British
YouTube Gamer

Grayson ChrisleyGrayson Chrisley
16 May 2006, American
Reality TV Star
Gavin MagnusGavin Magnus
26 March 2007, American

Leo MillsLeo Mills
23 September 2006, British
TikTok (Musical.ly) star
Malachi BartonMalachi Barton
10 March 2007, American
TV Actor

Ryan DonnellyRyan Donnelly
01 June 2006, American

Stephen YeagerStephen Yeager
22 June 2006, American
Walker BryantWalker Bryant
26 September 2006, American

Ashton RowlandAshton Rowland
05 May 2006, American
TikTok (Musical.ly) Star
Aidan PrinceAidan Prince
10 May 2006, American
Dancer, Actor, Vlogger

Reeve MelocheReeve Meloche
15 May 2006, American

Jentzen RamirezJentzen Ramirez
08 August 2006, American
07 June 2006, American
TikTok Star