Discover the notable alumni of University Of South Carolina. The list includes people like America Ferrera, Darius Rucker, Ainsley Earhardt, Jenilee Harrison & Robert F. Furchgott. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as singers, miscellaneous, media personalities, sportspersons and artists & painters etc.
America FerreraAmerica Ferrera
18 April 1984, American
Ainsley EarhardtAinsley Earhardt
20 September 1976, American
TV Anchor

Darius RuckerDarius Rucker
13 May 1966, American
Singer, Guitarist

Jenilee HarrisonJenilee Harrison
12 June 1958, American

Robert F. Furchgott Robert F. Furchgott
04 June 1916, American

Shannon BeadorShannon Beador
24 March 1964, American
Television Personality
Michael HoltMichael Holt
29 July 1987, American

Kathryn DennisKathryn Dennis
05 August 1992, American

Bianca BelairBianca Belair
09 April 1989, American
Lindsey GrahamLindsey Graham
09 July 1955, American

Jadeveon ClowneyJadeveon Clowney
14 February 1993, American
American football player
Te'a CooperTe'a Cooper
16 April 1997, American
Basketball player

Wade BoggsWade Boggs
15 June 1958, American
Baseball Player

Sterling SharpeSterling Sharpe
06 April 1965, American
American Football Players

Lee AtwaterLee Atwater
27 February 1951, American
Political consultant

Stephon GilmoreStephon Gilmore
19 September 1990, American
American football cornerback
Hilary Hinton ZiglarZig Ziglar
06 November 1926, American

Mike DavisMike Davis
19 February 1993, American
American football player

Stanley DonenStanley Donen
13 April 1924, American
American film and dance director

Jasper JohnsJasper Johns
15 May 1930, American
Painter, Sculptor, Costume designer
Lilian GarciaLilian Garcia
19 August 1966, Spanish, American
Singer, Ring announcer, Beauty pageant contestant

J. Marion SimsJ. Marion Sims
25 January 1813, American
Melvin IngramMelvin Ingram
26 April 1989, American
American football player

Toro y MoiToro y Moi
07 November 1986, American

A'ja WilsonA'ja Wilson
08 August 1996, American
Basketball player
Jared CookJared Cook
07 April 1987, American
American football tight end

Ryan SuccopRyan Succop
19 September 1986, American
American football player
Alshon JefferyAlshon Jeffery
14 February 1990, American
Football player

Hayden HurstHayden Hurst
24 August 1993, American
Football player

Benjamin R. TillmanBenjamin R. Tillman
11 August 1847, American
Alex EnglishAlex English
05 January 1954, American
Basketball player

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Preston BrooksPreston Brooks
05 August 1819, American
Deacon JonesDeacon Jones
09 December 1938, American
American Football Player

Amos LeeAmos Lee
20 June 1977, American

Deebo SamuelDeebo Samuel
15 January 1996, American
American football player

Leeza GibbonsLeeza Gibbons
26 March 1957, American
TV Host
Matt CampbellMatt Campbell
29 November 1979, American
Dan ReevesDan Reeves
19 January 1944, American
American football coach

Joseph C. WilsonJoseph C. Wilson
06 November 1949, American
Diplomat, Writer, Whistleblower, Businessperson

Charlie WeisCharlie Weis
30 March 1956, American
Coach, Head coach

Washed OutWashed Out
03 October 1982, American
Javon KinlawJavon Kinlaw
03 October 1997, American
Football player

Mark DantonioMark Dantonio
09 March 1956, American
American football coach

Joseph BernardinJoseph Bernardin
02 April 1928, American

Susan AbulhawaSusan Abulhawa
03 June 1970, Palestinian, American

States Rights GistStates Rights Gist
03 September 1831, American
Marion MotleyMarion Motley
05 June 1920, American
American football player

Richard Theodore GreenerRichard Theodore Greener
30 January 1844, American
John B. FloydJohn B. Floyd
01 June 1806, American

Allisha GrayAllisha Gray
12 January 1995, American
Basketball player

Samkon GadoSamkon Gado
13 November 1982, American
Football player
Francis LieberFrancis Lieber
18 March 1800, German, American

Maik KotsarMaik Kotsar
22 December 1996, Estonian
Basketball player
Tyasha HarrisTyasha Harris
01 May 1998, American
Basketball player

Christopher MemmingerChristopher Memminger
09 January 1803, German, American

Hugh S. LegaréHugh S. Legaré
02 January 1797, American

Bob BeldenBob Belden
31 October 1956, American

Kenrick EllisKenrick Ellis
10 December 1987, Jamaican, American
Football player
Simon FairweatherSimon Fairweather
09 October 1969, Australian

Motoko Fujishiro HuthwaiteMotoko Fujishiro Huthwaite
24 August 1927, American

Earl ThomsonEarl Thomson
15 February 1895, Canadian

Popularly called as the USC, SC, South Carolina, or Carolina, the ‘University of South Carolina’ is by far one of the most popular institutions to graduate from. As per the ‘Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’ this outstanding institution has been ranked as an institution having the ‘highest research activity’. The kind of students who graduate from this institution are out rightly one of the best this world can have. The ‘University of Carolina’ has a vast range of degrees to offer its students, right from bachelor’s to doctorates, they have around 350 programs. With over 49,220 students, this institution is not easy to get into only the best among the lot manage to get admission in this prestigious educational center. The university laid its foundation on December 19, 1801 and ever since then has been churning out one of the brightest minds in the world. The alumnus of the ‘University of South Carolina’ has been responsible for some of the most eminent personalities of the world. Some of the famous people who have carved a niche for themselves in different fields are the famous singer Darius Rucker, the outstanding basketball player, Alex English, the popular journalist, Ainsley Earhardt or for that matter the very beautiful host Leeza Gibbons. These celebrities have made a mark for themselves in this competitive world and have held up the name of the institution they have graduated from.