Venezuela is a country famous for its amalgamation of rich, diverse and complex cultures that has been influenced by the original Venezuelan natives to the Spanish and Africans who arrived after the Spanish conquest. Venezuelan art, enriched by the likes of painters Francisco Arturo Michelena Castillo, Antonio Herrera Toro, and Martín Tovar y Tovar is famous worldwide. Also known for its beautiful buildings and churches, the nation has been the homeland of prominent architects including Carlos Raúl Villanueva who designed the Central University of Venezuela—a World Heritage Site. Venezuelan literature which saw rapid development following the War of Independence was dominated by noted writers like Rómulo Gallegos, Teresa de la Parra, Arturo Uslar Pietri, Adriano González León, and Miguel Otero Silva. Indigenous music in the nation has gained much popularity in the modern times thanks to the efforts of singers and musicians like Pedro Elías Gutiérrez, Iván Pérez Rossi, and Rafael Bolívar Coronado. Venezuela is also home to numerous beautiful and talented women who have done their nation proud by winning several international beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Venezuelans.
Nicolás MaduroNicolás Maduro
23 November 1962
President of Venezuela
Liberty PhoenixLiberty Phoenix
05 July 1976
Child Actor, Businesswoman

Miguel CabreraMiguel Cabrera
18 April 1983
Baseball Player

Juan GuaidóJuan Guaidó
28 July 1983

Majandra DelfinoMajandra Delfino
20 February 1981

Sebastian GutierrezSebastian Gutierrez
10 September 1974
Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Monica SpearMónica Spear
01 October 1984
Model, Actress

Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera
08 January 1939
Fashion Designer

Karen HauerKaren Hauer
20 April 1982
Professional Dancer
Rafael CalderaRafael Caldera
24 January 1916
Former President of Venezuela

Simon BolivarSimon Bolivar
24 July 1783
Revolutionary & Military Leader
Baruj BenacerrafBaruj Benacerraf
29 October 1920

02 June 2000

Hugo ChavezHugo Chavez
28 July 1954
Former President of Venezuela

Daniela NievesDaniela Nieves
04 July 1997

Dross RotzankDross Rotzank
16 July 1982
YouTuber, Blogger
Mariale MarreroMariale Marrero
21 March 1991

Teresa CarrenoTeresa Carreno
22 December 1853
Singer, Pianist, Composer

Michelle LewinMichelle Lewin
25 February 1986
Fitness Model, Bodybuilder

Santiago CastilloSantiago Castillo
09 June 2003
TikTok Star
Henri CharrièreHenri Charrière
16 November 1906

Carlos the JackalCarlos the Jackal
12 October 1949
Mercenary, Terrorist
Santiago CabreraSantiago Cabrera
05 May 1978

Patricia VelásquezPatricia Velásquez
31 January 1971

Pastor MaldonadoPastor Maldonado
09 March 1985
Racing driver
Gaby EspinoGaby Espino
15 November 1977
Actor, Model

Gustavo DudamelGustavo Dudamel
26 January 1981
Music Conductor
Ricardo MontanerRicardo Montaner
08 September 1957
Singer, Composer

Carlos BaccaCarlos Bacca
08 September 1986
Association football player

Andrew DivoffAndrew Divoff
02 July 1955
Actor, Stunt performer
Devendra BanhartDevendra Banhart
30 May 1981

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25 December 1944
Association football player, Association football
Francisco de MirandaFrancisco de Miranda
28 March 1750
Military leader

Diosdado CabelloDiosdado Cabello
15 April 1963

Diane ChambersDiane Chambers
17 February 1951

Chiquinquirá DelgadoChiquinquirá Delgado
17 August 1972
Actor, Model
Gabriela SpanicGabriela Spanic
10 December 1973
Actor, Model, Q17274366
Marjorie de SousaMarjorie de Sousa
23 April 1980
Venezuelan television actress

Alicia MachadoAlicia Machado
06 December 1976

Sonya SmithSonya Smith
23 April 1972

Kimberly Dos RamosKimberly Dos Ramos
15 April 1992
Television presenter, Actor, Singer, Model
Jacqueline SaburidoJacqueline Saburido
20 December 1978

Dayana MendozaDayana Mendoza
01 June 1986
Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Antonio José de SucreAntonio José de Sucre
03 February 1795

Fernando CarrilloFernando Carrillo
06 January 1965
singer, television actor, film actor, pianist

Jeffrén SuárezJeffrén Suárez
20 January 1988
Luis AparicioLuis Aparicio
29 April 1934
Famous Baseball Players

Scarlet OrtizScarlet Ortiz
12 December 1974
model, actor, beauty pageant contestant
Gabriela IslerGabriela Isler
21 April 1988

Carlos Andrés PérezCarlos Andrés Pérez
1922 AD

Natasha DomínguezNatasha Domínguez
26 March 1990
Venezuelan actress
Marcos Pérez JiménezMarcos Pérez Jiménez
25 April 1914
Military Officer

Carlos ZambranoCarlos Zambrano
01 June 1981
Baseball pitcher
Dave ConcepciónDave Concepción
17 June 1948
Baseball player

José Antonio PáezJosé Antonio Páez
13 June 1790
Venezuelan general

Milka DunoMilka Duno
22 April 1972
Racecar driver

Adrián RamosAdrián Ramos
22 January 1986
Association football player

Franco De VitaFranco De Vita
23 January 1954
Singer, Songwriter
Osmariel VillalobosOsmariel Villalobos
02 August 1988
Venezuelan TV show host

Stefanía FernándezStefanía Fernández
04 September 1990

Reynaldo HahnReynaldo Hahn
09 August 1874
Conductor, Composer, Choreographer, Music critic,

Rómulo BetancourtRómulo Betancourt
22 February 1908
Cilia FloresCilia Flores
01 January 1953
Politician, Lawyer

Irene EsserIrene Esser
20 November 1991
Andrés BelloAndrés Bello
29 November 1781
Poet, Legislator, Philosopher, Educator,

Juan Vicente GómezJuan Vicente Gómez
24 July 1857
Venezuelan dictator

Norkys BatistaNorkys Batista
30 August 1977
Venezuelan actress
Migbelis CastellanosMigbelis Castellanos
07 June 1995
Venezuelan model

Fernando AmorebietaFernando Amorebieta
29 March 1985
Association football player
Ruddy RodríguezRuddy Rodríguez
20 March 1967
Actor, Entrepreneur, Film producer, Model, Beauty

Henrique CaprilesHenrique Capriles
11 July 1972

Pedro CarmonaPedro Carmona
06 July 1941
Businessperson, Economist, Entrepreneur
Rómulo GallegosRómulo Gallegos
02 August 1884

Aída YéspicaAída Yéspica
15 July 1982
Marisol EscobarMarisol Escobar
22 May 1930
Sculptor, Painter

Carolina TejeraCarolina Tejera
14 October 1976

Arturo Uslar PietriArturo Uslar Pietri
16 May 1906

Jacinto ConvitJacinto Convit
12 September 1913
Maritza SayaleroMaritza Sayalero
16 February 1961
Venezuelan designer
07 August 1983
association football player

Simón DíazSimón Díaz
08 August 1928

Gabriela VergaraGabriela Vergara
29 May 1974

Serge BlancoSerge Blanco
31 August 1958
Jaime LusinchiJaime Lusinchi
27 May 1924

Gabriela MonteroGabriela Montero
10 May 1970

Luis Herrera CampinsLuis Herrera Campins
04 May 1925

Antonio Guzmán BlancoAntonio Guzmán Blanco
28 February 1829
Military Leader

Susana DuijmSusana Duijm
11 August 1936
Venezuelan actress
Cipriano CastroCipriano Castro
11 October 1858

Moisés KaufmanMoisés Kaufman
21 November 1963
Theater Director
Rafael de La FuenteRafael de La Fuente
11 November 1986
Television actor, Singer, Actor, Film actor

Edgar RamirezEdgar Ramirez
25 March 1977
Alexandra BraunAlexandra Braun
19 July 1983
Diosa CanalesDiosa Canales
11 January 1987
Singer, Actor, Model