Famous People From Switzerland
Physicians are the true healers of mankind. They are responsible for good health and well-being of humans and thus are most respected or revered in the society. Medical practitioners or doctor as they are colloquially called, physicians are responsible for all the inventions and discoveries in the field of medicine. Such has been the vast expanse in the field that physicians today are categorized under their various specialities, such as cardiologists, neurologists, surgeons, radiologists, gynaecologists, and so on. Each country has produced some of the world’s most renowned physicians who have relentlessly contributed to the field through their research and findings. Switzerland has been the home of internationally famous physicians such as Felix Plater, who classified the psychiatric disease and also was the first to describe intracranial tumor. Had it not been for Alexandre Yersin, discovery of the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague or pest wouldn’t have been possible! Not just men, Swiss women too played a quintessential role as physicians. Marie Heim Vogtlin was the first female Swiss physician, and also the co-founder of the first Swiss gynaecological hospital. Barbara Polla, a medical doctor, is a specialist in inner medicine, pneumology and immuno-allergology. Check this segment and find out more about famous Swiss physicians, their life, works and contributions.
Carl JungCarl Jung
26 July 1875
Jean PiagetJean Piaget
09 August 1896

Jean-Paul MaratJean-Paul Marat
24 May 1743

17 December 1493
Physician, Botanist, Astrologer

Hermann RorschachHermann Rorschach
08 November 1884
Swiss psychiatrist

Alexandre Émile John YersinAlexandre Yersin
22 September 1863
Discoverer of Yersinia Pestis
Walter Rudolf HessWalter Rudolf Hess
17 March 1881

Rolf M. Zinkernagel Rolf M. Zinkernagel
06 January 1944

Paul TournierPaul Tournier
12 May 1898
Theodor KocherTheodor Kocher
25 August 1841

Elisabeth Kübler-RossElisabeth Kübler-Ross
08 July 1926
Karl JaspersKarl Jaspers
23 February 1883
Philosopher, Psychiatrist, Physician, Theologian,

Eugen BleulerEugen Bleuler
30 April 1857
Psychiatrist, Physician, University teacher

Bertrand PiccardBertrand Piccard
01 March 1958
Swiss psychiatrist

Conrad GessnerConrad Gessner
26 March 1516

Serge VoronoffSerge Voronoff
10 July 1866
Surgeon, Immunologist, Gynaecologist
Ludwig BinswangerLudwig Binswanger
13 April 1881
Swiss psychiatrist

Gaspard BauhinGaspard Bauhin
17 January 1560

Maja EinsteinMaja Einstein
18 November 1881

Thomas ErastusThomas Erastus
07 September 1524
Auguste ForelAuguste Forel
01 September 1848

Eduard EinsteinEduard Einstein
28 July 1910
Marcel JunodMarcel Junod
14 May 1904

Édouard ClaparèdeÉdouard Claparède
24 March 1873

Hans Martin SutermeisterHans Martin Sutermeister
29 September 1907
Adolf MeyerAdolf Meyer
13 September 1866

Joachim VadianusJoachim Vadianus
29 November 1484