YouTubers From Alabama

Alabama has produced a number of YouTubers who have made it big. These include Hank Green, Hannah Brown, Laura Lee, LexiVee03, Kayla Nicole Jones and others.

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 1 LexiVee03

Famous As: YouTuber
Birthdate: April 18, 2003
Sun Sign: Aries

 2 Cole LaBrant

Cole LaBrant
Famous As: Viner
Birthdate: August 21, 1996
Sun Sign: Leo

 3 Kinigra Deon

Kinigra Deon
Famous As: YouTuber
Birthdate: November 28, 1988
Sun Sign: Sagittarius

 4 Airionna Lynch

Airionna Lynch
Famous As: YouTuber
Birthdate: December 3, 1996
Sun Sign: Sagittarius

 5 Clay LaBrant

Clay LaBrant
Famous As: Viner, Instagram Star
Birthdate: February 23, 2000
Sun Sign: Pisces

 6 Cullen Cullen & Katie

Cullen Cullen & Katie
Famous As: YouTuber
Birthdate: October 27, 1982
Sun Sign: Scorpio

 7 Laura Lee

Laura Lee
Famous As: YouTube Star, Makeup Artist
Birthdate: September 1, 1988
Sun Sign: Virgo
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 8 Hank Green

Hank Green
Famous As: Internet Celebrity & Entrepreneur
Birthdate: May 5, 1980
Sun Sign: Taurus
Hank Green soared to fame with Vlogbrothers, his collaborative YouTube channel with his brother, John. The brothers have also created other channels such as SciShow and CrashCourse, and conferences such as VidCon. Hank is also a musician and has authored two bestselling novels. He also owns a video/audio production company.

 9 Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown
Famous As: YouTube Star
Birthdate: September 24, 1994
Sun Sign: Libra

 10 Kayla Nicole Jones

Kayla Nicole Jones
Famous As: YouTube Star
Birthdate: May 26, 2001
Sun Sign: Gemini