Famous People From Switzerland
Find out more about the greatest Swiss Painters, including Le Corbusier, H. R. Giger, Hermann Hesse, René Auberjonois and Paul Klee.
Le CorbusierLe Corbusier
06 October 1887
Hermann HesseHermann Hesse
02 July 1877

H. R. GigerH. R. Giger
05 February 1940

Paul KleePaul Klee
18 December 1879

Alberto GiacomettiAlberto Giacometti
10 October 1901

Marie TussaudMarie Tussaud
01 December 1761
Albert AnkerAlbert Anker
01 April 1831

Cuno AmietCuno Amiet
28 March 1868
Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor

René AuberjonoisRené Auberjonois
18 August 1872

Henry FuseliHenry Fuseli
07 February 1741
Félix VallottonFélix Vallotton
28 December 1865
Painter, Artist, Sculptor, Engraver, Art critic

Johannes IttenJohannes Itten
11 November 1888
Painter, Writer
Angelica KauffmanAngelica Kauffman
30 October 1741

Arnold BöcklinArnold Böcklin
16 October 1827
Painter, Sculptor, University teacher, Graphic

Max BillMax Bill
22 December 1908
Architect, Painter, Sculptor, Graphic designer,
Méret OppenheimMéret Oppenheim
06 October 1913
Photographer, Writer, Painter, Model, Visual

Jean TinguelyJean Tinguely
22 May 1925
sculptor, painter edit
Théophile SteinlenThéophile Steinlen
10 November 1859
Painter, Illustrator, Poster artist, Sculptor,

Ferdinand HodlerFerdinand Hodler
14 March 1853
Painter, University teacher

Sophie Taeuber-ArpSophie Taeuber-Arp
19 January 1889
Painter, Sculptor, Architect
Adolf WölfliAdolf Wölfli

Urs FischerUrs Fischer
02 May 1973
Sculptor, Painter
Jean-Étienne LiotardJean-Étienne Liotard
22 December 1702

Giovanni SegantiniGiovanni Segantini
15 January 1858

Marianne von WerefkinMarianne von Werefkin

Karl BodmerKarl Bodmer
11 February 1809
painter, photographer
Daniel SpoerriDaniel Spoerri
27 March 1930
Painter, Choreographer, University teacher
Eugène GrassetEugène Grasset

Anton GraffAnton Graff

Niki de St. PhalleNiki de St. Phalle
29 October 1930